A Weightless Economy Approach to Abura, Asebu, Kwamankese


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Documents on my involvement with my home District in Ghana from 2003. The project ideas did not succeed and are not likely to succeed even today

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A Weightless Economy Approach to Abura, Asebu, Kwamankese

  1. 1. Information into Wealth in Abura, Asebu, Kwamankese, Ghana. By Dr. Amos Anyimadu, Coordinator, Technology Assessment Project, University of Ghana. Http:TapLegon.cti.dtu.dk Background: ,4 The initiative springs from: . Research Programmes of the Technology Assessment Project. GIMPA global video conference on Telematics and Rural Development. . Aggrey//Abura Contract arising out of Aggrey Speech Day 2003 . Syndicate Two (Central and Western regions) oflDEG GIMPA conference on Purposeful Cooperation (see Appendix) . Processes emerging from the International Telecommunications Union Africa Meeting in Cairo May 2004 . Telecommunication Sector Strategy work by Ministry of Communications and Technology and World Bank. See Ghana ICT FOR Advanced Development Policy www.ict.gov.gh . Moree International Human Development Conference (see Appendix) PRINCIPLES: The project is based on four fundamentally pillars distilled from knowledge on the social and developmental impact of ICTs and Rural Telematics in Africa in particular . User Led Strategies . Transactional Approach to ICTs in DeV'elopmentand Governance. . ICT enabled development . Seamless Integration of New and Legacy Technologies, On and Offline Opportunities DISTRICT ASSETS: . Commitment of Assembly, Office ofthe DCE and the people to Information for Development . Advanced arrangements for installation of VSAT through broad, participatory process . Aggrey School. Including already installed, operational VSAT and wide recognition as a leader in ICT enabled education. Pilot project'for Ghana/Microsoft project . Moree Village. Leading fishing center with significant oral history and other heritage value /" / /
  2. 2. - <- ~ . Fynn Exhibits. Leading art photography establishment, well known national for first/class photographic exhibitions Moree Police Barrier, excellent publicity spot Aggrey School Overhead Bridgem excellent publicity spot /r . . ELEMENTS OF PROJECT: I, . VoiceMail System for the District Assembly Digitalization of locally relevant news and events Publicity for Social Announcements Funerals, marriages, sport etc. Rediffussion box model. Technology Audit of computing, networking and transmission assets in the district, including Aggrey School Canvass Central places for use as Community Information Centres AAKINFO in all large communities. Explore links with Kofi Annan Centre through Ajumako District Assembly Ren~w sustainability plan for VSAT project. Preliminary Assessment of Moree as site for Ghana.Markets rural market information system Prepare Memoradum of Understanding with Aggrey School Set up Mail server for District at Aggrey School Begin plans for base station plus transmission to Moree Begin work immediate~yon;vebsite www.Moree.net www.Ekroful.net . . . . . . . . . . IMMEDIATE DELIVERABLE: A brief project document of about 10pages fully adapted to reflect strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the District.
  3. 3. ~ '" :;. Action Plan for preparing Project Proposal Information into Wealth in Abura, Asebu, Kwamankese, Ghana. By Dr. Amos Anyimadu, Coordinator, Technology Assessment Project, University of Ghana. Http:TapLegon.cti.dtu.dk Email: amos@cti.dtu.dk, Telephone: 028222500,021 518009, 0244379024 ,r This document presents a plan of action for realizing the main deliverable, a brief, fundable project document, agreed onj'discussionof the project "Information into Wealth in Abura, Asebu, Kwamankese, Ghana between the Honourable District Chief Executive for AAK, members of his secretariat and myself at Weda Lodge, Anomabu, on Wednesday, May 16,2004. For ease of reference, the written outline presented for the May16 discussi,onis appended below. The main principles for the organization of the action plan is the division of responsibilities between myself on one hand and the Assembly, its secretariat and principals on the other. The objective is to ensure conveyance of the main deliverable to funding agencies before Tuesday, June 1,2004. / To help quicken the process of development, I-offer to fully draft the first two, relateively general, sections, the Background and Principles, myself. I would forward my draft to the Assembly for comment and revision. I propose that the Assembly takes lead responsibility for section three on District Assets. The most involving section Elements of the project would be shared between us. There are some new possible District Assets th~thave come to my attentlQnsince our discussion. First, one needs to establish whether Biriwa is part of the district. On this point, it may be useful to have erected on the Cape Coast to Accra road where the district begins. Another important District Asset which can be easily overlooked is kenkey. It is very important that wehave both Yamoransa and Amosina nationally significant kenkey recipes here in the District. This should be fully developed for branding purposes. It would be interesting to organize an attention-grabbing sale of AAK SPECIAL KENkey in Accra! We should also explore sweet potato and citrus in the district as distinct assets. Another issue that has come up since our last discussion is that.a new project for fishermen, using new information and communication technologies, has opened in Sekondi. It is funded by the Dutch government. In view of the importance of fishing in Moree, it may be good for a delegation from AAK to visit Sekondi in ;he near future. There is a similar project, on a much smaller scale, in Cape Coast, right opposite the Castle, in the former OddFellows lodge building. I now outline, in point form, other
  4. 4. 'Z ""c f+ action lines. I hope they are clear. Otherwsise, let me know immediately. Note that I am on the road right now and can be contacted primarily by email and 024 4379 024. ).- Census of all communication centres in the district. It would be very good if we can organize a meeting in Abora of as many of these communication centre owners as possible on Wednesday, May 19,morning. ).- Census of major wireless transmission infrastructure in the district. It would be good to know if any ofthe major private organizations, like BRRM, Fruit and Flavors, etc., has a private wireless network and whether they can be persuaded to allow use of their mast. Get technical information of transmission systems for WILL phone in district. ).- Inventory of international development projects by multilateral, bilateral and NGO agencies. Emphasize contribution to these projects by the Assembly and people. ).- Moree FAO project on sustainable fishing. Any detailed project information? Istthe assembly aware of any socio economic studies focused on communities in the district? ).- Inventory of major private enterprises in district. Emphasize possibility of public-private partnerships and the soctal entrepreneurship activities of private agencies ).- Preliminary list of possible community digital information centers. Priority should be given to existing communication centers and places on elevated spots. ).- Summarize VSAT project. Note internet implementation committee and payments already made. Picture of new building for cybercafe. ).- Resolution of support for~theMoree International Conferen.ceon Human Development by District Assembiy. Assign overseeing of conference to a committee of the Assembly ).- Arrange letter of commitment to specifics of project from Aggrey school, . especiallysellingbandwidthto Moreeandsettingup of a mailserver. ).- Does the District Information officer produce or has the information for an Annual Report? ).- Inventory of existing digital resources in the district which can be digitized. Information officer should sketch simple, brief report on how social announcements are handled now. What resources exist within the Assembly itsel and in the district as a whole for digitalization =videos? Newsletters and magazines? Photographs? Audio recordings? ).- Inventory of all commercial photographers and video recording establishments in the district Amos Anyimadu, 16 MAY, 2004 Point Outline of a presentation on ~ ~ /'