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Ai m newsletter issue 3 new and steadfast year for africa in me


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The January Edition of Africa In Me Newsletter with Best Stories on the site, Opportunities, Afro XLDS 2013 and 200th Campaign.

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Ai m newsletter issue 3 new and steadfast year for africa in me

  1. 1. 25TH JANUARY 2013 Issue #3A New and steadfastyear for Africa in me
  2. 2. Dear Readers,We are now moving ahead on a brand new year and brand newquests. With Africa in Me building its purpose we look forward forthis organization to be even stronger and much more focused inattaining more numbers of people joining AIESEC Africa and moreinterns going for global internship in Africa. As beginning of Africain Me’s establishment our purpose of action was to put a greatfocus on Africa as leading attraction for interns to come and pur-sue internships and volunteer work. Indeed the act of volunteerismshould not be limited to a certain aggregation of people for it is anaction that everyone in every corner of the world should be con-cerned with as we are moving towards an interchange of culturesand society.The existence of Africa in Me is very much relevant for lives ofyoung people wanting to start a change be it in their lives is as-pects of profession or simply wanting to be a part of Africa and be-come one of the significant cause of making a big difference. Weempower people to come and see the real Africa and experiencethe vast difference of each country and that itself becomes a storyworth telling by attaining it personally. We are fundamentally, aplatform to promote AIESEC Africa and in the progression of 2013we resolute to set our standards higher in new achievements aswell as devotedly continue our previously designed Africa in Mecampaigns.Africa In Me Team.
  3. 3. Countries Implementing africa in me campaign:Mauritius Ethiopia kenyatanzania Nigeria gabonCameroon ghana senegalbotswana rwanda togomozambique uganda liberia south africa cote d’ivoire burkina faso Benin TABLE OF CONTENT:Page 1: afro xlds 2013Page 2 AND 3: qna: Samson and Michael on Afro XLDS 2013 and ACPPage 4: 200th story campaignPage 5 and 6: Best Epic MomentsPage 7 and 8: regions of africaPage 9 and 10: opportunities
  4. 4. AFRO XLDS 2013 AFRICA EXCHANGE AND DEVELOPMENT SEMINAR : AFRO XLDS 2013 23 MARCH -29 MARCH 2013Theme: “Believing in Africa, Achieving stronger leadership”Set your calendar for upcoming Afro X 2013 seminar that will be hap-pening in Ethiopia. It is an event you would not want to miss as its high-lights are on relevant strategies and innovative ways for young leadersto penetrate on the world of social and mainstream media coveragethat effects of it through out Ethiopia as well as the world. This con-gress will have attendees that are policy makers, politicians, businessexecutives and entrepreneurs within the global network. The setting ofthis seminar is essentially to promote youth entrepreneurship and haveinternational network be an advantageous resource for young peopleto build their sense of entrepreneurism as a globalized mindset.While being part of the seminar in Ethiopia a study tour will also beavailable in order to learn more about this archeologically fascinatinglands of the country. Some of the areas that the study tour will guideyou to are Afar, Gondar, Lalibela , The Blue Nile Hills and The SofOmar Cave.For online registration and more information visit the official website ofthe Afro X 2013 : 1
  5. 5. qna: Samson and Michael on Afro XLDS 2013 and ACPInterview with Samson Tingbani, MCP Ethiopia, on Afro XLDS 2013 andACPOn Saturday, 20 September 2012, Samson Tingbani, president of AIESECEthiopia, happened to be in Cape Town for a few hours before returningback to Addis Ababa. Africa in Me Manager Michael Hubbard caught upwith him for some questions about next year’s Afro XLDS as well as ACPin East Africa.Michael: How are preparations going for Afro XLDS?Samson: The venue is secured, the CC is 90% set with members fromEthiopia and Kenya and currently there is still an opening for IM. We arein partnership discussions with the African Union and Ethiopian Airlines,overall we’re very positive and excited.In Ethiopia we have 13 months of sunshine!Michael: Have you been implementing ACP and Africa in Me in Ethiopia?Samson: ACP is currently implemented in the MC and we are aligning ex-isting LC projects to it. Our MCVPs GCDP and GIP ICX and GCDP OGX aswell as TM are implementing it through exchange as well as TMP and TLP.We also have YES 2.0, which is about entrepreneurship, youth and womanempowerment, as well as Edupower, a projects around education. Theseare ICX projects.In OGX we have a focus on Education, Engineering and Architecture andsend those EPs to Germany, India and Kenya, while in TM we do profile-based recruitment for our talent pillar which is LC-based. We have engage-ment with AIESEC with new LCs and are partnering with student councilsand other student organisations. 2
  6. 6. qna: Samson and Michael on Afro XLDS 2013 and ACPMichael: What’s significant about ACP and these projects that affect Ethio-pia and East Africa overall?Samson: The Ethiopian youth lack certain skills & qualities such as com-munications, self-branding, confidence and exposure.ACP addresses this need and offers international exposure. We are alsobuilding university capacity in English by bringing in EPs to teach teachersand students and doing communication games with university staff.ACP in East Africa is very important and fosters country collaboration.Michael: Will we be seeing anything special around ACP/Africa in Me atAfro or is it too early to tell?Samson: It’s too early, we have lots of ideas but nothing on paper yet.Michael: Do you have a message for your fellow Africans on ACP and Af-rica in Me?Samson: For Afro we have the plan to have all African countries workingwith the airlines to get everyone present, we want to provide the best expe-rience and will have the lowest delegate fee.The African Union will send delegates and work with AIESEC Ethiopia forAfro. We are also planning to have Youth2Diplomacy, involving various em-bassies, similar to Youth2Business, for instance to work on making it easierfor EPs to get visas.We are very excited for ACP and would really love to do a lot of collabora-tions with other African countries.ACP rocks! 3
