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Get to know all about Global Community Program in Africa.

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GCP in Africa

  1. 1. Good CasePracticesin Africa12 -13
  2. 2. Credits• AIESEC Ghana, OGX CoordinatorBarnabas Yandiba Nyaaba• AIESEC Ghana, MCVP TMOluwashayo Tinuoye• AIESEC Kenya, MCVP ICX iGCDPWei Na• AIESEC Kenya, MCVP ODKemboi Maiyo• AIESEC Kenya, MCVP OGXGathoni Mwangi• AIESEC Mauritius, MCVP iGCDPMushood Badulla• AIESEC Nigeria , MCVP TMBonaventure Ikediashi• AIESEC in South Africa, MCVP ICXAlvin Morogo• AIESEC South Africa, MCVP ODSiddharth Bali• AIESEC in Tanzania, MCVP Strategic Development,Ian Tarimo GCP collected by Sean Fourmacou –Regional Coordinator, AIESEC Africa
  3. 3. Table ofContents112141720232533AIESEC KENYA – Leading AfricaiGCDP – AIESEC MauritiusiGCDP – AIESEC TanzaniaoGCDP – AIESEC GhanaTMP/TLP – AIESEC GhanaTMP/TLP – AIESEC NigeriaAIESEC South Africa – A success storyAfricans outside Africa
  4. 4. AIESEC Kenya - LeadingAfricaUBS Award Winner IC 2012, Russia1
  5. 5. “incoming GlobalCommunityDevelopmentProgram , AIESECKenya”Wei Na (MCVP iGCDP,12-13)2
  6. 6. Strategic PlanningWhat wewant to doWhat theworldneedWhat weare goodatExternal SocialEnvironmentCorporate CSRProgramFinancial Modelwith NGOs3
  7. 7. External SocialEnvironmentKeep updating with external world andfollowing with government’s focusarea/social trend. For example, Peace andHuman rights in Kenya 2012.Kenya is having President election in 2013.Last time there was serious post-electionviolence. So AIESEC Kenya initiated socialProject Youth speak Peace to spread rightmessage though the whole countryBenefits: Easy to get external resourcessupport and Media attentionCorporate CSRBe sensitive to Corporate sector CSR focus.Corporate always has good CSR Programsearching for partners. AIESEC is an expertin social work and teenager market.For example, Microsoft is aimed forunemployment issue solving and developingCSR Program with AIESEC. You can alsoutilize alumni network to get in touch withCorporate information.Benefits: easy to get financial support andempower project impact4
  8. 8. Financial GCDP Modelwith NGO’sWhat we are selling is becomingmore valuable for Other NGOs‟ HRSolution. We should be flexible todiscuss new financial model withHigh quality NGOs.For example, Shalin Finalnd isoffering 70 euro monthly subsidyfor each interns. Some NGOs willpay 50 dollars service fee forAIESECBenefits: Get financialsustainability and better internshipXPs5
  9. 9. “outgoing GlobalInternshipProgram , AIESECKenya”Gathoni Mwangi(MCVP OGX, 12-13)6
  10. 10. Approach A - RaisingCampaign• Initially TM and OGX portfolio collaborated ona general raising campaign for AIESEC Kenya inTMP and outgoing exchange.• A national ORS (Online Registration System)was created via the AIESEC Kenya website. AllORS EP recruits were redirected to LCVPOGXsfor processing.• OGX received a 70% increase in EP raises(majority oGIP) from July – December 2012versus July – December 2011• Although the campaign was successful inraising, there was a big challenge in matchingand realization with few EPs.Standard for• EPs to be raised were very recent graduates(1year max.) or final year students with start datesafter graduation.• EPs were required to pass a review board witha panel of Psychologist/ UniversityCounselor, MCVPOGX, LCVPOGX, and LCP.• With the revamped OGX portfolio structure allpassed EPs were required to be assigned to anEP manager from LC portfolios.• Passed EPs were then required to go through anationally standardized OPS (outgoingpreparation seminar)http://www.myaiesec.net/content/viewwiki.do?contentid=102375197
  11. 11. Matching Blitz 2013Launch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIlhHAH2ZecSupported by: 2 National GIP Matching Manias organized.Matching wikis developed for Kenyan EPs. Improved basic education of matching to LCmembers to assist smaller OGX portfolios.Matching Wiki: http://www.myaiesec.net/content/viewwiki.do?contentid=10246020Matching Mania Wiki: http://www.myaiesec.net/content/viewwiki.do?contentid=10243851Details• Bi-Monthly GIP TN search tool provided by sub-product and Kenyan EP profiles.• Actively working with Country and LC partners in Turkey, India, Rwanda to see EPsinterviewed in bulk and thereafter successfully matched.• Results: Saw an national Match rate increase of 42%.Winner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5H4R8k4_508
  12. 12. Approach A - G.A.P• Due to the big difference in the number of EPs raised and realized initially andunderstanding the reality of low demand of African GIP EPs in the AIESEC network; theGraduate Abroad Program was created.• Sub-Product Strategy launched January 2013 to streamline partners we can match EPs to• All EPs are now registered under one of the following fields before Review Board. RaisingEPs outside these fields is prohibited unless the LC has a standing partnership to matchEPs to.9
