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Western Aviation, Dubai


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Western Aviation is Dubai based Aircraft Charter Company providing charters flights between the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa, CIS Countries and other destinations.

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Western Aviation, Dubai

  1. 1.   A Member of ETA Star Accelerating Ahead
  2. 2.   About the Company Western Aviation, the Aviation Arm of Western Group of Companies is an Aircraft Charter Company specializing in Air Charter Services. Western Group is a part of Dubai based Conglomerate ETA Star, which has around 140 offices with 55,000 people employed in 21 countries with a turnover of US $ 4.5 billion.   A Member of ETA Star Accelerating Ahead
  3. 3.   Private Jet Charters Western Aviation, being based in Dubai provides private jet charter service to all strategic destinations between the Middle East and Asia, Africa, Europe, Russia, CIS Region as well as the exotic tourist destinations like Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, Singapore, Kuala Lampur etc., for private VIP travel requirements like: Corporate Business Meets International Conferences Private Holiday Trips Special Family Occasions Global Sports Events   A Member of ETA Star Accelerating Ahead
  4. 4.   Why Charter a Private Jet? Chartering a private jet has many advantages compared to travelling on commercial jets; few of the advantages are listed below:   Convenience & Flexibility - ( You decide the date and time of your complete trip ) Comfort & Luxury - ( Spacious VIP Seats, Luxurious Interiors, Entertainment System ) Privacy & Confidentiality - ( You get   complete privacy during the complete trip ) Security - ( We use private VIP terminals which are safe and secure ) Productivity ( You save time and money by covering many destinations in the same day )   A Member of ETA Star Accelerating Ahead
  5. 5.   Additional Benefits Provided It’s not only the aircraft that is provided on charter many other benefits of great value come along with the charter service like: Meet and greet - ( Trained personnel to greet and assist you at the VIP terminals ) VIP Standard Catering - ( Liberty to choose your own catering before the flight ) In-flight entertainment - ( Choose your favorite movies, music before the flight ) Choice of Jets - ( Choose from a number of jets as per your travel requirements) 24/7 charter assistance - ( Air Charter Professionals to assist you anytime )   A Member of ETA Star Accelerating Ahead
  6. 6.   Group Charter Service Western Aviation provides group charter solution to people who want to travel together in private groups for any occasion such as Business Meets, Holidays, Sports Events, International exhibitions   and Conferences, Haj and Umrah Rituals etc. We arrange wide range of commercial aircrafts ranging from 100 to 300 seats like A320, A330, ATR 42, ATR 72, B737, B57, B767, DC 9, MD 83 etc., depending on the mission requirements.     A Member of ETA Star Accelerating Ahead
  7. 7.   Air Ambulance Service Western Aviation offers optimum support during medical emergencies, natural calamities and other unforeseen mishaps by arranging air ambulance flights equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and professionally qualified staff to handle crisis management. The most common relief aircrafts provided are the Citation Jets, King Air Turbo Props, LearJet 35, LearJet 55, LearJet 60, Dornier Do 328 etc.   A Member of ETA Star Accelerating Ahead
  8. 8.   Air Cargo Charter Western Aviation arranges cargo aircrafts to deliver general and special cargo on full charter basis. The full charter option is more suitable to carry special and outsized cargo like Vehicles, Machinery Components, Large Bulk Shipments and Humanitarian Consignments. The aircrafts arranged for full charter include Antonov An I2, An 22, An 24, An 26, An 124, Airbus A300, Boeing 737, B747, B757, B767, DC8 – 63, Ilyushin IL 18, IL76 etc., depending on the operational requirements.   A Member of ETA Star Accelerating Ahead
  9. 9.   Western Aviation P. O. Box 5239 6EA, 134 -Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 4 7017 106/7/8/9/10/11 Fax: +971 4 7017 112 E-mail: Website:   A Member of ETA Star Accelerating Ahead