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Panelbook Africa Business Panel


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Panelbook Africa Business Panel

  1. 1. Who we are Africa Business Panel (ABP) is a cooperation of the Social B2B Publisher Africa Business Communities (ABC) and renowned market research �irm MSI-ACI. ABP is a strong research tool with members who work in the private sector for companies registered in and operating out of Africa. They are the senior managers, entrepreneurs or professionals that form the backbone of the business community throughout Africa. 1 Programming and hosting Coding Sample only Incentives management Quantitative services Do you want more information on the business panel, please contact: Jaap de Graaf: Are you interested in the business panel for commercial reasons, please contact: Marc Stubbé: Rodney Tiesselinck: Recruitment Africa Business Communities is the worldwide largest player in LinkedIn when it comes to African LinkedIn Groups. Our panel members are recruited through our extensive LinkedIn network. All panel members have been identi�ied 2 times (Double Opt-in) and all email addresses are validated as part of the Opt-in process and re-con�irmed with the panel member. Africa Business Panel The African Economy has been steadily booming for the past decade and will boom even more in the next decade. There is an over�low of business opportunities for companies both inside and outside Africa, if you know where to look for them. In a fast developing business environment like Africa, access to relevant, accurate and reliable market information is invaluable, and that is where we come in. The Africa Business Panel offers its clients market research and lead generation in Africa, essentially acting as the intermediary between business opportunities and potential investors. We started recruiting panel members in April 2013. By October 2013, we reached 7,000 panel members. In the same month, we have conducted our first extended survey, on mobile devices in Africa. In September 2012, we started preparations for the Africa Business Panel. At the end of 2014 we expect to have 14,000 panel members. Start panel Start recruitment Prognosis PANELBOOK Africa Business Panel Africa Business Panel Check us out
  2. 2. Panel facts 90% top decision makers 12,500 members Oil & Gas Top segments Top industries Agriculture Import Export Trading Technology Products and Services Financial service Management Consulting Telecom & ICT Small 72% Commercial/ enterprise 17% Medium 11% The largest African online business network The largest and fastest growing LinkedIn Groups for Africa, with more than 675k members The biggest African LinkedIn group: 50,700 | Africa Oil & Gas Industry 25 of the 50 biggest LinkedIn groups focused on Africa ABC reach on LinkedIn Ghana #4 Nigeria #1 South Africa #2 Egypt #6 Kenya #3 Top countries Tanzania #5 PANELBOOK Africa Business Panel Africa Business Panel Check us out 2