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Africa Business Communities pr services


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Africa Business Communities can help you with the distribution of your press release to the African media. It created the Africa Press List. Complimentary is the news monitoring service, Africa News Monitoring.

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Africa Business Communities pr services

  1. 1. Africa A B Business C Communities Africa Business Communities Press services
  2. 2. 1. Press services 1. Africa Press List 2. Africa News Monitoring 2. Africa Business Communities 1. Distribution as DM to LinkedIn Groups
  3. 3. 1. Press Services
  4. 4. We can distribute and track your PR message throughout Africa 20 December 20174 PR services Africa Press List Africa News Monitoring
  5. 5. Our PR propositions 20 December 2017 Presentation name5 Africa Press List Africa News Monitoring
  6. 6. 1.1. Africa Press List • Easy tool to create and distribute press releases to tailor made distribution lists. • Easy filtering options: • 7,250 journalists • 4 Languages | English, French, Portuguese and Arabic • 6 Media Types | Television, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Internet and Blogs • 30 Fields of interest | More than 30 categories to select journalists by field of interests • 54 Countries to select • Free trial - Budget friendly20 December 20176
  7. 7. 1.1. Africa Press List – How it works • You register yourself • You make your own press release through our templates and tools (as an additional service, we can help you with it – not for free) • You make a distribution list • You send the press releases to the distribution list, directly or scheduled, and some social media destinations 20 December 20177
  8. 8. 1.1.2. Africa Press List pricing • 3 packages 1. Free trial with 50 credits 2. Starters package of €99,- comes with 200 credits and the possibility to buy new credits for €0.35 each 3. Annual subscription €2,450.- comes with 10,000 credits and the possibility to buy new credits for €0.25 each 20 December 20178 If you send one press release to 195 journalists, it will cost you 195 credits If you send two press releases each time to 50 journalists, it will cost you 100 credits
  9. 9. 1.1.3. Africa Press List pricing No Self service 20 December 20179 nr APL - service What do you do yourself Fixed Variable - Number of journalists 1 Distribution We distribute your press release and operate the system. You draft the press release and deliver the material, inclusive pictures and other material. You indicate which journalists – field of interests – countries €150 X * €0,45 2 Distribution and Editing We distribute your press release and operate the system. We edit your press release. You draft the unedited press release and deliver the material, inclusive pictures and other material. You indicate which journalists – field of interests – countries €250 X * €0,45 3 Full Service We distribute and operate the system We draft your press release based upon a briefing what you want to communicate. You brief us for drafting the press release and deliver the material, inclusive pictures and other material You indicate which journalists – field of interests – countries Sometimes a tailor made process and offer is advisable. €350 X * €0,45
  10. 10. 1.1.4. Africa Press List Results • Results • Different outcome • Some journalists want to be paid for publishing • One case with zero mentions • One case with 14 mentions on 600 journalists • Always published in/on: • • • • nitiesOnline • business-communities-linkedin-groups.html (total reach 1,2 million african business professionals) • Good SEO results, see case Bbrood Kenya20 December 201710
  11. 11. 1.1.5. Africa Press List Q&A Is the price related to the package you choose monthly or yearly? • The starters package of €99,- is not related to time, you get 200 credits. You can always buy more credits for any amount you want. The annual subscription, is per year, but if not all credits are used, you can always take them to the next year. And additionally, you pay 1 credit for 1 press release send to a journalist. How much does a credit cost? • In general, €0,35. If you have an annual subscription €0,25 And finally, how do we know for sure that the journalist has done something with the press release? • You do not. It depends how interesting and relevant your content-news is, the more interesting the better the chance. We will always distribute you press release on twitter and our blogs like Africa Business Communities for free if it is real news (not advertising – like buy this product). And could this press release also be a editorial/article/advertisement? • Again, it should interesting and relevant content that is news worthy to journalists. 20 December 201711
  12. 12. 1.2 Africa News Monitoring • Monitoring of more than 7,000 online news sources in Africa, including social media • News overview every morning • Real time overview and statistics in the Clipit Portal • Tone of voice analysis of your articles • Mobile responsive • Easy access – budget friendly 20 December 2017 Presentation name12
  13. 13. 1.2.2. Africa News Monitoring –How it works The africa news monitoring is a separate service (www.africanewsmonitoring. com) that tracks your news on basis of key words and does that only online, in online newsmedia (95% of broadcasters and print media also put the news online – although most of the times, a shorter version but with the main search terms). 20 December 2017 Presentation name13
  14. 14. 1.2.3. Africa News Monitoring Pricing • The pricing depends on • Period • Number of countries – continents • Number of keywords – search terms • One search term in one country, for a period of 3 months will cost you 3 * 175 = €525,-. • If you are a paying client of the Africa Press List, you will receive a 10% discount, resulting into an actual price of €473,-.20 December 201714
  15. 15. 2. Some more about Africa Business Communities
  16. 16. Africa Business Communities is a Digital B2B Publisher that enables companies and organizations to connect with African Business Professionals. It supports doing business in Africa by marketing communication services, events, custom media productions (content marketing) and market research.
  17. 17. Africa Business Communities Sites & Services Marketing and Communication • • • • • • •Events (tailor made) •Content Marketing (tailor made) •Packages: •CEO communication package •Event communication package Market Research • • • •Africa PMI Recruitment • • 20 December 2017 Presentation name17
  18. 18. Our communities in social media 20 December 2017 Presentation name18 Google+ Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
  19. 19. Biggest African player in the world on Linkedin! 20 December 2017 Presentation name19 • More than 170 well segmented groups • 5 of top 10 and 27 of top 50 • Fastest growth • More than 1.35 million members • CEO groups with selective admission •We can spread your message as a DM to our members nr Name of the group – 1- 2016 members 1 Africa Oil & Gas Industry 110.535 ABC 2 Africa Import Export Trading 89.486 ABC 3 Lagos Business Club 63.606 ABC 4 Africa - All things business 49.579 5 Careers in Africa 40.280 6 Africa Supply Chain, Logistics, Transport 39.968 7 South African Business Network 39.021 8 Africa Banking 38.357 ABC 9 Nigeria Business Network 38.303 10 Africa Job Brokers 34.715 ABC
  20. 20. Client - IQPC Recommendation “I came across Africa Business Communities when we were organising our East African call centre event. I was looking for some East African specific LinkedIn groups and came across this company as they managed many-many African groups on LinkedIn. I approached Africa Business Communities right away to see how they could help us in promoting the event. Not only were they very prompt in response but also helpful in answering many queries. We generated revenue close to US$15,000 for our event. Also, they offer complimentary marketing services which is why I utilise their services for every African event we organise. I would highly recommend Africa Business Communities to anyone looking to reach out to the African market.” Tarannum Syeeda IQPC MENA
  21. 21.