ICANN-ASWG Strategy Plan presented during ICANN-45


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Outline of the ICANN African Strategic Working Group (ASWG) strategic plan presented during ICANN-45.

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ICANN-ASWG Strategy Plan presented during ICANN-45

  1. 1. ICANNs AFRICA Strategy Document V1.1 Presentation by Africa Strategy Working Group (ASWG) www.afrinic.net/en/community/icann-aswg October 2012ASWG
  2. 2. Outline• Introduction• Background and ToRs• Methodology and Process• Public consultations and Outreach• Facts - Africa by Numbers• Strategic objectives and Projects• Measurements, resources and timeline• Key recommendations toward finalization of the ICANN Africa Strategy document• Conclusion• AppendixASWG
  3. 3. IntroductionASWG
  4. 4. ICANNs New Approach to Africa In August 2012, ICANN announced a new approach to Africa (see http://www.icann.org/en/news/ announcements/announcement-10aug12-en.htm.)ASWG
  5. 5. The New approach • Develop a framework for ICANNs Africa strategy and announce initial plan in October • Support stronger presence for ICANN in Africa • To increase Africas participation in ICANNASWG
  6. 6. Background and Terms of Reference (ToR)ASWG
  7. 7. Background and TORs Africa is one of the five regions of ICANN Towards the conclusion of the tenure of and Africans have been active members the outgoing CEO of ICANN there of constituencies in ICANN since 1998. were new hires of Vice Presidents Africa is an emerging Internet economy for some regions. A group of andAfrica has the fastest growing concerned Africans in a public networks but its participation in ICANN communication to ICANN suggested is not commensurate where the few number of African Registries and new that hiring of senior staff for Africa gTLD applications is the popular would be better guided by a strategic example. plan for Africa At the recently held ICANN meeting in Prague, the incoming CEO requested The ministerial meeting held alongside the the African group of participants to assist ICANN Dakar meeting in October 2011 in developing a 3 year strategic plan issued a communique that called on with clear goals for Africa. The group ICANN to increase its presence in Africa decided to form a working group instead and to be more relevant to needs of the to lead a community process to develop region. the strategic planASWG
  8. 8. Terms of Reference Africa Strategy Working Group• Develop a strategic plan for ICANNs activities in Africa addressing the needs for presence in Africa, African participation and representation in ICANN• Determine how best to reach out to governments, private sector, civil society, academia and others from Africa for increased participation of Africans in ICANN. Governments have a significant influence in Internet development in Africa• Identify education and technology needs of the region that ICANN may be able to assist with• Formulate an ICANN regionalization program to Africa and why, when and how to accomplish it• Develop a clear 3 year strategy and a concrete plan for the first 12 months – with clearly stated objectives, timelines, roles/responsibilities, governance, and metrics by which we can measure success• Present plan in TorontoASWG
  9. 9. ASWG
  10. 10. Deliverables• The process of the strategy working group to engage the community is an important result by itself• A three year strategic plan• Action plan for first 12 months• Success factors to evaluate the implementation of strategyASWG
  11. 11. Methodology and ProcessASWG
  12. 12. Methodology of The ASWG• Group Formation and constituency representation• Literature review on African Internet, ICANN• Monthly Teleconferencing with ICANN• The ASWG retreat in Mauritius• Public Consultation and OutreachASWG
  13. 13. Phase I Process: Developing the Strategy Budget ToR Community Questionnaire ToR Schedule Strategy Core ICANN ASWG Start Constituencies Retreat ASWG Review Regions 6/12 7/12 7/12 8/12ASWG
  14. 14. Phase II Process: Validating the Strategy Facts Questionnaire Analysis I SWOTs C Retreat Outreach Presentation Recommendation A Strategic Objectives N N 8/12 Strategic Projects 10/12 9/12 9/12 OthersASWG 8/12
  15. 15. Public Consultation and OutreachASWG
  16. 16. Public Input • At the start a questionnaire survey was administered to the African community • Community input sought to identify African needs, ICANN benefits, African perspective on SWOT on ICANN and views on implementing ICANN presence • The input influenced the SWOT on ICANN and contributed to the recommended strategic objectivesASWG
