NonStop Financial Services: conduct business that never stops


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Enable NonStop financial services.

HP NonStop. Because customers never wait.

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NonStop Financial Services: conduct business that never stops

  1. 1. Brochure HP NonStop for financial services
  2. 2. Brochure | HP NonStop for financial services Transactions never stop. After several years of emphasis on cost containment, financial services institutions are looking for solutions that enable them to anticipate and respond instantly to changing customer demands, current and emerging competitive threats, heightened risk requirements, and more-stringent regulatory obligations. Consumers now view financial transactions in the same way they view utilities such as electricity, water, and mobile phone services. Any quality issue with the service must be eliminated if a payments provider wants to retain a loyal client base. In addition, payments are taking multiple forms, and financial services managers are increasingly challenged to accommodate a steady stream of new transactions, channels, and technologies. With converging market trends extending the complexity of the payments business, providers need innovative tools to face new market requirements and competition. As the industry moves into a new evolutionary cycle for transaction processing, payments providers may be looking for something new. The enterprise infrastructure for continuous business For over 35 years, HP NonStop has been helping financial institutions manage, transform, and optimize complex retail and wholesale environments—and enabling innovation such as new payment channels and emerging Internet and mobile technologies. As a key component of the HP Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure, HP NonStop is designed specifically for the very highest availability level. According to the IDC1 Level 4 definition, that means business processes continue as before. “AL4 defines true fault tolerance, enabling continuous data processing, even in the event of the failure of one hardware or software component. The end user experiences no perceived interruption based on the use of fault-tolerant servers. In this level, the combination of multiple hardware and software components allow a near-instantaneous failover to alternate resources so that business processing continues as before without interruption.”2 That means NO interruption of work, NO transactions lost, and NO degradation in performance. Enterprises and their customers are able to conduct business continuously—a critical necessity for today’s ‘need-it-now’ world. In industries like financial services, HP NonStop is there at the heart of the business, processing 68 million credit card accounts and over 10 billion transactions annually3. Why HP NonStop for payments? IDC, Worldwide and U.S. High-Availability Server 2012-2016 Forecast and Analysis, Doc #236946, September 2012 2 IDC, Doc #236946, September 2012 (see footnote 1) 1 HP internal sales data, cross-referenced with Nielsen and DB data, 2012 3 2 As the de facto platform for payments processing, HP NonStop is known for card processing and electronic funds transfers (EFT) and can quickly scale resources for real-time, high-volume transactions. • HP has deep industry expertise, global delivery capability, and a proven track record of success • Customers around the world trust HP for their payments infrastructure, covering all types of payments including retail, wholesale, and central bank payments systems • A full range of financing and lifecycle asset management services make it easy to deploy and manage world-class solutions with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)
  3. 3. Brochure | HP NonStop for financial services “If our systems are not available, then no one can do their shopping, and no one can pay. If the payment terminals are not working, then people leave their carts behind and just walk out of the shop. So you can understand why we chose HP Integrity NonStop technology for this mission-critical computing.” – Werner Erents, Senior Systems Engineer, Equens Continuously-available retail payments processing In the world of retail payments processing, consumers are the drivers of change—and they’re creating pressure points from the merchant to the acquirer to the card issuer. Consumers expect quick point-of-sale (POS) transactions and authorizations, access to an increasing variety of financial services, and the ability to use any device or technology—24 hours a day, seven days a week. Merchants are tasked with growing revenues and improving profitability, while meeting the demands of today’s consumers. Many have found it difficult—even impossible—to scale their legacy transaction-processing systems for new initiatives to serve their customers and build loyalty. Both acquirers and issuers must keep pace with growing transaction volumes and complexities. For acquirers, ATMs have become the primary way for customers around the world to conduct anytime, anywhere banking. Coupled with traditional POS transactions, acquirers must support multiple delivery channels and transaction types. Card issuers must also be able to process transactions from any transaction access point, while remaining focused on fraud protection and detection. Increasing regulatory and financial changes create additional challenges—including having to manage risk. All of this is taking place within a highly-competitive environment, where new card products and delivery channels are needed to attract and retain customers. Every player in the retail payments chain must be available all the time, every time—or the whole system risks collapse. And business failure brings a high cost, including lost revenue, lost customers, and loss of reputation. 3
