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Lake Iseo lake for the amplitude is ranked fourth in the scale of the Lombardy lakes and in seventh place in Italy. With a...
We need to take the ferry back home. See you soon by  Antonio Florino a [email_address]
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Monteisola la perla del lago di iseo


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Uno dei più bei laghi di italia e Monteisola.Splendida e difesa da tutto. Proibito il traffico automobilistico. Aflo

Monteisola la perla del lago di iseo

  1. 2. Lake Iseo lake for the amplitude is ranked fourth in the scale of the Lombardy lakes and in seventh place in Italy. With a surface area of ​​ 61 sq km. with a maximum width of km. 2.4 is 185 m. above the sea level and touches dizzying depth of about 260 m. Lake Iseo is of glacial origin and was formed by many years of erosion and retreat of glaciers, is fed by the river enters the height of the country OGLIO che Pisogne and exit at Sarnico. Oglio River is a river not navigable, limited in scope that comes to the Gavia Pass, along the whole Vallecamonica, and finally reaches Lake Iseo. For fans of the council reserve fishing fly fishing in Vezza d'Oglio a place fabulous surrounded by nature characterized by catch and release. In the middle of the lake is Monte Isola, the largest island of the European lakes, reaches a height of m. About 600 and has a circumference of 11 km. around to the north lies the island of Loreto on the south lies the island of Sao Paulo. The climate is mild, summer can be reached (except in special cases) to 26-27 degrees and winter temperatures go down to around 0 degrees. The town of Monteisola that stands on the 'island of the same name includes the two islands of San Paolo and Loreto, the first in the south, the other three islands nord.Le formed by limestone rocks of Medole (Lias and Triassic), rise to west of the creek and east of Bergamo Tavernola CANAL SALE, across the small bay which was formed in Marone and the hill of Montecolo (ISEO and Sulz). Monteisola is the largest lake island in Europe, quadrilateral shape with a coastline of about 11 km, originates from the lift to the east of the layers of Medole that sloped from south - east to the north - west, characterize the eastern slope of the straight profile on Channel Sale.Sulla grow prosperous western side brooms , the flower of Lake Iseo, with ancient olive trees, while in the upper stretch between the ancient coppice fields, fruit trees, some vines surviving memory of the phylloxera struck them the early twentieth Century, grassland and to the top a chestnut, rare conifers located in various parts of the island (Carzano, Cure, Menzino) are what remains of the "forest of larch and pine trees above Carzano, traces of which still preserve the poor" (Rose, 1892) and the last remnant a forest of trees, in places that even today is named SELVA, to Menzino (Trotti, 1916), uprooted by a Sarneghera June 24, 1859. Monteisola in the eleventh century it was part of the possessions of the Monastery of St. Giulia di Brescia, conducted according to the canons manorial economy, in the following centuries they created the two communes of Siviano and Peschiera.L 'present town was formed in 1928 with the' insertion of the ancient towns of Peschiera and Maraglio Siviano for decision of the fascist government as the TOWN OF Siviano. 'S actual name of the town, it was decided years ago Monteisola cinquanta.Il town of the mountain community of Lake Iseo Brescia. The modern road asphalt is about 25 km long and has been performed on several occasions by 'years from 1966 to 1990 all the resorts history, now has in place a plan to build a new promenade with departure and arrival in Peschiera Maraglio viable only on foot or by bicycle, which will cover the 'entire perimeter of' Island in the lake .
  2. 66. We need to take the ferry back home. See you soon by Antonio Florino a [email_address]