  13. 13. “Team MemberProgram/TeamLeader Program,AIESEC Kenya”Kemboi Maiyo(MCVP OD, 12-13)10
  14. 14. Strategies for TMP/TLPAs AIESEC Kenya we had a few strategies to increase our TMP-TLP numbers. Before I outline our strategies we notedthat most of our activities never reflected online and we decided to make a deliberate effort to improve this.1. July - August: We had a campaignto have all members in the LC to beregistered and allocated roleson the system so far we haveabout 60% of all members rolesreflecting on the system.2. Sept-Oct: In collaboration with Communication portfolio wehad numerous trainings on myaiesec.net usage and that really boostedour numbers.At the same time we had the concept of Dual roles, where onceevaluated and you can perform in two roles then some super membershad were assigned two roles and that also reflected on the system.3. November: We developed Experience Management Teams (XMT) in each LC to track and ensure that all teamsreflect on the system and that all members have roles. This team has been efficient in doing trainings with themembers to ensure that whatever roles they have are also reflected on the system.11
  15. 15. “incoming GlobalCommunityDevelopmentProgram , AIESECMauritius”Mushood Badulla (MCVPiGCDP, 13-14)12
  16. 16. Knowledge managemntfor ICXICX StructureTo get betteracquainted with theICX department inMauritius along withthe failure report ofthe previous term.Useful link?https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgjHlCWzRjO2dHVLbHZTb2RLOTlHc2JjYnQ5c2tXbUE#gid=013AIESEC Mauritius has this Google spreadsheet which acts as the knowledge managementtool to supports iGCDP operations in Mauritius. The following are the content of thisspreadsheet.Conception toMatching phaseContains promotionalmaterials to promoteMauritius internshipsand also contain theEducation cycle.Matching toRealisationContains links to thereception booklet ofAIESEC Mauritius andother what to doafter matching.Post RealisationContains sample reportand the reports all ofprojects of AIESECMauritius up to datealong with endorsementto interns.
  17. 17. “incoming GlobalCommunityDevelopmentProgram , AIESECTanzania”Ian Tarimo (MCVPStrategicDevelopment, 12-13)14
  18. 18. Implementing Africa inMEWhat is Africa in Me?AiM is a strategy for AIESEC in Africa to develop massive amount of young people,especially African youth, by offering them a leadership platform.We do this in relevance to our market and society, for a sustainable development of theAfrican continent because, we believe that stronger youth leadership is developed in thatcontext. We commit to partner in delivering this strong youth leadershipWhy implementing Africa in Me?ACP provided a structure allowing innovation and required research on prevailing issues whichenhance the TMP/TLP experiences while impacting the society at the same time.More information about Africa in Me?Africa in Me strategy wikihttp://www.myaiesec.net/content/viewwiki.do?contentid=10259513.15
  19. 19. Implementing Africa inMEHow AIESEC Tanzania implemented AiM?Members in the different LCs did research on the prevailingsituation and the issues being faced in Tanzania• Under Health improvement – HIV & Earlypregnancies• Under Education and Literacy – Culture andGlobalisation• Under Economic development– Micro finance andentrepreneurship• Under Career development and leadership –Bridge project to provide high schools with skills to bebetter prepared for the professional worldOutcome of Africa• Better job description for members• Aligned projects being run in thevarious LCs in Tanzania (6).• Enhanced quality in the experiencedelivery of interns16
  20. 20. “outgoing GlobalCommunityDevelopmentProgram , AIESECGhana”Barnabas YandibaNYAABA(OGX Manager, 12-13)17
  21. 21. Go West Africa CampaignAbout CampaignAIESEC Ghana came out with an initiative in collaboration with AIESEC entitiesin West Africa dubbed ‘Go West Africa Campaign’ to drive their oGCDP Thoughdeveloped by the MC, it was implemented at the local level by the LCs withstrategies and support from the Member Committee.Campaign goalThe goal of the campaign was to send out 100 young people on GCDP to oneof the West African countries during the winter break 2012/2013 and to createexcitement around the exchange opportunities within the West African Region.How?Administrative charges were reduced for Non-AIESECers recruited and trained togo on internships and free for AIESECers who wanted to part of the Campaign.18
