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Examples of PPC Campaigns

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PPC Adwords

  1. 1. Online Marketing Overview Prepared by Bill Scott 13613 North 32nd Street Phoenix, AZ 85032 Phone 602.690.0442 bscott@adwebdesigns.com
  2. 2. What is SEO?SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of altering a page’s text and HTML coding to berelevant for specific, targeted keyword phrases. A keyword phrase must be present on the page invarious places for that page to rank in the search engine for that particular keyword. A page maybe ranked for several different keywords.A keywords search in a search engine may product 30,000 results, but visitors rarely go beyondthe first two result pages. It’s very important that you rank high enough to appear in the top 20results. Search engines use a formula to decide which pages best fit for a particular search andtherefore where your pages will rank.Search engines look at both on-site and off-site factors when determining your page rank. SEOdeals with improving the on-site factors. Building a search engine friendly site begins bychoosing the right keywords to incorporate into the website. Second, you need to structure yourHTML to make it inviting to the search engines so they can find your keywords. Third, createkeyword rich content for the search engines to index.SEO is an ongoing process. It may take -6 months to get ranked for certain keywords and theneven longer to get a top 20 listing. You may have to experiment with different combinations ofkeywords to get the rankings your want. Also, search engines often change their relevancyformulas and you may need to adjust your website just to maintain your current rankings.Unethical SEOMarketers are constantly trying to fool the search engines into giving them a better ranking.Search engines constantly change their ranking formula to increase relevancy and eliminatemarketers looking for shortcuts. Some of these techniques will work for a time, but rarely longterm. If search engines catch you using these methods they can lower your rankings, drop yourpages from their index, and in extreme cases, ban your website. Here are some of the techniquesthat you’ll see advertised. 1. Cloaking – Each search engine sends out a robot to spider your website. A cloaker records the IP address of the robot and then feeds the robot a different page than what a regular viewer sees. 2. Doorway pages –Also known as gateway, doorway, frame pages, or poor man’s cloaking. You create a page with very specific keyword density and submit it with a redirect to your regular site. These pages are generally very ugly and would never pass human scrutiny. 3. Resubmit your site every month – Once a site has been listed you do not need or want to resubmit. Repeated submissions can be considered spam and actually reduce your rankings. 4. Submit to 30,000 search engines for $29.99 a month – 10 search engines account for 99% of all search traffic, where are all these other engines? You’ll be listed on foreign
  3. 3. engines, specialty engines, FFA lists, vortals, and most likely your email address will be sold to email spammers. Don’t waste your money. 5. Link Farms/ FFA (free-for-all) links – Every since link popularity became a factor people have tried to inflate their link numbers. What people don’t realize is that the quality of the link counts more than the quantity. Sites were set up to trade links between sites and the search engines very quickly penalized sites participating in this activity. Why are First Page SEO Results So Important?Basically, search engine marketing researchers concludes that moving up to the top spot inGoogle from second or third could triple visits to your website. Websites ranked number onereceived an average click-through rate (CTR) of 36.4 percent; number two had a CTR of 12.5percent; and number three had a CTR of 9.5 percent. Being number one in Google, according toOptify, is the equivalent of all the traffic going to the sites appearing in the second through fifthpositions. Please look at this graphic below.
  4. 4. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)Pay-Per-Click (also known as Pay-Per-Placement or Pay-Per-Performance) search engines sellranking by keyword in an auction format. If you want to have a high ranking you simply bid morefor that particular word. These results appear as Sponsored Listings at the top or side of theregular listings. Whenever someone clicks on your link you get charged.The advantage is you can get the exact ranking you want for the exact keyword you want all inabout 24 hours. Traditional SEO can take months to take effect and even then can not guaranteespecific keywords. PPC ensures you are found for your most important keywords and helps todeliver a steady stream of traffic to your website.The main disadvantage is cost. Most search engines only display the top 3 or 4 positions, so thoserankings are very competitive. Costs can range anywhere from $4.10 to $20 or more perkeyword. Keyword choice and careful monitoring are very important to maintain a positivereturn-on-investment (ROI).Just like picking keywords for SEO, you need to carefully select keywords for your PPCcampaign. More generally keywords are more expensive and will result in higher clicks, butgenerally lower ROI. Niche keywords have a lower price and lower traffic but generally a higherROI. It’s important to track your results and to find a balance.Right now there are two main PPCs, Microsoft ADcenter and Google Adwords. Many othersearch engines use their search results to augment their own listings. Yahoo and Bing use SearchSolutions from Adcenter results for their paid listings but are expected to roll out their own PPCin the near future.Examples of Previous Pay Per Click Work And ROI Estimation
  5. 5. The example below shows the difference between the client running the campaign themselves vshaving Ad Web LLC manage the PPC campaign. We saved them more money then we chargedthem. The increased business we generated for them was pure profit!
  6. 6. Here is another example of how deceptively simple pay per click advertising is. This work wasperformed for Dish Zero one of the largest satellite services in the southwest. Their in housemarketing department just could not produce the ROI that the company needed. So they hired usfor our pay per click expertise.In the PPC business selecting the right keywords and writing the proper ads weighs significantlyon your ROI.Online Marketing ManagementAd Web LLC can help you manage your online promotions. As an industry, internet marketing isless than 15 years old, and is very fluid. You need to understand and adapt your marketing aschanges arise. A comprehensive online marketing campaign can drive a lot of qualified traffic toyour website and determine whether the internet is a profitable marketing channel for you.Visitor TrackingHow many people are visiting your site? Which pages are they looking at? What keywords didthey use to find you? These are the questions we can answer with visitor tracking. Most
  7. 7. importantly, visitor tracking records the referring website so you know where your visitors camefrom and if your marketing dollars are producing results. We can track a visitor from a paid ad, to the site, and all way through the contact form. You canthen determine how much revenue each ad produced.Website Updates & MaintenanceYour business isnt static and your website shouldn’t be either. You want to add new products,change descriptions, add features, and generally improve as time goes by. Monitoring,maintaining, improving your website is an ongoing process. After your website is complete, BlueAvenue Design can continue to maintain your website and manage your online promotions.Monthly ReportingEvery month I can provide you with an Executive Summary telling you how your website isdoing. Are more people coming to the site? Is the new marketing effective? Are people findingthe new products? I give you an easy-to-use ROI report that has all the relevant numbers as wellas keep you up-to-date on search engine news that can affect you.