Fall into Nutrition


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Parent Newsletter developed for the Head Start Program in Chicago, IL. It was distributed to 18 locations.

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Fall into Nutrition

  1. 1. Fall into Nutrition Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago Lordanchild Christian Day Care Quarterly NewsletterCreated byAmanda Fox Fall CookingBenedictine UniversityDietetic Intern Welcome to the Fall Season! Fall is a great time of year “In the childhood memories of to prepare great stews, cas- seroles, and outdoor grilling every good cook, there’s aInside this issue: before the winter months large kitchen, a warm stove, a arrive in Chicago. InvitingFall into Nutrition 1 family and friends is a great simmering pot, and a mom.” way to come together andWhat is in Season? 2 share both outdoor and in- -Anonymous door recipes. Check out all-Go, Slow, Woah 2 recipes.com or foodnet-Food Comparison 3 work.com for great dinner ideas to incorporate what is a pickier eater. These in season. Especially for types of meals are veryRecipe 3 the little ones, casseroles nutritious because of the and soups are a great way vegetables, meat orKids Section! 4 to incorporate vegetables if beans! they tend to be Easter Seals Metropolitan 1939 West 13th Street Suite 300 Chicago, IL Phone: 312-491-4110 Fax: 312-733-0247
  2. 2. Page 2 Fall into NutritionFall Fruits and VegetablesThe Fall season months are apples or pomegranate seeds help with our immune sys-September, October, and No- to your meal for that little ex- tems to help keep it healthyvember. There are tra bonus! during flu season, and vita-a variety of fruit Fall vegetables min A is great for our eye-and vegetables that also contain a sight! Squashes are a greatare in season dur- good source of vegetable to add to soups anding these three fiber, vitamin stews along with turnips andmonths! Fruits like A, and vitamin collards for some extra nutri-oranges and guava C. Fiber will tion bonus! Remember fresh,are full of vitamin make you and frozen, or canned can all beC and fiber. If you your child feel beneficial!are making a salad try adding fuller longer, vitamin C willWhat is in Season for Fall?Fruit Vegetables  Passion Fruit  Mushrooms Apples  Acorn Squash  Pears  Pumpkin Grapes  Avocados  Pomegranates  Spinach Guava  Bell Peppers  Variety of Squash Oranges  Cabbage  Sweet Potatoes Plums  Cauliflower  Turnips  Collards*To look for more fruits and vegetables that are in season check out this website!http://www.fruitsandveggiesmorematters.org/?page_id=674GO, Slow, and Woah FoodsGo, Slow and Woah is a program to and beans are Go! foods. and salad dressings.help children and parents rememberthe foods to eat all the time (Go), Slow foods include: Vegetables with Woah Foods include: Any vegetablesometimes (slow), and the special sauce or added fat, and fruits that that is fried, fruit in heavy syrup,occasion foods (Woah). are 100% juice or canned in light whole milk and full fat cheese like syrup. White breads, rice, taco American and swiss. UntrimmedGo! Foods include:fresh, frozen, and shells, and cornbread are considered beef, poultry with the skin, friedcanned fruit and vegetables without slow foods. 2% milk and processed meats. Desserts like cookies, cake,added fat or sugar. Whole-grain cheese spreads. Meats like lean and buttered popcorn. The use ofbreads, pasta, and brown rice, and ground beef, tuna in oil, and whole butter, lard, salt, and sour cream andfat free or 1% milk. Extra lean meats eggs. Treats like fat-free frozen yo- cheese with foods. Soda and sweet-without the skin for poultry, tuna, gurt and popcorn, low fat mayonnaise ened ice teas.
  3. 3. Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago Page 3Food ComparisonEveryone loves a little sweet treat in their lives once in a while. Let’s take a look at how one smallchange when preparing brownies can help save some fat and calories. Next time you and your childwant to make a dessert for the weekend try making brownies with one small change. For example,substitute the olive or vegetable oil for applesauce! Yes, you heard right. By adding a 1/3 cup ofapplesauce in place of the oil will make the brownies taste delicious with less fat and calories.Brownies with Oil Brownies with Applesauce Calories– 170  Calories– 124 Fat- 9 grams  Fat- 3 grams Saturated fat– 2 grams  Saturated fat– <0.5 grams Carbohydrates– 23 grams  Carbohydrates– 23 gramsAs you can see by substituting applesauce, you save roughly 50 calories and 6 grams of fat. Also,there is less saturated fat which is the “unhealthy” fat that increases the risk of high cholesterol.Recipe!Veggie-Mac and Cheese*a great way to add vegetables to a child’s favorite food!Ingredients: Kraft Macaroni, mushrooms, carrot, squash of choice,or just add broccoliInstructionsPrepare the Macoroni according to box.Puree the veggies. (or add broccoli alone)Mix in with the macoroni. Serve warm.
  4. 4. Kids Section!Joke of the MonthA mother and her young son returned from the grocery store and began putting away thegroceries. The boy opened a box of animal crackers and spread them out all over the table."What are you doing?" his mother asked. "The box says not to eat them if the seal is bro-ken" the boy explained. "Im looking for the seal."What do you call a package of cheddar that isnt yours?Nacho cheese!Color Me!