  22. 22. Go West Africa CampaignOpportunitySince the winter break in Ghana is usually short (maximum 5 weeks)and most students will prefer being at home than to pay to take aninternship outside the continent, ‘Go West Africa Campaign’ appearedthe right approach to advertise opportunities in West Africa and moreso when admin. fees were reduced; it made the campaign an attractivepackage to most of our students at the Universities and to AIESECers.Output of Go West Africa CampaignThough our goal of 100 GCDPo in Ghana through this campaign was not met, thecampaign undoubtedly increased outgoing exchange within the West Africa region asAIESEC Ghana also received EPs from other entities and offered our LCs theopportunity to strategically select EPs that can be eligible for re-integration withAIESEC after their exchange. It has indeed contributed the majority of our currentrealisations in GCDPo.Useful Linkshttp://www.myaiesec.net/content/viewfile.do?contentid=1026012319
  23. 23. “Team MemberProgram/TeamLeader Program,AIESEC Ghana”Oluwashayo Tinuoye(MCVP OD, 12-13)20
  24. 24. Good Standards forTMP/TLP• Allocation cycle and proper TM pipeline mgmt (As a rule, no member must be in a role for more than 6 mths)• Every member of an LC must have adual XP (Functional area and Project)and each project has a member of theEB strictly responsible for it asides theVPGCDPi• EPs must be integrated into LCs before going on exchange and re-integrated when they get back. So integration here means they MUST takeTMP before going on exchange (It wasnt really successful during winterpeak because it was only one LC that was able to implement it but now wehave identified the challenges and we are making it work)• All GCDPi EPs must also be given a dual XP(GCDP and TMP/TLP) because we realisedthat in Ghana (not just in Ghana), Internswork in teams and they have a team leaderand looking at the TXP principles that is ateam experience because they work inteams of 5 or 8 or even more most timesand they are responsible for a larger part ofthe project implementation.• ORS migration to ELD. We have a conversion manager on thenational level and managers in LC. The MCVPIM contacts those whocontacted us through ORS to know if they are interested in Exchangeor TXP, so based on the specification, we channel them into LCsthough a lot of them are more interested in Exchange but we still geta significant number of people who are interested in TXP. CustomerExperience management is very crucial for 2015, so we are also tryingso hard to focus on this. Imagine if we convert 40% of those thatcontact us through ORS to ELD.21
  25. 25. Challenges Faced1. Not all LCs have been able to implement this, only a few.2. There has to be a proper tracking system apart from NPS to make sure quality XPs arebeing delivered.3.ORS (Online Registration System) has to be checked at least twice a week by theMCVPIM & Comm.4. VPTMs need to be tracked at least twice in a week via phone calls or emails (For us wehave a quarterly strategic meetings to plan for the next quarter also).22
  26. 26. “Team MemberProgram/TeamLeaderProgram, AIESECNigeria”Bonaventure Ikediashi(MCVP OD, 12-13)23
  27. 27. Strategies for TMP/TLPThe reason AIESEC Nigeria has had good TXP numbers can be largely attributed contributed to the fact that we have14 local offices (Note 4 of these LCs still operate at a low capacity and share insight space with other entities).At the start of the term, we experiencedlow registrations on the systems, whichwas largely as a result of the fact memberswere not conversant with the use of thesystem: So a lot of education was centeredaround this: Education was had atconferences and regional LCVPTMssummits were held to train the VPTMs:System administration was also introducedas part of the Talent ManagementProcesses to encourage the online culture:NSTs were also used to drive education.We also reviewed the middle level management structures, creatingnew team leader profiles to support the delivery of products: A lot ofeducation has also been centered on structuring LCs according tospecific projects run at in the LCs, since different projects havedifferent timelines. It allows members to have multiple experiences.LCs have also capitalized on different external events of their campusesto convert EWA to ELD for example the host LC of WACS (Illorin). Over50 percent of the members recruited were engaged during the openingceremony and global village.24
  28. 28. AIESEC South Africa,A Success StoryING Award Winner IPM2013, Serbia25
  29. 29. “incoming GCDP& GIP , AIESECSouth Africa”Alvin Morogo (MCVPICX, 12-13)26
