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Asa next gen progress rpt


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Asa next gen progress rpt

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Asa next gen progress rpt

  1. 1. Edward Bolton Assistant Administrator, NextGen Federal Aviation Administration Marke Gibson, Maj Gen (Ret) Executive Director NextGen Institute Presented by NextGen Progress Report Aerospace States Association May 2014
  2. 2. What is NextGen NextGen is the transformation of the world's safest aviation system from ground-based radar to satellite-based surveillance. It will make air travel even safer and more efficient and reduce the impact on the environment. It’s an investment in America and a commitment to ensure a thriving air transportation system, now and in the future. The FAA is developing solutions to ensure that NextGen works for all users of the national airspace system, including airports, airlines and the general aviation community. 2
  3. 3. NextGen Improvements Voice Communications Ground-Based Navigation Radar Surveillance Limited Automation Processing Disparate Point-to-Point Systems Legacy System NextGen Digital & Voice Communications Performance Based Navigation Satellite-Based Surveillance Improved Automation Processing and Decision Support Tools Integrated Systems and Information Distribution work to increase efficiency, flexibility, predictability, safety and environmental benefits 3
  4. 4. National Airspace System Today • Air traffic services for the world’s largest and busiest airspace. • Air traffic controllers track aircraft and keep them separated as they fly between navigation aids on the ground. • Radar periodically updates the location of aircraft. • Controllers communicate using radios and telephones. • Nav aids are located where geography allows and do not provide the most direct routes. • Controllers often add distance between aircraft to ensure safety. • Weather causes 75 percent of delays. 4
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  6. 6. Delivering NextGen En Route Automation Modernization • Seamless info sharing • Flexible routing • Automatic flight coordination • Enables NextGen capabilities • In place nationwide 2015 Automation platform for NextGen operations in high-altitude airspace Constrained Automation Flexible Automation, Decision- Support Tools 6
  7. 7. Delivering NextGen Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast Satellite-based surveillance Radar Surveillance Satellite-Based Surveillance • Precision position updates • Cockpit traffic and weather • Safer flights • Improved separation • Oceanic altitude changes • In place nationwide 2014 7
  8. 8. Delivering NextGen Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Precision routes • Reduced flight time and fuel • Flexible weather reroutes • Integrated traffic flow • End-to-end PBN network • Airspace deconfliction Ground-Based Navigation Performance-Based Navigation 8
  9. 9. Delivering NextGen System Wide Information Management (SWIM) Data-sharing platform Inconsistent Data from Multiple Sources Common Shared Data • Identical information for NAS users • Flexible and secure information management architecture • Enables data exchange and interoperability across systems • Supports exchange of NAS data: surface, weather, flight, etc. Transformational Program 9
  10. 10. Top Seven Programs As of: April 2014 Dec-13 Mar-14 Apr-14 Sep-14 Dec-14 Mar-15 Jun-15 Sep-15 Dec-15 2016+Sep-13 En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM) Complete Final / 20th IOC September 2014 Complete Final / 20th ORD March 2015 Terminal Automation Modernization and Replacement (TAMR) 1 ARTS IIIE IOC (Dallas – D10) April 2013 Complete 3 ARTS IIE IOCs Sept. 2014 Final ARTS IIIE IOC May 2016 System Wide Information Management (SWIM) Complete SWIM Terminal Data Distribution System (STDDS) Implementation June 2014 Complete Flight Data Publication IOC July 2015 Complete NextGen Capabilities Package Sep.2013 SWIM Segment 2B FID Sept.2014 NAS Voice System (NVS) Achieve Gov’t Acceptance of two NVS Demo systems at contractor's facility Complete Initial Demonstrations March 2014 Final Investment Decision (FID) Sept.2014 Initiate OT&E Dec. 2016 Begin ATC Task & Skills Analysis (TASA) Development Nov.2015 Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (ADS-B) Radio Infrastructure Complete March 2014 NAS-wide Pilot Advisory Services (Traffic & Weather) April 2014 Complete Final 24 of 24 En Route IOCs Sept. 2015 Complete All Term. & Surf. IOCs 2019 ADS-B Out Rule Compliance Jan. 2020 Terminal Flight Data Manager (TFDM) Contract Award April 2015 Complete Key Site IOC 2017 Final Investment Decision (FID) March 2015 Initial Investment Decision (IID) March 2014 Screening Info. Request (SIR) Release Sept 2014 Surveillance Communications Automation Integration Activity is completed Activity is in progress Activity is at risk Activity is missed Legend Data Communication (Data Comm) Initiate DCL Tower Trials: MEM Jan.2013 & EWR April 2013 Complete DCL Tower Trials September 2014 Complete DCL Tower Service Operational Test & Evaluation (OT&E) Nov. 2015 DCL Tower Service IOC Key Site (SLC) March 2016 En Route Services FID October 2014 First Site IOC En Route Service 2019 Surface Visualization Tool IOC at SCT April 2014 10
  11. 11. NextGen Budget Profile (FY 2007 – FY 2015) 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000 DollarsinMillions Fiscal year NextGen Operations Programs NextGen R,E&D Programs Other NextGen Support: Congressional Earmarks NextGen Pre-Implementation Activities NextGen Implementation Programs NextGen Transformational Programs 127.6 212.0 695.1 867.7 883.3 934.9 883.3 835.6 901.3 †Note: Does not include acceleration 11
  12. 12. FAA Region and Center Operations 12 uarters_offices/arc/ro_center/
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