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Open Data for Socio-Economic Value/Ina Smith


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Presented on 30 August 2018: Deployment of Open Data Driven Solutions for Socio-economic Value thorough Good Governance and Efficient Public Service Delivery -

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Open Data for Socio-Economic Value/Ina Smith

  1. 1. Open Data for Socio-Economic Value Presented by Ina Smith Project Manager African Open Science Platform Academy of Science of South Africa
  2. 2. African Open Science Platform • • 4 Focus Areas: • Policies • Infrastructure • Capacity Building • Incentives • Research data informs government decisions and policies, and government data informs research
  3. 3. Transparency – Accountability - Trust
  4. 4. Slide Credit: Laura Merson, IDDO Ebola Outbreak 2014-15
  5. 5. Slide Credit: Laura Merson, IDDO After the Outbreak Post 2015
  6. 6. research-open-access-1.16966
  7. 7. Date Downloads Nov 2013 984 May 2014 1 534 Oct 2015 2 289
  8. 8. Open Data to …. • Streamline dissemination of information within government • Provide better information for policy-makers • Enable targeting of resources (prevent silos) • Provide equal access to information
  9. 9. • Informed 2030 UN SDGs on global development priorities - major global issues of justice, human rights, social inclusion, prosperity, environment • Past, present future trends predicted • Target aid money & improve development programmes • Track development progress, prevent corruption • Contribute to innovation, job creation, economic growth
  10. 10. For data to be of use … Curate Data FAIR Data As open possible, as closed necessary Collaboration
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Data to address Global Challenges • Global challenges require coordinated international actions • Open Science and Open Data can promote collaborative efforts and faster knowledge transfer for a better understanding of challenges such as climate change, and could help identify solutions
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Governments are beginning to realise the value of releasing datasets which support business activities, such as land registries, addresses of public and private institutions, company registers and geospatial data. The geospatial sector alone is estimated to generate US$150– 270bn of revenue globally, by providing digital mapping and location data services.
  15. 15. In the Ivory Coast and Senegal, for example, Orange Telecom hosted a ‘Data for development challenge,’ which encouraged researchers and developers to use anonymised, aggregated data from their mobile company to develop solutions related to transportation, health and agriculture.
  16. 16. Burkina Faso has implemented the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), where companies disclose what they have paid in and other payments, and governments report on what they receive.
  17. 17. Protecting Livelihoods (Uganda) Data on bacterial wilt provided government with real-time information on the spread of the disease, affected areas, direct treatments to prevent further advances. Treatment options disseminated to protect crops.
  18. 18. Maps Informing Education (Kenya) Visualised data on education revealed state of schools, future opportunities for improvement. Where schools are located, % of children not in education, areas under-served to be targeted.
  19. 19. Engaging Citizens in Policy Making (Nigeria) Address budget transparency, teacher absenteeism, urban upgrading through a citizen engagement platform. Reused by tech community, media, civil society. Citizens have access to about 90 government datasets, including census, fiscal and geospatial data.
  20. 20. Open Data Case Studies • Helping parents to assess school performance in Tanzania • Exposing $62m in potential health savings in Southern Africa • Mapping the Ebola outbreak to save lives in West Africa • Monitoring child malnutrition around the world • Making aid more effective in Nepal • Holding the Global Fund to account for its health spending • Shedding light on 84 million companies around the world • Tracking crop quality to boost food security and nutrition • Building smarter, more responsive cities in Latin America
  21. 21. INTERNATIONAL DATA WEEK IDW 2018 Gaborone, Botswana: 5-8 November 2018 Information: Deadline for abstracts, 31 May:
  22. 22. Thank you Ina Smith