  17. 17. Outreach • ASWG was expanded to include Regions, Constituencies and Liaisons to SOs • Output of the Retreat was made public and the community invited to comment on the results • The comments have influenced the recommendation being made to ICANNASWG
  18. 18. Facts - Africa by NumbersASWG
  19. 19. Africa in ICANN Ecosystem •  ASO •  @LARGE –  AFRINIC –  AFRALO –  3 elected Members in the ASO-AC •  SSAC •  ccNSO –  1 member –  AFTLD •  RSAC –  24 Afcc Member –  0 member •  gNSO –  4 Registrars •  Operations •  GAC –  2 Staff –  ~34 formal Members –  1(2) Board member Page 2ASWG
  20. 20. What do we know about Africa •  One of the richest and promising Region –  54 economies –  10 of the fastest growing economies are in Africa –  More than 1 Billion inhabitants •  Internet users growth more than 1000% over the past 4 years. •  ICT contribution GDP in the region growing rapidly Page 3ASWG
  21. 21. Africa in Numbers ()#*+,& $"%!&"+"),,("( 0"12$,3"4 ()*+,)+*## -./ !"#$%!& 0!%& "# !"# -.+,.# ,)#-.& (#)*& !/#$%!& $%"# $"# !"#$%& !"##$"$%!"&%("( !+$!& )*( &"# *+#,-./)) )!%**!+)#!(#$!)%"!" 123)) 0() !"#$%!"" #$!%$#!#%&!&(!$$$"!" &() Page 4ASWG
  22. 22. Africa in Numbers ()#*+,&%% &#()*!"" *+#,-.& !#!()%#%-. ++/01 #&&!#))"!"+,+-./ 0123/ %+",))"!%*"*/) 0123 !"#$%& !"#$%!"" !"#"$$#$$$%#% !"#$%& #$#!%&&!%$$"!" !!&% !"#$%"&%"&()*"* %%%#(" (() (#)*+& %&#()*+,# 01#234(-- #!$%%!&#!()!#*$"!" 567-- ,/- $"# !"#$%!"" &()&(&)*(+*,(-(" *./- !"#$%& !!"# Page 5ASWG
  23. 23. Africa in Numbers !"# $%&# +,#-./&!! -"# "# )%$#$*+#)+!#! 123#2* ).&# $&# 0)* /01231# !"#$%$&%("!# +"# ("# ,&# )*&# )*$+,( ,-./0.! !"*)#)1$#("$!! )*+,-&. !"#$%&!! "&+! "#"$%#%&#&"(!#! ()* !"#$")** /)/34)4+0)+/1*)* %&( !"#$%&"()** +),,-)-.+)/.0*)* !"#$%&"(! 012* !"#$%&#((#)**!! ))+! Page 6ASWG
  24. 24. Cable in Africa (2001)! Page 7ASWG
  25. 25. Foreseen Situation in 2013 Page 22ASWG
  26. 26. Evolution of Capacity! "$!,%-./0% !"#$$%&% )!"$%&% "$!"%.12% )!"$%&% "$!!%3.1-% *+"$%&% "$!$%2.--4% ")$$%&% "$!$%&567!% !("$%&%"$!$%89:;%6<2% !"#$%&% "$$(%=2.8>% ()$!%&! "$$(%-/9?@A% "#$!%&! "$$!%-.=,% Page 23ASWG
  27. 27. Reasons to be optimistic The African connectivity landmark has fundamentally changed over the past 10 years ~3000% users growth ~500% IPv4 Address distributed [50, 100, 200 ]% { g,cc }TLD Registration GrowthASWG
  28. 28. Reasons to be optimistic The African connectivity landmark has fundamentally changed over the past 10 years ~3000% users growth ~500% IPv4 Address distributed [50, 100, 200 ]% { g,cc }TLD Registration Growth Internet users IP Address (&!$!!!$!!!" !#$$%$$$!! (%!$!!!$!!!" !)($%$$$!! !)$%$$$!! (#!$!!!$!!!" !)&$%$$$!! (!!$!!!$!!!" !)#$%$$$!! !$!!!$!!!" !)$$%$$$!! &!$!!!$!!!" !($%$$$!! !$%$$$!! %!$!!!$!!!" !&$%$$$!! #!$!!!$!!!" !#$%$$$!! !" !"!!!! ())" #!!!" #!!#" #!!%" #!!&" #!!" #!(!" #!(#" #!(%" )**(! #$$$! #$$#! #$$&! #$$! #$$(! #$)$! #$)#! #$)&! Page 24ASWG
  29. 29. Reasons To be Optimistic •  The African connectivity landmark has fundamentally changed over the past 10 years –  ~3000% users growth –  ~500% IPv4 Address distributes –  [50, 100, 200]% {g,cc}TLD Registration Growth !"#$%"$#&($%(& !"#$%%&((# (&!$!!!$!!!" !#$$%$$$!! (%!$!!!$!!!" !)($%$$$!! !)$%$$$!! (#!$!!!$!!!" !)&$%$$$!! (!!$!!!$!!!" !)#$%$$$!! !$!!!$!!!" !)$$%$$$!! &!$!!!$!!!" !($%$$$!! !$%$$$!! %!$!!!$!!!" !&$%$$$!! #!$!!!$!!!" !#$%$$$!! !" !"!!!! ())" #!!!" #!!#" #!!%" #!!&" #!!" #!(!" #!(#" #!(%" )**(! #$$$! #$$#! #$$&! #$$! #$$(! #$)$! #$)#! #$)&! Page 24ASWG
  30. 30. ICANN & AFRICA •  How can ICANN adjust its Strategy in order to match it up with the changing environment in Africa? –  What is the particularity of Africa Region –  Key areas/challenges to focus on. •  How •  With whom? •  When? Page 25ASWG
  31. 31. Strategic Objectives and ProjectsASWG
  32. 32. Approach• Alignment with the four focus areas ICANN 2012 - 2015 strategic plan for consistency • Address the fifth focus area of stakeholder development, business development, incubation and partnering
  33. 33. Strategic Objectives -1 Competition, Healthy DNS stability and consumer trust Core operations governance security and consumer including IANA ecosystem choice Promote the multi-stakeholder model and platform in Africa at Support and facilitate the government, civil society competition in Domain Name and private sector levels to Strengthen ccTLD business. Development in Africa , Build enrich participation in ICANN constituencies. Capacity in DNS technical operations and provide Strengthen ccTLDs in Africa Regionalization of IANA operations in Africa. Support capacity building assistance and support as requested. Build business environment that favor customer trust and and development of Internet choice (Technology solution, Regionalization of other CORE ICANN operations in Africa.   governance in Africa  Enhance regional and international cooperation DNS Legal and regulation Framework). Support policy development stakeholders and Promote best Effective communication / Outreach on ICANN operations process to create conducive environment for the internet practices of DNS operations Encourage resiliency of local DNS infrastructure (IXP, Copy including IANA  economy in Africa Promote adoption of DNSSEC of Root, Anycast DNS)  Promote Anycast Root-servers deployment in Africa  Ensure internationalization of ICANN using outreach Enhance cooperation with Deploy more root servers in program.  CERTs for better handling of DNS related incidents. Africa  Ensure physical presence in Promote new gTLD registries, Africa to conduct outreach to registrars help reflect ICANN’s global imageASWG
  34. 34. Strategic Objectives -2 Competition, Healthy DNS stability and consumer trust Core operations governance security and consumer including IANA ecosystem choice Expand a Multi-Stakeholder platform to increase Introduce gTLDs in African participation and languages and IDNs  engagement in collaboration with I* organizations and ICANN Build African constituencies entrepreneurship programmes in the DNS area  Encourage Industry development by setting up an Promote research and Internet foundation for DNS development to foster industry in developing innovation in Internet countries (Africa) related technologies and businesses Ensure ongoing commitment of ICANN and constituencies to Promote strategic partnerships act in Africa’s public interest. between global and local entrepreneurs in the Promote globalization of ICANN DNS industry and its operations through a phased internationalization of IANA functions.ASWG
  35. 35. Strategic Projects - 1 Competition, Healthy DNS stability and consumer trust Core operations governance security and consumer including IANA ecosystem choice Develop WHOIS program for DNS in Africa Support Anycast workshops Increase domain name penetration in Africa  A program for enhancing Conduct registry, registrar business development model cooperation with I* organizations and IGFs African ccTLD Operations and workshops Support Training. Establish ICANN operations in Africa, including IANA to promote regional events for multi-stakeholder engagement a support programme for accreditation of registrars  operations. Business Best Practices and -IANA Operations Participate in African meetings Marketing Support for AfTLD,Create a foundation to -Registrar liaison functions ccTLDs and Registrars Establish a program for support development of African -Registry liaison functions inclusion of African academic registrars  Consumer/Community Capacity -Compliance function community in Internet Governance ecosystem Building ccTLD business Model workshops  -Legal Advice and Support -Regional meetings Continued support for African participation at ICANN Develop and Improve African Commit and conduct a study -Institutionalize IDN support meetings through the Security Expertise on business feasibility of fellowship program growing DNS industry in Africa  Produce Targeted Documents Promote and Support in appropriate languages Expand AFRALO Cooperation between African An observatory to develop new regarding ICANN operations indices for DNS industry CERTs and DNS Operators Support African government growth in Africa  participation in ICANN high level meetings Promote DNSSEC Set up an Internet foundation for innovative funding mechanisms for the DNS industry development in developing countries (Africa)ASWG
  36. 36. Strategic Projects - 2 Competition, Healthy DNS stability and consumer trust Core operations governance security and consumer including IANA ecosystem choice Sub regional Africa ICANN meetings to contribute to global meetings.  An ICANN academy to help in capacity building and HR Promote African leadership in development in Africa  best practices in DNS industry An ICANN ambassador Set up business development program to promote global incubators for the DNS ICANN values business in Africa Deploy Anycast Instances of L- Increase African representation Research and development Root in cooperation with in leadership positions at programme for Africa for Regional Organizations. ICANN management promoting innovation and increased participation in Leadership development IETF forums. program in multi-stakeholder Internet governance. DNS resiliency workshops for African ccTLDS.  Strengthen African participation in ICANN AoC review teams Identify policy gaps and support policy advocacy processesASWG
  37. 37. Measurements, Resources and TimelineASWG
  38. 38. Key Measures - 1 Competition, Healthy DNS stability and consumer trust Core operations governance security and consumer including IANA ecosystem choice Accurate and available WHOIS Data Term - Definition - Metric - Target Number of workshops Number of African participants in ICANN constituencies. Domain Name Indicators Number of workshops conducted for potential registry Regional Implementation of Operations ICANN participation in African -Number of Domain Names Registered and registrars meetings  -Penetration Number of accredited Number of Appropriate Documents produced In An ICANN Academy and Registers -Complaints / UDRP Appropriate African languages targeted to various number of Academic participants  -DNS Availability / Failure Number of Workshops for stakeholders -Incidents on DNS operations ccTLD business models Number of African participants -Domain Name Pricing Number of L-root instances and the quality of participation Research report on DNS business in Africa Deployed and contributions Security Indicators Number of other root-servers Number of ALS’s from the An observatory -DNSSEC Operations signed in Africa. instances Deployed African region and number of workshops organized by A foundation for DNS Industry -CERT Operations in Africa AFRALO in Africa -CERT Training Certified People Revised delegation and re- delegation proceduresASWG
  39. 39. Key Measures - 2 Competition, DNS stability and consumer trust Core operations Healthy governance security and consumer including IANA ecosystem choice Number of government participants contributing to GAC and high level meetings Number of participants contributing to global ICANN meetings African experts on new gTLD evaluation panel Number of Africans trained by the ICANN academy. An African leaders award  Number of start up companies Increased number of African being incubated staff members Innovative ideas and patents Number of Africans leading and increased number of African IG processes  participants in IETF forums. Increased number of Number of ccTLDs benefiting Africans participating in AoC from resiliency workshops review teams Increased copy of root severs Number of policy documents/ strategies ccTLD Whois performance Registries & Registrars Af* growth, Support for Af* New Internet communities Adoption of multi-stakeholder model Visibility of ICANN at African foraASWG Communications in French
  40. 40. Resources and TimelineASWG
  41. 41. RESOURCES AND TIMELINE Determination of resources needed for the strategic plan will be done by ICANN Timeline : First year Second year Third yearASWG
  42. 42. Year 1 - critical list • A program for enhancing cooperation with I* organizations and IGFs (3 months) • To promote regional events for multi-stakeholder engagement (3 months) • An ICANN academy to help in capacity building and HR development in Africa (6 months) • Produce Targeted Documents in appropriate languages regarding ICANN operations (6 months) • Consumer/Community Capacity Building (6 months) • Establish ICANN operations in Africa (6 months) • An ICANN ambassador program to promote global ICANN values (9 months) • Leadership development program in multi-stakeholder Internet governance. (9 months)ASWG
  43. 43. Year 2,3 • All other strategic projectsASWG
  44. 44. Roles of Africa & ICANNASWG
  45. 45. Roles • Jointly by Africans and ICANN throughout implementation • While ICANN is not a development agency it is strategic to contribute to development of ICANNs constituent industries • While Africa can benefit from support it must invest in its businesses and partnerASWG
  46. 46. Key RecommendationsASWG
  47. 47. Principal Recommendation The strategic working group recommends that this draft outline of the strategic plan be further on turned into a fully fledged strategy document, after further consultations are conducted within the African communities and ICANN constituencies.ASWG
  48. 48. Other Recommendations • Integrate the ASWG activity into the ICANN annual corporate planning process • Reform the membership of the ASWG to be better aligned with ICANN constituency and SO/AC organizationsASWG
  49. 49. ConclusionASWG
  50. 50. Concluding Remarks • Designing of the ICANN strategic plan for Africa is timely • Africa deserves special attention to be fully integrated in Internet business/industry • ICANN by this strategy is assisting to transform genuine capacities into real development opportunities • We learned how to better engage with the community and believe the exercise should form part of ICANNs regular deliveryASWG
  51. 51. Acknowledgements • ICANN • AFRINIC • AfrICANN • African Internet community • ICANN communityASWG
  52. 52. Commendations • Special thanks go to Adiel Akplogan, CEO of AFRINIC and staff for the tremendous technical and management contributions throughout the project • We thank Ray Plzak for contributions and Tarek Kamel of ICANN for coordinating discussions at the retreat • We thank Fadi Chehade, Akram Atallah and Steve Crocker of ICANN for initiating and supporting the effortASWG
  53. 53. ASWG Members Core Maimouna Diop Diagne Palesa Legoze   Pierre Dandjinou   Nii Quaynor   Regional/Constituency Alice Munyua Barrack  Ongondo Otieno Mouhamet Diop   Tijani Ben Jemaa Michel Tchnonang Liaison Rafik Dammak Waudo SigangaASWG
  54. 54. AppendixASWG
  55. 55. SWOTsASWG
  56. 56. Strengths - from the perspective of Civil Society Business Government Provision of Fellowship program Multi-stakeholder decision making to ensure african attendance model for engaging with the community Regionalized Number Resources Benefit by participatingo through management policy - Capacity Building and awareness ICANN Fellowship program single Internet feel (Education & development) experts Volunteer to use Regionalized Number Resources Successful and Regionalized and management policy - single Integrated Number Resources Multi-stakeholder bottom up Internet management policy - single mechanism for engaging with the Internet community in decision making Current ecosystem made of dedicated and Track record of strong support by IGF at national and regional level engaged volunteers. dedicated and engaged volunteers GAC high level meeting ICANNs meetings in Africa every two year  AUC participation in GACASWG
  57. 57. Weaknesses - from the perspective of Civil Society Business Government Absence of clear regionalization Strategy at ICANN Absence of clear internationalization Weak ICANN presence on the continent Weak ICANN presence on the continent Strategy at ICANN Absence of domain name industry Weak African domain name industry and Lack of ICANN presence on the continent Absence of content and application associated Business. industry. Domain name industry in it infancy Poor participation of AFRICAN Businesses Poor participation of AFRICA in ICANN Poor participation of AFRICA to ICANN and ICANN domain name constituencies process. process. and its related initiatives (New GTLD). Poor/inefficient outreach to African Inefficient outreach to African Ineffective outreach to African governments governments governments in respect to their role in developing domain name Industry. Lack of transparency Lack of transparency  Inefficient communication toward AFRICA. Poor communication toward AFRICA Poor communication toward AFRICA Weak multi-stakeholder decision-making Weak management and luck of support of Weak ccTLD management in the region - model and regional balance. absence of regional meetings african ccTLD  Lack of Training capacity for skill required Lack of outreach to African business Weak participation of African private sector for domain name business and associated program. No impact on growth of the domain name Representation of African interest on the Board industry Weak ccTLD management Poor relationships with African ccTLDs lack of qualified african experts ASWG No clear link with the AF*
