An Introduction to Aeromark Single Platform Service Management Solutions


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Aeromark are the UK’s leading providers of single platform Software as a Service solutions, designed to ensure that your mobile workforce carry out all of your customer installations, servicing and maintenance tasks as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

For a brief introduction to the solutions including Mobile Forms, PDA Workflows, Vehicle Tracking, Scheduling, KPI Analysis, Service Management, Fleet Management and our unique Continuous Improvement Programme view this presentation.

We offer live demonstrations for a more in depth view of our technology.

About Aeromark
Aeromark is a cutting-edge mobile technology company which was established in 1990. It has a unique business model which has enabled the company to remain competitive and grow over the two decades. Today it is one of the few software technology companies to have a dedicated research facility, which is currently situated in Denmark.

Product ranges focus on vehicle tracking, mobile workforce workflow, and planning and scheduling technologies. Aeromark’s achievements include:
• being the longest-established original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of tracking devices
• the provision of lifetime warranties with all products
• ISO 9001:2008 accredited
• Thatcham Cat 5 and P5 approval
• fully type-approved tracking products from the Vehicle Certification Agency
• development of Workflow DynMX mobile technology
• the number of workflows that can be designed for a single PDA being unlimited
• real-time technology applied to all products
• combining visual mapping with planning and scheduling
• dynamic planning with automated scheduling logic
• the use of data from ‘actual’ client organisation, behaviours wherever possible, rather than theoretical algorithms.

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An Introduction to Aeromark Single Platform Service Management Solutions

  1. 1. the Single Solution Integrated by Design
  2. 2. “… this seamless, paperless solution is essential.” Marketing Development Officer, Kier Group
  3. 3. See our PDA Workflows in action
  4. 4. Fleet Procurement Officer, SITA UK “… saved us thousands in insurance claims..."
  5. 5. “… enabled us to increase average deliveries by three, per day, per van... ” Managing Director, Central Auto Supplies
  6. 6. Ask about our scheduling
  7. 7. “ ...12:1 ROI through faster customer fixes and greater efficiencies.” MD Infrastructure Services, Northgate Managed Services
  8. 8. Intuitive Graphical KPI Analysis
  9. 9. Operations Director, Morris & Spottiswood “ The technology is a smart investment... because it provides instant payback. .”
  10. 10. “ ...produced massive efficiency improvements.” Call Centre Manager, Ferroli
  11. 11. A few of our Customers...
  12. 12. Aeromark UK Ltd Manton Lane Bedford MK41 7TL 0845 330 5757 [email_address] Any questions? Book an online demo today