  7. 7. 200th story campaignStory collection plan:The 200th Story Campaign is still an ongoing project of Africa in Me .We hope for many more stories that will compel and inspire people tocome to Africa and start an amazing journey that is not only life chang-ing but also to widen the views of people are not able to attain real is-sues as well as stories of people and communities ofAfrican countries.The stories collected hold an importantvalue of voices and depictions of Africa.More and more inspiring pictures the realstories behind it are need to be collectedfrom regions of East Africa , SouthernAfrica as well as West Africa. As of 2012we have collected :The Campaign aims to gain: 4
  8. 8. Best epic moment 1 MY EXPERIENCE IN TANZANIAWritten By: Anna Portz | From: Germany | To: Tanzania | Dated: 2012“......Since I came here to gain more experience in teaching and getting to know the“African culture” John (the Vice President of the Global Community Development Pro-gramme Incoming Exchange, AIESEC SAUT) sent me to Lumala Secondary School.It is a Government School with around 550 students and 15 teachers. I am teachingEnglish literature in Form 3. It is not always easy to teach since I don’t have enoughmaterial. For now for example I have to teach a play called “This Time Tomorrow” byNgugi waThiongo and I have only four books for around 50 students. You have to bereally creative so that you can make sure that all of the students get some informationconcerning the play. I think this experience in teaching big classes with not enoughteaching aid will help me in becoming a good teacher since I am studying AdvancedTeaching with the subjects English, Mathematics and Biology in Germany....”To read the whole story visit the link below: to read more stories like this? 5
  9. 9. best epic moment 2 MAKE A CHILD SMILE IN MAURITIUSWritten By: Anna BerggrenFrom: SwedenTo: MauritiusDated: 2012“......Mauritius is so much more than that. The cultural mix and variety ofpeople is one of the reasons why I’ve fallen in love with this island, along-side with the wonderful children of course. The aim of our project was tomake a child smile, and we did that by visiting different types of NGOs suchas orphanages and shelters for unprivileged children and organized activi-ties for them.....”To read the whole story visit the link below: to read more stories like this? 6
  10. 10. REGIONS OF AFRICA: THE EMERGENCE OF KENYAKenya is one of the most known African country in East Africa where it is now vastlyexpanding and charging towards modern development. Geographically Kenya islocated in the East of Africa and borders the Indian Ocean. The Kenyan populationis 41 million as of 2011 and Kenya is a multi-ethnic state meaning there several eth-nic groups with their distinct dialect. However, its official languages are Swahili andEnglish.Historically early forms of man once roamed Kenya 4 million years ago amongstother areas of East Africa. Devoid of rich historical lands Kenya is also surroundedwith vast geological wonders that are unscathed and purely natural. National Parksand reserves are in abundance in Kenya. Other than its infamous stretch of naturalsafaris Kenya also posses unspoilt beaches in Mombasa, Malindi and Wamutu.In contrast to the more natural side of Kenya we have the emerging city of Nairobiwhere the economy and the rise of modernity is booming. Being the capital city ofKenya , Nairobi is a city known as “Green City in the Sun” . Additionally, Nairobi isstill considered as the safari capital of Africa as there are a number of parks withgreat wilderness in its surrounding. However, modern development has inevitablycaught up with the city and it has become a city that exudes vast energy with placesof contrasting people that make up a unique facet of Nairobi. 7
  11. 11. REGIONS OF AFRICA: THE EMERGENCE OF KENYAIn Kenya its diversity translates through its culture where the expression of life thatis true to their evolution as well as their multifaceted way of living is conveyed in avariety forms of music, dance , theatre and food that is inimitably Kenyan. One ofthe notable ways of seeing Kenyan culture or its development in artistry is throughtheatre Kenya annually hosts a major drama event as well as an event called EliudAbuto’s Festival of Creative Arts. Moreover, The National Theatre is also situated inNairobi where notable ensembles of Kenyan actors and actresses perform.Indeed, there is definitely more to Kenya than just its wonderful touristic spots anddiverse sense of multiculturalism. To truly experience the deeper understanding ofKenya’s varied forms of art , nature and people it is much better to educate oneselfand to experience what the country truly is by actually visiting and immersing the tru-est of Kenya. 8
  12. 12. OPPORTUNITIESThe emerging new generationsare pushing forward in the realm ofbusiness innovation and the talentto do such must be cultivated aswell as develop. If you areambitious, career driven andlooking for a professional experience that is impactful EDGE helps you build yourideal career profile.What type of Businesses are EDGE working with?Edge works with businesses in rising markets that aids the issue of povertyin aspects of:• Urban Infrastructure• Health Solutions• Information Services• Access to Financial Services• Entrepreneurship 9
  13. 13. OPPORTUNITIES Businesses EDGE has ventured with;For more information about Impact Business www.vilcap.comFor any inquiries :Iluska Vieira Latin America Coordinator iluska@edgetalents.netManuela Müller Global Coordinator manuela@edgetalents.netSanaullah Fathi Asia Coordinator 10
  14. 14. All the stories should be posted in the website( You can also mail you documented stories to ( All stories must have pictures, the links should be posted with the story. Follow us: Keep yourself Updated: