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Travel trend book on media

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  • The 2014 traveler’s road to decision, Google, June 2014
  • Online Reviews, Social Media Driving More Travel Choices, Travel Market Report Inc., Jan 2012

    Source: "Lifestyles Of Affluent Women." Marketing to Women. EPM Communications, Inc., 1 Jan. 2013. Web. 11 Jan. 2013.]

    The Changing Face (Or Screen) Of Customer Experience in Travel, MediaPost Communications, April 2014

    The Changing Face (Or Screen) Of Customer Experience." Marketing: Travel. MediaPost Communications, 14 Apr. 2014. Web. 1 May 2014.]

    The Millennialization Of Travel Engage: Gen Y, MediaPost Communications, Sept 2013
  • Travel trend book on media

    1. 1. Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. Travel & Hospitality Industry An overview of digital consumer insights and advertising trends
    2. 2. Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.2 Travel buyers are digitally savvy Source: The 2014 traveler’s road to decision, Google, June 2014; Online Reviews, Social Media Driving More Travel Choices, Travel Market Report Inc., Jan 2013 83% 69% 52% rely on social/video/pho to sites and search engines for trip inspiration use smartphones for travel inspiration in spare moments such as waiting, commuting, etc. say they would book travel via mobile devices switch between devices to plan or book travel (desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet) 75% 87% Leisure travelers Business travelers
    3. 3. Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.3 Spotlight on: Millennials Young adult travellers born after 1980 are leading the digital revolution. Source: The Millennialization Of Travel Engage: Gen Y, MediaPost Communications, Sept 2013; Millennials are Influencing Digital Travel Trends More than Ever, Forbes, October 2014 ¾ 9 in 10 40 % 34 % Nearly ¾ of Millennial travelers research travel plans on both a smartphone and tablet, but smartphones are more popular 9 in 10 Millennials book travel via a PC or laptop & 46% use a smartphone or tablet are likely to share a travel experience on social media & are likely to voice trip details online after their return
    4. 4. Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.4 Did you know? Affluent travelers under 35 are most likely to be influenced by online reviews and over half (54%) of affluent women visit travel websites every month. Best practice: Retarget site visitors with messages designed to bring them back to take action, such as highlights from 5-star reviews. 54%
    5. 5. Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.5 Travel buyers are receptive to digital advertising Source: Google Travel Study, Ipsos MediaCT, June 2014,; Digital Tourism & Travel, Rocketfuel, October 2014 1/3 147% 50% of travel buyers start a search after seeing an online ad, about the same number that do after seeing a social network posting Travellers convert on Online Travel Agency (OTA) campaigns at a 147% higher rate when they are exposed to both Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) and OTA advertising Travellers exposed to advertising prior to booking a hotel online tend to book trips nearly twice as long and spend just under 50% more on their bookings
    6. 6. Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.6 Did you know? Travel buyers take considerable time to convert on advertising campaigns. 3.1 Quick tip: Click-to-convert attribution models might be inadequate for travel campaigns where consumers are likely to make a travel decision several days after an initial exposure. On average, consumers convert on travel campaigns 3.1 days after their first exposure (impression) to the campaign Consumers take 2.1 days to convert on Airline campaigns & 4.2 days to convert on hotel & lodging campaigns 2.1 4.2 Source: Digital Tourism & Travel, Rocketfuel, October 2014
    7. 7. Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.7 The role of display advertising in the travel buyer’s path to purchase Did you know? Display ads have a different impact on customers depending on when they interact with them and can influence buying behavior even when not clicked. Source: Think with Google MORE OFTEN AN ASSIST INTERACTION MORE OFTEN THE LAST INTERACTION Organic Search Brand Paid Search DirectDisplay Click Referral Email Generic Paid Search Social Position of display advertising on path to purchase for travel buyers:
    8. 8. Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.8 The role of display advertising in the travel buyer’s path to purchase For the travel industry, around 25% of display ads are used in the beginning of the customer journey, 65% are used in the middle and 10% at the end. Beginning: Build awareness Middle: Create desire and boost interest End: Seal the deal 65% Middle Source: Think with Google 25% Beginning 10% End
    9. 9. Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.9 Spotlight on: Programmatic advertising (Almost) everyone is doing it! A recent Undertone study showed that 80% of publishers, 81% of agencies and 82% of marketers executed programmatically in 2014. Source: Undertone Study, 2014; Programmatic: Beyond Unsold Ad Space, Local Media Foundation, May 2015 Forecast: Research firm, Borell Associates, predicts that by 2020 85% of advertising will be sold via programmatic. 62% 63% 86%75% 62% of marketers are using programmatic for brand objectives, this will increase by an average of 37% in the next two years 37% 75% are spending a proportion of their online video budget on programmatic 63% of ad buyers see better inventory with programmatic and 86% expect higher quality inventory in the next two years
    10. 10. Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.10 The mobile factor Smartphones now account for a larger audience across travel sites compared to PC, with tablet users growing quickly. Source: Travel Decisions in a Multiscreen World, Expedia Media Solutions and ComScore, September 2014 63% 27% 63% of smartphone owners and 27% of tablet owners use their device to visit an online travel site in a given month Compared to… 41% of PC users that visit an online travel site via PC
    11. 11. Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.11 Mobile experience matters • 72% of business travelers, 64% of leisure travelers and 74% of family travelers say that quality of a travel brand’s site and mobile app have a strong impact on booking Source: The Changing Face (Or Screen) Of Customer Experience in Travel, MediaPost Communications, April 2014 64% 74%72% Business Leisure Family • Travelers cite easier booking process as a top driver to increase future usage of mobile device for travel related services • Top reasons why mobile users do not use their device for travel related information is difficulty typing or clicking and difficulty comparing deals or prices • Only 23% of travelers that encounter non-mobile optimized site actually complete their purchase 23%
    12. 12. Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.12 Mobile experience matters Best practice: Include a full compliment of desktop and mobile ads in each campaign to allow for broadest reach of your target audience, no matter what device they are on, and drive them to a mobile optimized landing page with a clear offer and contact capture form. Sample landing pageSample in-banner video ad Sample preroll ad on mobile
    13. 13. Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.13 Trending Now: Branded video ad views worldwide rose nearly 70% between Q1 2014 and Q1 2015, from 2.48 billion to 4.19 billion. Source: The Value of Video for Brands, Facebook and Nielsen Study, March 2015; Put Brand Front and Center for Effective Video Ads, eMarketer, June 2015 Best practice: Research shows that you should reveal your brand immediately to win viewer attention with your video ad. Did you know? Even brief video ad views drive brand lift. A recent Nielsen study commissioned by Facebook showed that brand recall, awareness and purchase intent increases (47%, 32% and 44% respectively) when video are ads are viewed for just 3 seconds or fewer. 47% 44%32% Brand recall Purchase intentAwareness
    14. 14. Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.14 Did you know? Digital video is key for advertisers in the Travel industry! Source: The 2014 traveler’s road to decision, Google, June 2014 Best practice: Reach consumers with video ads when they are looking for trip inspiration and/or add a video to your lead capture page. 66% 65% watch travel videos when thinking about taking a trip and when choosing a destination