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Africa consumer panel partner program


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The big international players want to hear the voice of the African consumer. has good agreements with the big international panel providers that want to include Africa in international surveys. Do you want to participate using your contacts and increase your income? Let us know!

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Africa consumer panel partner program

  1. 1. Africa Consumer Panel Partner Program
  2. 2. Content • The Africa Consumer Panel Partner Program – Background – How does it work? – Your incentive – The benefits • Length of this presentation: approximately 5 minutes
  3. 3. Background • The Africa Consumer Panel (ACP) conducts market research in Africa and is looking for consumers who are willing to participate in research studies on a regular basis. • In order to expand the consumer panel, ACP would like to partner with parties that have access to large communities or have a client base in Africa, and who are willing to give controlled access to that base.
  4. 4. How does it work? • You send your clients an invitation to join the Africa Consumer Panel (ACP can give you the template). This mail can be sent by ACP but has to contain your company logo and company info. • When your client registers to participate in ACP, he will be asked to complete a short intake questionnaire. This questionnaire is particularly important for classification. We can supply you with some of the intake data, which will also help you update and maintain your own database. • After your client successfully completes the intake questionnaire, he is officially a member of ACP and will be invited to participate in relevant surveys.
  5. 5. What will you get in return? • In return for access to your clients you will receive a compensation every time a client completes a questionnaire. • This compensation can be paid in cash, but you can also use it for research services provided by MSI, such as: – Customer Satisfaction Surveys – Brand image surveys – Other products/services of ACP • The level of compensation will depend on the ‘value’ level of your client and will be based on ‘target group’ and country. • ACP will provide you with a personal web page that allows you to monitor the total number of completed interviews as well as the total compensation amount you have earned.
  6. 6. The compensation • Per completed survey by one of your clients you will receive a compensation. • This compensation is 20% of the revenue per respondent • An example – Let’s assume you have 100,000 clients – 20,000 sign up for the panel – Of those 20,000 clients, 10,000 participate in a total of 20 studies per year (n=500 per study) – Per respondent our clients pay 6 Euro * on average – You will receive: 10,000*(20% * 6 Euro) = 12,000 Euro per year * Amount is assumption. Final amounts depend on target group, size, country, length of interview and can be different per clients
  7. 7. Benefits for your clients • Your client will be part of a large community; the Africa Consumer Panel. • As a member he will be asked to participate in surveys that are relevant to him. • In return for participation your client will get gift certificates that he can use to buy all kind of products, or (if you want to) can spend on your products and/or services. • Your client can always update the data on his personal page or deactivate his membership at any time. We will then no longer invite him to participate in surveys.
  8. 8. Screenshots of the Africa Consumer Panel site
  9. 9. The small print • You remain the owner of your database. ACP will only use your addresses for the term of the contract. • The addresses will be used for market research only. • The minimum term for the partnership will be 6 months and will be extended in 6 month increments at the end of each term. • ACP is responsible for providing maximum security of your data. • Data that is generated through research can only be used on an aggregated level. Individual approach of clients based on the outcome of a study is only allowed after explicit permission of the client.
  10. 10. The Benefits
  11. 11. The Benefits (summary): • WIN-WIN-WIN – ACP gets access to large databases – You receive compensation for the use of your client database. You can be paid in cash or you can use it on ACP’s services. – Your client gets the opportunity to join an exclusive community and will get valueable incentives in return for his participation.. • Your firm will earn a passive income – After the initial contact with your clients, ACP will take care of everything. It will not cost you any money or resources. There will be no hassles for you – simply check your personal page to review participation and compensation numbers.
  12. 12. Thank you for your attention. Need more info? Contact.. Or check our website: Email: