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a verrry verry simple presentation about the Japanese language just an idea about it xp
Afra <3.

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Japanese language -

  1. 1. Hello.こんにちは。Kon nichi wa
  2. 2. Afra <3
  3. 3. combination with a Chinese character. loan words from Western languagesEex: 投資 (invest), 闘志 (fighting spirit), non-Chinese loanwords (e.g.凍死 (frozen to death), 唐詩 (poems written in Tang カメラ (kamera) for ‘camera’)Dynasty) . 党史 (history of a political party) and scientific names (e.g. イcan all be written as とうし (toushi) in ヌ instead of 犬 or いぬ (dog).Hiragana. You can find kanji, hiragana, and katakana used in the same sentence.
  4. 4. あ い うaえFather i おu Pin Pull ePet o Octopus Sounds as “Th, R, F‘ “ etc. Does not exist in Japanese which make the pronunciation of a Japanese who speaks English difficult.
  5. 5. Words Order: English : Naomi uses a computer Subject Verb Object Japanese : Naomi-ga Konpyuuta-o tukau. Naomi computer use Subject Object Verb case markers* The Japanese verb does not indicate number or gender.
  6. 6. Hello. こんにちは。  (Kon nichi wa)How are you? お元気ですか。(O-genki desu ka?)What is your name? Hello. こんにちは。お名前は何ですか。   (Kon nichi wa)(O-namae wa nan desu ka? ) Fine, thank you. 元気です。ありがとう。 (Genki desu. Arigatō.) My name is Haruko Momoi . 私の名前は 桃井はるこ です。 (Watashi no namae wa Halko Momoi desu.)
  7. 7. Thank you.ありがとう。 Arigatō.Have a nice day.良い一日を。Yoi ichinichi o.