  4. 4. Brochure | HP NonStop for financial services The fully fault-tolerant architecture of HP NonStop is designed to protect enterprises from multiple points of failure or massive outages and provides transaction integrity, end-to-end security, and massive scalability. Global financial services leaders have relied on the comprehensive HP NonStop portfolio of solutions, including applications from HP partners such as ACI, AJB, BPC, ECS, eProtea, FIS, Lusis, and Opsol. Retail payments value chain Payment Merchant Facilitator ACI AJB Independent Sales Organization (ISO) Payment Service Provider (PSP) Payment Gateway Acquirer ACI BPC ECS FIS Lusis Opsol Card Scheme AMEX Diners Discover MasterCard VISA Third-party Processors Fraud Checking and Monitoring Risk Management and Profiling Mobile Providers — Payments and Terminals Issuer ACI BPC ECS eProtea FIS Lusis Opsol ReD BPC Integrated and automated technology for wholesale payments For financial institutions, efficient and cost-effective payment processing is critical to the bottom line. To remain competitive and positioned for growth, financial institutions need to lower costs by increasing automation and integration. Done well, payments transformation allows banks to move toward their specific goals at their own pace. It provides true business agility and focuses payment services on customers while driving down TCO for financial institutions. Banks realize business agility in several ways—consolidation of operations, economies of scale, cost savings, and the ability to quickly bring new products to market. Agility allows banks to better position themselves to move into new territories. It provides a more efficient approach to regulatory compliance, faster response to unplanned changes, and vastly-reduced operational risk. The scalability, data integrity, and end-to-end security of HP NonStop ensures the agility that financial institutions need. Along with the lowest TCO in its class based on initial capital expenditures, ongoing operational costs, and cost of downtime, further reductions will be realized from automation and integration. HP NonStop has long-standing partner relationships with Logica and Software Integrators for mature, wholesale payments solutions. Security and risk management Attempting to break all boundaries, today’s financial criminals use every conceivable method to hack into networks and steal funds—up to $10 billion each year. One way to block fraudulent transactions is to review every transaction—a very costly solution in terms of both time and resources, and one that is out of reach for many card issuers, acquirers, and processors, as well as large retail organizations and network providers. HP NonStop offers on-platform system security, integrated volume-level encryption, and inmotion or at-rest data security. With applications from HP partners Retail Decisions (ReD) and BPC Banking Technologies, enterprises can take advantage of a complete solution to counter growing debit and credit card fraud, as well as risk management. 4
  5. 5. Brochure | HP NonStop for financial services “The acquiring market in South Africa is very competitive. To successfully acquire large retailers, we believe our usage of the reliable HP NonStop technology is critical. I enjoy working on a platform as stable as the HP NonStop system.” – Gary Rosslee, Technical Support Manager, FNB Merchant Services A huge opportunity for mobile payments According to Soren Bested4, Managing Director, Monitise Americas, “The demand for mobile transactions is growing at a frantic pace, with global mobile transactions predicted to be US$241 billion in 2011, growing to more than $1 trillion by 2015. Banks are in a perfect position to leverage the strengths of their existing infrastructure to embrace the growing mobile market.” Mobility makes it easy for banks to engage customers with compelling new offers—for example, while the customer is shopping, offer an instant line-of-credit, cash-back incentives, or a zero-transaction-fee purchase. New technologies and alliances are also emerging in the mobile market. Most notable is Near Field Communication (NFC), where the phone functions as a virtual payments card. A common misconception is that mobile payments require an entirely new infrastructure. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mobile payments simply add a new access method to the current mission-critical payments infrastructure. The functionality and strength of the HP NonStop platform provides the backbone for this new payments channel. “The HP NonStop Integrity BladeSystem environment reduces transactions processing time and costs, and enables us to deliver new capabilities and expanded capacity more quickly. This puts PULSE in a strong competitive position to take advantage of growing opportunities while meeting changing market demands.” – Tony Zeiss, Senior VP of Technology, PULSE HP NonStop valued payments partners HP matches market needs through a winning portfolio of NonStop partner products, services, and solutions essential to helping complex mission-critical enterprises run smoothly. For the financial services industry, HP and its application partners share a significant customer base of large banks, retail merchants, wholesale acquirers, and card payments processors. These partners are listed below. ACI Worldwide Powering electronic payments for financial institutions, retailers, and processors around the world, ACI offers the broadest suite of electronic payment software in the market. BASE24-eps® is an open system software solution that delivers a high-performance, faulttolerant solution for processing automated teller machine (ATM) and point-of-sale (POS) transactions from any end-user access point, including internet shopping networks, POS devices, mobile phones, home banking, bank branches, or customer call centers. BASE24-eps eliminates the complexity of maintaining duplicate functionality and information for each channel while providing a single point of integration to back-office systems. 5 Reasons Why Mobile Payments Offer a High Opportunity, HP Trend Watch, August 2011 4 5
  6. 6. Brochure | HP NonStop for financial services AJB Software Design, Inc. Assisting merchants to process any card-based transaction, AJB offers a secure, uninterrupted payment solution for handling high- transaction volumes. Retail Transaction Switch (RTS) is designed specifically for Tier 1 and Tier 2 merchants for real-time electronic payment POS acquiring, switching, and basic authorizations. RTS allows vendors to connect directly to AMEX, Diners, Discover, MasterCard, or VISA, rather than through a payments processor. The flexibility of RTS also allows merchants to customize their solution and has the advantage of lower per-unit transaction costs based on the HP NonStop platform. AJB also provides settlement, loyalty, merchant management, cardholder management, and card origination modules on Microsoft ® Windows®. BPC Banking Technologies As one of the world’s leading providers of e-payment processing solutions for the global financial industry, BPC offers a truly integrated EFT solution. BPC SmartVista Suite provides a full array of comprehensive, end-to-end, e-payment solutions that help companies get to market faster. Created for card issuers, acquirers, authorizations, and switching, SmartVista delivers a scalable, flexible platform for transaction processing, card management, and e-payments across all channels. SmartSwitch is a real-time transaction engine for authorization, switching, and routing. SmartGuard detects and blocks suspicious transactions from ATMs, POS, e-commerce, and m-commerce. BPC SmartVista also provides settlement, fraud, and merchant management modules on HP-UX. ElectraCard Services Providing innovative solutions for financial institutions and retailers, ElectraCard Services brings deep experience to payments processing, including credit, debit, pre-paid, and e-commerce. electraSWITCH™ runs fully-optimized on HP NonStop servers to deliver the highest levels of reliability and data integrity, straight out-of-the-box. This solution has the proven ability to scale and an open architecture that makes it easy to develop new applications. electraSWITCH reduces time-to-market for new card services and acquires, authenticates, and routes financial transactions from ATM and POS terminals at a lower cost-per-transaction. electraSWITCH also supports EMV standards for processing smart card transactions. ElectraCard Services also provides settlement, payment gateway, fraud management, loyalty, cardholder management, and card origination modules on HP-UX. eProtea Focusing on customer needs and leading-edge design, eProtea offers full-fledged card processing solutions that match unique card conditions and requirements. eProtea CARDWORKS™ is a card management solution (CMS) with robust and highly-scalability capabilities. It offers virtually unlimited flexibility regarding the exact way its numerous functions and features can be configured. CARDWORKS offers global time-zone and multilingual support, as well as multi-currency processing capabilities. Its Comprehensive Issuer Card Management functionality maintains information about current cardholders as well as rejected customers so that real-time alerts may be generated. FIS As the world’s largest provider of banking and payments technology, FIS provides the innovation, ideas, and expertise that enable customers to meet the increasing pace of change. CONNEX is a comprehensive EFT solution for ATM and POS terminal driving, transaction acquiring, switching, and basic authorization. Leveraging the fault-tolerant, redundant architecture of the HP Integrity NonStop platform, CONNEX provides a robust, high-volume, high-availability, highly-scalable, switch-processing environment—including the ability to run a multi-node, Active-Active environment for your business continuity and disaster recovery strategies—with reliability and cost-effectiveness. 6
