defined daily dose drug utilization evaluation cryptococcal meningitis prescribed daily dose bronchodilators oral candidiasis hypothyroidism htn bed occupancy journal club bronchodilator dual therapy lama saba pharmacoeconomics length of hospital stay general medicine study period inclusion criteria atc over-utilized theophyline and etofylline pdd:ddd ratio ddd/100bed-days. afreen nasir pharmacology clinical pharmacy physiology anatomy vv pillay toxicology extravasation cinv cephalosporins. aminoglycoside adverse event hemodialysis decompensated liver disease leukopenia iron deficiency anemia microcytic hypochromic cholelithiasi seizure disorder hypertension organ donation covid-19 ncpcr paediatric hiv opportunistic infecti ihd acs/ua t2dm asthma tb t2 dm coryza urti ddd/100 bed‑days anti‑infective fdcs peer-reviewed drug utilization bed occupancy rate dexamethasone4mg/mliv ddd/100bed-days ddd prospective observational a and v publication res. j. pharm. technol. cortosteroid pharmd bronchial asthama ckd accelarated htn pharmacotherapeutics
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