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Music and Poverty Reduction in Ghana: View of an experience Development Practitioner


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Kofi Kafu Tsikata, Senior Communication Specialist, World Bank talks to Daily Express newspaper. Uploaded in recognition with Lounge with a Living Legend. Ebo Taylor at Juice for Life, off Osu Oxford Road, Jan 13, 2012 from 7pm.

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Music and Poverty Reduction in Ghana: View of an experience Development Practitioner

  1. 1. d"i/!ft}XPR E SS WEDNESDAY MARCH 21, 2007 BUSINESS EDITION Ie Music to help reduce poverty A communication Specialist at lmpu the World Bank says the music i ndustry in the country has the potential of contributing towards the reduction in the- countrys poverty rate. Speaking to the dailyEXPRESS BUSINESS, Kafu Kafi Tsikata who categorized music under the non­ traditional export sector said the players i n the music industry have failed to take advantage of available avenues to create wealth for themselves. This he says is because they have not been able to look out for proper marketing channels for export. Mr. Tsikata says many musicians and other industry players do not run their lOUP businesses professionally because of a lack of proper education and orientation on and twenty the business management of I in other money their chosen career. Iments not issued He observed that some lment of Ghana . mLlsicians, despite creating :ement explained record hits, died in penniless ral public can also because they were taken und as a credible advantage off by producers y pension savings who used financial inducement )mplement the to rob them of their property scheme. rights. "Even those who are still charge of their own works. funds to be given out in the <erage, a "Musicians in the advanced form of a loan or grant" he Securities alive have no rights to their own records despite the fact world and even some parts of He also believe NGOs )any is an Africa operate music purely have a role to play In thIs magement t hat they are still selling in the record shops," he said. on the busi ness level. .. direction by way of research. ~ licensed dealing According Mr. Tsikata . "They can research into t he ~ GSE. The World Bank, Mr. Tsikata said, has therefore the incorporation of music in potency of highli fe for wealth decided to help sensitize the the GPRS II document means creation. This will go a long musicians on the need to run other development pa rtners way of uplifting the poor i mage - their industry as a purely have understood the positive of the music profession in business entity in order to earn role the music i ndust ry plays order to encourage as many money for their own work. in the development process. people as possi ble to pursue it ches ., "We have begun a series of lectures both formal and informal with some of the musicians, exploring ways of putting them together," he and urged musi cians to advantage of th at by properly grouping themselves in order to solicit for the needed funds . as a profession. " he reiterated. He also chasti sed the musici an union. MUSIGA. for failing to protect the rights of its members. According t o Mr. said. " Its important they Tsikata. the union has become He said his outfit believes have a common fron t so that rent seekers who have failed to that such an exercise will stir they can go to the seek t he interest of their some awareness in the government who will intend members. musicians on the need to be in lead them to these ~rved for the development partners for the ciety," she above all the m around the ~w account and WHOS SWITCHING JOBS the culture of ,ture long DANNEX Manager. Ghana subsidiary. He reports childrens and The drug manufact urer has In this role. he will work to the CEO, Brett Goschen. d result in an secured the services of William with the Managing Consultants George brings well over a Alexander Quansah (Bill and managing Editor to deca de of high level expertise sure of their oversee the development of as a marketing professional to Quansah) as its Marketing :es. new business lines and lead a our operations and we are Manager and is tasked with e launch and positioning the companys highly motivated sales team to extff~mp- I v nl~::ac~n +" h."".o h;_ ay, trained