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Open data and innovation: tackling unemployment through data


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Presented Botswana 30-31 Oct. 2017

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Open data and innovation: tackling unemployment through data

  1. 1. Open Data & Innovation Tackling unemployment through data
  2. 2. Open Data In innovation there is nothing more critical than data. The one who controls data is King.
  3. 3. Present Data Kings  Google decides where we find information (57,100 jobs)  Facebooks decides who we connect with (17, 048)  Instagram decides whose photo has more likes (13 when bought)  Twitter allows all of us to rant (3,583)  AdMob based on extensive data places the right ad on your mobile  All of these were recently during my lifetime just startups which were built on the strength of data  By These examples we can see data can create jobs. These companies have over 100k employees worldwide
  4. 4. Data and Innovation  Data has to be available  Timely availability of data determines life of a innovation startup  Data sets pre-determined  Sensitive data sets  Public accessible data sets  Data sets distribution channels  Data in consumable formats
  5. 5. Casualties of Data Access Failure and Issues  Flat refusal to share even public data  Matimela  Council property valuation data  Tender data  Data not in easily consumable formats  No demarcation as of datasets to decide what can be public and what cant be
  6. 6. Data Attitude of Botswana  Financial Data  FNB - South Africa  Standard &Chattered – Kenya  Letshego Transaction Switch – South Africa  Barclays – South Africa and UK  DIS account can be seen outside Botswana  Sovereign integrity non-existent  President’s account can be viewed by foreign nations  We create jobs for them in ICT while our own unemployed