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Openetworkers newsletter

  1. 1. Click to view this email in a browserHi OpenNetworker,We understand the value of networking and connecting to our mutual connections and followerson LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks.There are a number of places on which we can connect that bring added value of allowing you tocreate content links back to your website, which can improve your search engine rankings foryour keyword phrases in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL and all other search engines whichuse link popularity as a measure for ranking search results.Social Search and Local SearchLocal search is extremely important for small businesses that serve a limited geographical area,and local search has been a focus of Internet marketers for several years. Google and Bing bothbuy lists of businesses from and other authoritative sources such as AngiesList,, and many others to verify their local listings on GooglePlaces and Bing Maps.Social Search has been the focus of Googles, Bings, Facebooks, Twitters and other leaders insocial media and search industries as the new way to improve upon link popularity as a rankingmethod. Social search is being used because it is harder to "fake" popularity because it wouldtake a small army of social media account holders to generate enough mentions, re-tweets, likesand thumbs-up to affect rankings in any way.The USA Local Search Network has combined Local Search with Social Media Search and useslink popularity to benefit their members. You can join the social network easily with your Google login to add comments on any page in thelocal search network, and every time a search engine crawler visits that page, it will followthrough to your profile and then follow the link in your profile back to your website, increasingyour websites scores for the link, the topic and the local geographic area (if you commented ona local section) will also crawl the websites of their social media members and theirmentions of other URLs. The resulting SERPs (search engine results pages) can producealmost limitless pages which link back to your websites as well as non-competitive authoritypages. Having your websites listed with non-competitive authority pages on a results pageincreases your page rank through association. For instance, a Flagstaff Arizona car dealerslinks would come up for the search phrase "New Cars in Flagstaff" as well as the Flagtaff DMVlocations and the Arizona DOT. The relevance of "New Cars in Flagstaff" as a search on Google
  2. 2. or Bing powered search engines will promote the Flagstaff car dealers rankings because has them ranked organically along with the other authoritative websites. Add Your Site to To add your website to search results, simply place a link to from your home page and then email your website address to Sites with a confirmed link to will be indexed during our next crawl and will be included in our search results. Join The USA Local Search Network Social Media Site To join the social media network on www.USALocalSearch (powered by Google FriendConnect) simply visit the site and join using the link on the left side with your Google account. You can then add your site, your customers sites and sites that you consider a quality resource for all members as well as comments on any page. 55 Easy SEO Tips Following these easy to understand SEO tips will make your website show up much higher in the SERPs of,,,,,, and all other major search engines. Click Here for 55 Easy SEO TipsIf you no longer wish to receive these emails, please reply to this message with "Unsubscribe" in the subject line or simply click on the following
  3. 3. link: Unsubscribewww.SplinternetMarketing.com500 N. Michigan Ave.Suite 300Chicago, IL 60611Read the VerticalResponse marketing policy.