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AeroBarrier Overview - How it Works


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This presentation outlines the AeroBarrier process and capabilities.

Historically, energy savings derived from building envelope enhancements have been challenging to achieve. At the same time, standards for envelope tightness are escalating. AeroBarrier, a new and innovative envelope sealing technology is transforming the way residential, multifamily, and commercial buildings seal the building envelope.

AeroBarrier can help builders meet any IECC, Energy Star, or passive house requirement more consistently and more importantly, more cost-effectively than traditional envelope sealing methods. AeroBarrier is a proprietary technology that takes the guesswork out of sealing the envelope.

We guarantee the results, whether you need 3ACH50 or passive house requirements! AeroBarrier is a first of its kind, cutting-edge envelope sealing technology for commercial, residential and multi-family applications with tested and proven results.

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AeroBarrier Overview - How it Works

  1. 1. Product and Capabilities Overview
  2. 2. 1997 Aeroseal Founded 1994 Patent awarded to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 1999 Carrier acquires Aeroseal 2010 JMD acquires Aeroseal 2011 3 million sq. ft. of commercial space sealed 2014 Aeroseal acquires Comfort Institute Home Performance training organization 2016 AeroBarrier envelope sealing technology invented and patented. Aeroseal wins AHR Expo “Product of the Year” 2017 20th Anniversary of Aeroseal technology 700 systems operating worldwide 2015 Over 100,000 homes sealed / 30 million sq. ft. of commercial space sealed Company History
  3. 3. Sealing the Envelope isn’t Easy The current process is a time consuming, labor intensive, multi-step process... Why AeroBarrier?
  4. 4. IECC Code Changes More stringent codes are forcing builders to change the way they build their homes Why AeroBarrier?
  5. 5. A Game Changing Solution AeroBarrier is a convenient, cost effective approach that seals homes in less than 3 hours and provides verification that the air- tightness requirement has been achieved. Changing the Way Homes are Built with: • Consistently tighter building envelopes • Verified and documented results • A single process • Time saving
  6. 6. STEP 1: Prepare house for sealing. Cover all large openings (drains, bathroom vents, etc.) and horizonal surfaces, set up sealing equipment, and pressurize home. The AeroBarrier Process
  7. 7. The AeroBarrier Process
  8. 8. STEP 2: Start the sealing process and begin to aerosolize the sealant. Air currents will transport & deposit sealant particles along the leaks throughout the space. The AeroBarrier Process
  9. 9. The AeroBarrier Process
  10. 10. STEP 3: The software regulates the entire process; controlling all parameters, monitoring the sealing, recording all data, and verifying air-tightness target is achieved. The AeroBarrier Process
  11. 11. Verified Results! Every seal provides a certificate of completion outlining the sealing work. Pre and post-leakage are captured and the seal duration and leakage reduction are all displayed on the graph The AeroBarrier Process
  12. 12. AeroBarrier Pictures
  13. 13. Before and After
  14. 14. Before and After
  15. 15. Recent Successes and Upcoming Projects • Passive House: 9thAve. (Brooklyn, NY) • Production Builder: Mandalay Homes (Prescott, AZ) • Multi-Family (New Build): 101 Apartments (Queens, NY) • Renovation Application: 7 renovated apartments sealed to 1 ACH50(Rockford, IL) • Apartment Compartmentalization: 36 semi-finished apartments (Brooklyn, NY) • Apartment Comparison: 3 units sealed pre drywall, 3 units to be sealed after drywall to 3 ACH50(Dayton, OH) • Center for Energy and Environment and DOE project: 34 single family houses (17 in California, 17 in Minnesota) • Steam Power Plant: 45 rooms to 74 CFM50 or tighter to create “safe spaces” (N. and S. Carolina, and Indiana) • Smoke Control Compartmentalization: 202 rooms in a micro-hotel (San Francisco, CA) • Energy Square Project: 57 Net Zero Apartments (Kingston, NY)
  16. 16. Mandalay Homes became the first production builder to incorporate AeroBarrier into all of their homes “AeroBarrier may be the most important innovation to hit the building community in years…The ability to consistently seal all the small leaks that would otherwise take countless man hours to seek and hand seal, assuming you even find them all, in just 1 automated application is simply amazing. The cost effectiveness is beyond immeasurable when you consider the total sealing solution AeroBarrier provides and all the labor saved by automating the application process. We couldn't be happier with AeroBarrier and the fine folks behind the product.” - Geoff Ferrel Chief Technology Officer, Mandalay Homes Production Builder
  17. 17. “It was blowing people’s minds – mostly because monitoring compartmentalization in a multi-family building under construction is typically a very difficult, time consuming task. The level of coordination and commitment you need to get from all contractors on the job is as critical as it is nearly impossible to achieve. With AeroBarrier, it’s simply not a problem.” - Chris Benedict, R.A. Architect - CBRA “’I don’t know of any other way to get the level of tightness we were looking for. No amount of caulking could get this type of result. Most importantly, with AeroBarrier, you know you’re going to get the results you want in the end. It’s cost-effective and highly efficient at reducing energy costs and improving livability for our tenants. There’s nothing that can compete with that. - Justin Palmer, CEO Synapse Development AeroBarrier Allows Engineers to Easily Attain Desired Tightness for Energy Efficiency, Comfort, and Livability. Passive House Apartments
  18. 18. AeroBarrier’s versatility has been on display sealing “safe haven” rooms in a coal power plant If there were ever to be an airborne leak at the power plant employees can close themselves in one of these rooms and fresh air will be pumped into the space. Because of the effectiveness of AeroBarrier and the results we can achieve, the “safe havens” will keep the fresh air in the room and the chemical leak out. Allowing the employees to stay in the room up to 2 hours. Results: Pre-Leakage: 10.4 ACH50 (1,323.2 CFM) Post-Leakage: 0.5 ACH50 (60.4 CFM) Sealing Time: 2 hours 20 min AeroBarrier sealed “safe haven” spaces Industrial Applications
  19. 19. DOE – Building America Project Project Goals: • Integrate aerosol envelope sealing into home building process. • Determine appropriate time for applying • Measure performance relative to conventional methods • Determine existing sealing efforts that could be avoided • Determine cost-effectiveness
  20. 20. AeroBarrier is Available Now Anywhere in the Country.