  30. 30. Growth in IncomingExchangeChallenges• No LCVP ICX in the starting of our term.• Country laws were the biggest challenges and still are.• No sales culture.• Team falling apart.SolutionProcesses of coming out with solutions:-• Thought of making AIESEC relevant in the country.• Partnership should have a clause of client taking full responsibility of interns.• Transitioning of the projects or clients to the LCs.What is the Solution?• MCVP ICX partnered with a recruiting company which provided interns to the NGOs in Cape Town.• MCVP ICX had to take care of matching with the help of NSTs and we grew.Who were involved?• MCVP ICX & the client.How was it executed?• After signing the MoU with the client, MC visited the accommodation to check everything.• To make sure the project is self sustainable, client charged basic amount to the interns.27
  31. 31. Outcome of solutionsNationalized project implementation• Standardization of ICX processes• International Relations in placeBreaking the Stereotype• Projects can be created in AIESEC South Africa• Corporates are open to new ideas & solutions.Fulfilling theICX has open new doors topossibility, though we are facing someissues but that is bound to happen. Weplan to streamline the process and use thisas a case study to improve ourselves.Target for ICX40 RealisationsAchieved ICX results80 Realisations281st July 2011 till25th Jan 201211 ICX realizationsAll done by the MC.1st July 2012 till25th Jan 201380 ICX realizationsAll done by the MC
  32. 32. “outgoing GlobalCommunityDevelopmentProgram, AIESECSouth Africa”Siddharth Bali (MCVPOD, 12-13)29
  33. 33. Growth in OtgoingExchangeChallenges• MCVPs resigning in the month of August-September due to VISA issues.So, but Mid-October we accepted the fact that the MC of AIESEC SA is of 3Men. Rahul Maira (MCP), Siddharth Bali (MCVP OD) and Alvin Morogo (MCVPICX).• LCs went in the transition state where in Executive Boards were changing.But, with the MC all the LCPs took a pledge to not let things go out of controland work till December with their EBs and new EBs.• LCs were not confident to carry out exchange processes entirely and therewas high dependence on the MC.SolutionProcess for coming out with Solution.• MC realized that due to manpower crunch on the National team itself andto make LCs independent we need to transition work to the LCs.• LCs need to get excited about AIESEC work and EB have to be a TEAM.• LCs should realize the need of training themselves & to be solutionoriented.• MC also wanted to make sure that every LC knows the performance ofother LCs and should start working together or at least have acommunication channel. 30
  34. 34. Top Gun CampaignWho was involved?• All the LC’s were involved.• GCDP was the focus area to help LCs get financially stable and get membership for the future.• VPs of the Exchange Support portfolios were trained to work in depth with VP OGX. All thetrainings were given around the same program. This also gave a lot of work clarity to all the EBmembers31How was „Top Gun‟ executed?• MC launched the campaign in September.• Weekly updates were given away to the LC through National Wiki- Click Here• LCs loved it and we are glad they accepted it. Then there was no looking back.• To keep up the excitement level we added a lot of variations in the points system from time totime. For example:- We added bonus 50 points for the LC who got 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th ,90th , 100thand so on Raises or Matches. Or, we kept changing points for the raises & matches.• We gave away points for Raises, Matches, LC-LC Partnerships (IR) and EP InductionConferences, all this pushed them to learn the whole process of OGX.
  35. 35. Top Gun OutcomeTrained LCs• LCs are sure of doing OGX now.Growth in TM, Marketing and Finance• TM understands how to train membership for doingexchange.• Marketing of Internship has improved in all the LCs.• With the numbers that LCs have done theyunderstand how to invest & generate money.Fulfilling theWe had to cut down on our target becauseof the shortage of manpower on theMC, however we still want to keep ourstandards high.Target for ICX40 Realisations321st July 2011 till25th Jan 201230 OGX realizationsAll done by the MC.1st July 2012 till25th Jan 201380 OGX realizationsMajorly done by LCsAchieved ICX80 Realisations
  36. 36. Pictures from Granvié inCotonou, Benin havebeen used in thisbooklet…AfroXLDS2014 will be hosted byAIESEC in Benin.African Outside Africa in13-14Babajide Okusanya (Nigeria)MCVP IM & Coms– AIESEC Ghana 12 – 13MCVP Marketing, AIESEC in Switzerland 13 – 14Melina Mootien(Mauritius)MCVP Talent Management– AIESEC Mauritius 12 – 13MCVP Talent Management, AIESEC in Cambodia 13 – 14Donah Wanyenze Mafabi (Uganda)CC Teamster – IC Egypt 2013
  37. 37. Africa in MeMy Africa. Your Africa. Our Africawww.africainme.org