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FHI Brochure


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FHI Brochure

  1. 1. Must have Verbal Approval First! One Partnership 23rd Medical Group Call (229) 257-2778 Family Health Clinic All Ages-Urgent Care/After-hours Walk-in Clinic One Team Parrott Medical Clinic -- (229) 249-7888 804 Northwood Park Dr, Valdosta, GA Open Mon-Fri 0800-1900, Sat 0900-1500 How can you maximize your visit? Family Health Initiative Healthsource Medical Clinic -- (229) 245-1004 The patient can expect to get the most from their 1733 Gornto Rd, Suite 101C, Valdosta, GA Open Mon-Fri 0900-1900, Sat 0900-1500 visit by following these simple steps: Adult Only-Urgent Care/After-hours Walk-in  Bring a list of your current medications. Gray Stone Medical Clinic -- (229) 219-7826 3386 Grey Stone Way, Valdosta, GA  Provide the names and contact information for Call to confirm availability any providers you are seeing in the network. Open Mon-Fri 0900-1700  Before a procedure, make sure you have been Pediatrics After-hours Care: properly identified and the staff has stated the Smith Northview Youth & YPAC - 333-YPAC (229) 333-9722 correct procedure. Mon-Thur 1730-2030  Report all allergies that you have. 4280 N. Valdosta Rd, Valdosta, GA  Realize in-depth or multiple issues may require Winnersville--(229) 242-6061, select option #4 Mon-Thur 0830-1130, 1330-1630, Fri 0830-1130 several appointments. 101-G W. Northside Dr, Valdosta, GA  Report any safety concerns to clinic staff or the SGMC Youth Care--(229)333-1196/ Pediatric Triage 259-4905 Unit Patient Advocate. Mon-Fri 1730-2030, Sat-Sun 0930-1630  Know your Primary Care Manager by name.  Speak Up! Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Following the guidance of TRICARE policy, if the patient does not call to receive authoriza- tion, they will be billed under the TRICARE Prime Point-Of-Service (POS) option, requir- We encourage you to ask questions. Welcome Home ing out-of-pocket payment for the medical bill Sometimes doctors and nurses use words you incurred. We certainly want to make sure may be unfamiliar with. Ask for clarification. your care is appropriate and covered by our TRICARE policy. Please call if you have any Don’t leave the clinic until you have had all of your questions answered. INFORMATION SHEET questions. Clinic Hours:For more information about TRICARE benefits, visit Infection Control Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri: 0730-1630our local TRICARE Service Center at the 23rd Medical Masks, tissues, and alcohol-based hand sanitizer are Wednesdays: 0900-1630Group, or call TRICARE toll free at 1-800-444-5445. available throughout the hospital. Please cough into a tissue or your upper sleeve, and use a mask For Authorization while Traveling: when appropriate. Wash hands frequently to pre- Moody Clinic (229) 257-2778 vent the spread of germs. 1-800-889-3041 As of 21 June 2011
  2. 2. What is the Family Health Initiative (FHI)? How to access care? What is Emergency Care?FHI is an active approach to establish a “medical All patients call the appointment line at TRICARE defines an emergency as a medical condi-home” for everyone. Care is coordinated by your 229-257-2778 or visit to tion that creates a threat for loss of life, limb, eye-individual medical provider who is leading a team make appointments. 80% of all appointments are sight, or unrelieved pain as perceived by a “prudentof medical professionals providing continuous, available online for the patient to book directly. layperson” – someone with a limited knowledge ofcomprehensive, and personalized prevention- Active Duty personnel will be seen at the 23rd Med- health and medicine. Some examples of emergen-based healthcare. ical Group for all urgent care within 24 hours. When cy situations are severe bleeding, chest pains, no there are no appointments available within 24 pulse, severe difficulty or inability to breathe, se-Why FHI? We are leading the way in the Air hours for urgent conditions, patients will be di- vere back injury, severe eye injuries, broken bones,Force because we are committed to providing you rected to the Nurse on the team, who will either etc.greater, faster access to your healthcare team. suggest home treatment or work them in as need-Through effective communication and building ed. Routine appointments will be scheduled and In an emergency, go to the nearest emergencycontinuous healing relationships, you will be re- seen within 7 calendar days. Well child and adult room for treatment or call 911.ceiving greater resources to help care for yourself appointments will be scheduled within one month.and your family. What is Urgent Care?The Key is Continuity. Every effort will be made An urgent healthcare condition is an illness or inju- Supervisors of active duty are ry that won’t cause further disability or death if notto ensure you are cared for by the same family reminded that they can grant Quartershealth team (technician, nurse, and provider) treated within 24 hours, but does require profes- up to 24 hours to their personnel with- sional intervention to prevent it from developingevery time you visit the clinic. Improved continui- out a medical appointment inty means better medical management. We strive into a greater health threat. Some examples of accordance with AFI 41-210, meet all your medical needs through your FHI urgent care situations are minor lacerations, uri-team or “medical home”. You shouldn’t have to nary tract infections, migraine headaches, sprains,worry about seeing a different provider each time rising fever, and possible ear visit the clinic. Urgent Care Outside the 23rd MDG:What is the Patient Centered Medical Home?The Patient Centered Medical Home focuses on Urgent Care should be used when your Familythe patient being the center of healthcare, and Health Team is not available, and when the properthe driver of care rather than the passive recipi- authorization is obtained. This may occur when theent. Care that is truly patient-centered considers 23 MDG is closed on weekends, federal holidays,patients’ cultural traditions, personal preferences training days, etc. and after normal clinic hours. Au-and values, family situations, and lifestyles. It thorization may be obtained by calling the appoint- ment line and speaking with an on-call provider.makes the patient and their loved ones an inte- After-hours you may be connected to an answeringgral part of the care team, who collaborate with service, who in turn contacts our provider professionals in making clinical deci- The provider will contact you and evaluate your medi-sions. Patient-centered care puts responsibility cal situation. Based on this evaluation you may befor important aspects of self-care and monitoring directed to an Urgent Care Center, an emergencyin the patient’s hands — along with the tools and “Maximizing the medical readiness room, or you may be given home healthcare direc-support they need to carry out that responsibility. of Team Moody, and effectively serv- tion. Prior to seeking Urgent Care in the network youPatient-centered care ensures that transitions ing the healthcare needs of our must have a Primary Care Manager (PCM) authoriza-between providers and healthcare settings are military family.” tion, or you may have out-of- pocket costs.respectful, coordinated, and efficient.