  58. 58. Opportunities - from the perspective of Civil Society Business Government Emerging Internet continent, usage by youth Majority of next billion Internet users will more likely come from Africa. Africa region as an Emerging economy Internet Innovation driven by Mobile and Internet market Technology: Current outstanding growth Emerging Internet ecosystem with the of the mobile telephony implies majority of Internet Innovation and growth driven by a Majority of next billion Internet users will next Internet users will be from Africa; boom in Mobile Technology thus, a need for specific projects for Africa  come from Africa  Growing potential market in the domain Internet Innovation driven by Mobile Untapped emerging market Name Industry. Technology  Office in Africa  Growing interest of key actors in ICANN processes. Growing interest of key actors. Growing interest of key actors. Government and emerging Industry Government and emerging Industry Highly qualified experts. ICT a cross cutting pillar of most african countries development plans  Highly qualified experts Potential growth of GDP and youth employment ICANN’s image and perception to be Develop IDN to boost the internet economy in Africa increased through contribution to the Growth of ICAN legitimacy due to growth of a continental Internet economy internationalization through increased African Participation ICANNs legitimacy to grow with more participation from African communities, namely at GAC level ASWG Develop IDN to boost content in Africa
  59. 59. Threats - from the perspective of Civil Society Business Government Involvement of governments Limited Involvement of governments in the multi-stakeholder decision making model. Poor participation and contribution of african governments in GAC Weakness of ICT infrastructure ICT infrastructure not adequately geared to Lack of ICT infrastructures and awareness Unstable political economy  support domain name Industry. and capacity Resistance of governments to multi- Heavy intend by government oversight and Lack of common understanding of multi- stakeholder model  control of Internet. stakeholder model Heavy intend by government oversight and Ongoing perception in Africa of ICANN as Lack of understanding of how government control of Internet  non-International organization. work and diplomacy Participation to ICANN process Lack of investments in domain name Lack of timely response and (discussion forum, comments, meetings industry and associated business. implementation of GAC advices etc …)  Inadequate response to the high Lack of implementation of AOC Linguistic barrier  expectation from ICANN and its stakeholders in Africa. recommendations Poor reach out to African communities  Linguistic barrier (1) Poor out reach to Inability for African to conduct business African communities (2) Lack of financial Lack or Poor financial commitment to an with ICANN in a reasonable manner. commitment to an Africa Internet Agenda Africa Internet  Agenda (3) Poor or inadequate representation of Lack of trust and consequence of ICANN in Africa (4) Poor perception of Poor or inadequate representation of inappropriate legal framework ICANN by african government ICANN in AfricaASWG
  60. 60. SWOT from Community Questionnaire Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities ThreatsICANNs meetings in Lack of Current outstanding Poor reach out toAfrica every two communications/ growth of the mobile African communitiesyears telephony implies Poor perception of majority of next Lack or PoorThe fellowship ICANNs activities Internet users will be financialprogram which from Africa; thus, a commitment to anensure African Poor outreach to need for specific Africa Internetparticipation to African governments projects for Africa AgendaICANNs meetings Africa as one of Lack of a physical highest GDPs Poor or inadequateBottom up approach presence in Africa representation ofin policy ICANN in Africa Icanns image and development Partial linguistic perception to be coverage of the increased throughMultistakeholders continent contribution to themechanisms for growth of aengaging with the No impact on growth continental Internetcommunity of the domain name economy industry ICANNs legitimacy Poor relashionships to grow with more with African ccTLDs participation from African communities, No clear link with the namely at GAC level AF* Develop IDN to boost Poor representation content in Africa of Africans on the Board
  61. 61. Recommendations from SWOTS Treat Africa as a specific Internet ecosystem Build African Entrepreneurship in the domain names area Increase current translation of ICANNs documents in different languages Set up an Internet foundation for developing countries (Africa) Promote business development incubators Ensure a physical presence in Africa to conduct outreach to policy makers Establish ICANNs Ambassador program in all regions of Africa to ensure adequate representation Commit a study on feasibility of a domain name industry in AfricaASWG