  7. 7. Brochure | HP NonStop for financial services Logica With over 35 years delivering payments products, HP and Logica have vast experience in payments and financial messaging—partnering to provide reliable wholesale payment solutions. Logica’s Banking Electronic Support System (BESS) is a wire transfer and payment system used by major banks around the world. Considered the ultimate in wire transfer systems, BESS has the maturity that core banking customers trust. With years of special functionality and business rules developed around the BESS core, the BESS roadmap remains strong. The LIG Payment Hub is the first end-to-end payments hub for all payments that can be delivered on a combination of HP NonStop, Windows®, and Red Hat ® Linux ®. Lusis Payments Proven in mission-critical environments, Lusis state-of-the-art solutions enable online transaction processing to the global retail payments industry. The TANGO Payments Engine is a modern, open, service-oriented architecture (SOA) approach for acquiring, switching, authenticating, and authorizing transactions across multiple channels—including ATM, POS, Internet, and mobile banking—in a multi-institution environment spanning different geographies. TANGO delivers payments functionality in a single, modular suite that supports the acquiring side, settlement, fraud protection and detection, and loyalty. Lusis TANGO Payments also provides merchant management, cardholder management, and card origination modules on HP-UX. Opsol Integrators Banking solutions from Opsol Integrators, Inc. deliver high-transaction throughput and leverage the reliability and scalability of HP NonStop servers for excellent performance. OmniPayments offers a full complement of credit card/debit card acquiring, switching, and authorization services for retail banks. Based on a modern SOA, this industrial-strength EFT solution can be configured to meet existing transaction processing rates and scaled to meet future growth requirements. A proven solution that supports thousands of devices and transactions from all channels, OmniPayments runs out-of-the-box in the HP NonStop continuous business environment. Retail Decisions, Inc. (ReD) Together with HP NonStop, Retail Decisions Inc. (ReD) provides customized solutions for realtime, multi-channel fraud prevention that counter increasing incidents of credit and debit card fraud. The ReD PRISM® suite is an intelligent transaction-monitoring and risk-management system that allows issuers, acquirers, processors, and ISOs to control charge-backs and minimize fraud losses. Able to handle card-not-present (CNP) and card-present (CP) transactions, ReD PRISM provides fraud products that are optimized to run on the HP NonStop platform. The result is a dynamic system that detects emerging fraud earlier, maintains peak efficiency, and ensures that long-term detection rates are effective. Software Integrators Software Integrators and HP share a long history of collaboration, delivering financial messaging and payments solutions to blue chip banks and financial institutions for more than 20 years. Software Integrators Payment Hub is an integrated, global financial-messaging and transfer solution that provides simplified, secure payments processing. It consists of STAR Automated Routing, a secure and reliable automated message processing environment, and COPE, a real-time gross settlement (RTGS) system that can also be used as a payments system within individual banks. When used in conjunction with STAR, COPE provides end-to-end payments processing utilizing SWIFT as the delivery network. Together they provide a comprehensive multi-currency payments environment. 7
  8. 8. Brochure | HP NonStop for financial services The platform for continuous business If you require support for high volumes of online transactions, continuous access to information, and rational infrastructure and operational costs, HP NonStop can help you address these critical enterprise business issues. • The confidence that your business will be continuously on • The agility to quickly respond to ever-changing market and IT demands • The ability to implement new business processes and keep pace with new initiatives • The elimination of complexity and cost • The protection of data and resources Customers count on financial institutions for 24x7 reliable transactions and banks already have these systems and processes in place. HP NonStop mission-critical systems deliver the highest levels of reliability, security, continuous availability, and transaction volumes—with no downtime—whether a customer is at a branch bank, at home, or using a mobile phone. Leading financial institutions rely on HP NonStop because they know that customers never wait. “Since deploying the HP Integrity NonStop BladeSystem a few years ago, we have had 100% availability to keep our applications running. The HP system consistently delivers the performance, scalability, and end-to-end transaction integrity that are essential in our industry.” – Gregor Pirc, IT Manager, Bankart, d.o.o. To understand how HP NonStop enables you to conduct business that never stops, visit Sign up for updates Share with colleagues Rate this document © Copyright 2012-2013 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. Microsoft and Windows are U.S. registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. 4AA4-2829ENW, February 2013, Rev. 1