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Open data for digital development in Botswana/Jack Meshingo


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Presented 30-31 Oct Botswana

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Open data for digital development in Botswana/Jack Meshingo

  1. 1. OPEN DATA FOR DIGITAL DEVELOPMENT IN BOTSWANA Presented by: Meshingo Jack (Analyst: Policy & Internet Services)
  2. 2. OUTLINE 1. Introduction 2. Open Data for Botswana 3. International best practice 4. To be model 5. Conclusion
  3. 3. WHAT IS OPEN DATA ◻ “Data which can be reused and distributed without restrictions of any kind, in particular those of an administrative or technical nature.” (UN E-Government Survey, 2014)
  4. 4. SOURCES OF OPEN DATA Source: Open Data Handbook (2015) Government Corporations Universities SMEs NGOs
  5. 5. IMPORTANCE OF OPEN DATA ◻ Transparency ◻ Participation ◻ Improved/new products & services ◻ Innovation ◻ Improved efficiency of government services ◻ New knowledge & Insights
  6. 6. OPEN DATA VALUE CHAIN Source: Lee,Y.S.( 2015)
  8. 8. 3.2 OPEN DATA INDICATORS Indicator Description E-Government Development Index 0.41(113/193) (UN e-Government Survey, 2016) Knowledge Economy Indicator 3.96 (World Bank, 2012) Network Readiness Index 3.4 (104/148) (World Economic Forum, 2015) Internet Penetration Mobile 67% Fixed 3.3% (BOCRA, 2017) Prosperity Index 1 ( Legatum Institute, 2014) Existence of Open Data Community Botswana Innovation Hub Business Community Yes
  9. 9. WHY OPEN DATA? Employment opportunities Create economic and social value through Open Data The need for innovative and value added solutions Expansion of broadband networks require availability of relevant content Open Data is a demand side enabler of Broadband Enabler of E-government
  10. 10. SWOT ANALYSIS 1 1.Politically stable environment 2. Information Systems use in ministries 3. e-Government implementation 4. Availability of ICT Graduates who can be developers 5. Expansion of broadband networks 6. e- Transactions Act of 2015 7. Electronic Evidence Act of 2015 8. Cybercrime Act of 2012 9. Copyright Act of 2006 10. Open Data Readiness Report 2014 1. Lack of Open Data Policy 2. Lack of platform for development 3.National Archiving Policy based on paper records 4. Lack Data Protection Act 1. Economic Diversification 2. Digital Content creation 3. Increase in Broadband Penetration 4. Establishment of Data Centre and incubation facilities 5. Demand stimulation by Botswana Innovation Hub 6. Funding from the Universal Access & Service Fund 7. Efficient delivery of public services 8. Open Government Partnership 9. Demand for open data by citizens 1. Global competitiveness 2. Freedom of Information Bill 3. Lack of government interoperability framework to support integrated data
  12. 12. KOREA OPEN DATA PORTAL Source: Lee, Y.S (2015)
  13. 13. KOREA OPEN DATA Source: UN E-Government Survey (2017)
  14. 14. SUCCESS IN OPEN DATA Source: Lee, Y.S. (2015) Policy • Open Data Law (2013) • Information Disclosure Act • Open Data 5 year Master Plan (2013) • Yearly Open Data Plans • Open Data Management Guidelines (2014) • Open Data Development Strategy Environment •High level support for Open Data •Well defined structure for Open Data lead by MOGAHA Ministry •Open Data Integration Centre – National Information Society Agency (NIA) Clearing House
  15. 15. SUCCESS IN OPEN DATA Services •Promote Open Data Ecosystem •Dispute Resolution: Open Data Mediation Committee •Promotion and training Platform & Usage Open Data Portal Open source Platform Application Development Usage: transportation, (Seoul Bus), Weather (K-Weather), publishing, Health (HicDoc (MCircle)) etc Source: Lee, Y.S. (2015)
  18. 18. ECOSYSTEM APPROACH: OPEN PaaS 18 Cost DEVELOPERS GOVERNMENT Ready environment Collaboration Open Innovation Economies of Scope Digital Transformation Broadband penetration Employment Creation
  19. 19. EXISTING SUPPORT FOR THE PROJECT Technology •Broadband network expansion •E-Government Enterprise Architecture •Government Data Network •Government Data Cloud •Data Centre Policy •E-Government Strategy •National Broadband Strategy •ICT Policy: support for content development and research & innovation •Universal Access and Service: development of digital content Service •Open Data driver: Botswana Innovation Hub •Existence of Open Data Community •E-Government Office – custodian for e-Government project System •Data available from government information systems •Statistics Botswana –source of statistical data Leadership •Leadership willingness to adopt open data •Economic diversification a major issue
  20. 20. PROPOSED PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION System Open Data Portal Open Source PaaS Development Framework Hosting – Government Cloud Policy & Strategy Open Data Framework Open Data Master Plan Open Data Act Open Data Regulations Open Data Standards Structure Coordination Demand Stimulation by BIH Collaboration & International Cooperation Service Training and Awareness Stimulation of Open Data Ecosystem Ministerial Integration Stimulate Convergence IMPLEMENTATION: BENCHMARKING & COLLABORATION WITH NIA IN KOREA
  21. 21. IMPLEMENTATION ISSUES & CHALLENGES Policy Funding Coordination Capacity
  22. 22. EXPECTED RESULTS Efficient Service Delivery Value Added Products & Services Mobile Applications Digital Development ICT Startups & Entrepreneurs hip Economic Diversification Enhanced Online Presence Employment Creation Improved use of E- government Services Increased Broadband Penetration Public private Partnerships Collaboration & International Cooperation Innovation & Creativity Economic Diversification
  23. 23. CONCLUSION Digital Development Innovation and Creativity Establishment of Open Data Portal Policy & Strategy Formulation on Open Data Open Data
  25. 25. REFERENCES ❑ African Economic Outlook,. (2015). 2015 Africa Outlook Report. Regional Development and Spatial Inclusion. Retrieved from web.pdf ◻ Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority. (2015). BOCRA 2014/15 Annual Report. ◻ Budde Communications.,(2015). Botswana Telecoms, Mobile And Broadband – Statistics And Analyses. 14th Edition. ◻ James, L. (2013). Open Knowledge Blog. Retrieved from ◻ Lee, Y.S. (2015). Open Data. National Information Society Agency. ◻ Legatum Institute. (2014). Africa 2014 Prosperity Report. ◻ Ministry of Transport & Communications (2014). National Broadband Strategy. Republic of Botswana. ◻ OECD Report, . (2015). Global Literacy Report ◻Open Data Handbook (2013). Retrieved from ◻Statistics Botswana. (2011). Statistics ◻Word Bank,. (2012). Knowledge Economy Index. Open Data for Botswana. Retrieved from ◻ World Economic Forum,. (2015). The Global Information Technology Report 2015: ICTs for Inclusive Growth