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Advocate Consulting - Communications Lifecycle Management


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Our CLM solution captures rich business intelligence to deliver exceptional Expense Management, Mobile Device Management, Provisioning and Help Desk services.

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Advocate Consulting - Communications Lifecycle Management

  1. 1. Accelerate your business decisions Communications Lifecycle ManagementSuperior service and results delivered by the communications experts
  2. 2. Focus on what you do best.We’ll manage the rest.Managing communications has always been challenging. Now, Our comprehensive Communications Lifecycle Managementthe Mobile Revolution is making this task even more complex. (CLM) solutions address your communications challengesThe rise of the smartphone and tablet has given power to by leveraging your business intelligence. Our experts identify,employees who demand access to data anywhere, anytime. It validate and benchmark service costs with our proprietaryalso has placed a greater burden on IT organizations which industry database. We then recommend and execute theare now responsible for managing up to five times the amount right business decisions which enable us to manage yourof communications and devices. Somehow you must gain communications more effectively and at a lower overall cost.control, but at the same time, you need to concentrate on thecore business in order to achieve the greatest results. The Advocate Way “Our premier CLM solutions deliver For over 11 years, Advocate Consulting has delivered superior performance while saving proven CLM solutions to enterprises across the globe. companies over $20 per employee Our team of experts have the knowledge and experience to improve management insight and operational efficiencies, every month.” reduce costs and maximize ROI. Advocate Consulting’s complete CLM solutions leverage your business intelligence and lower communications costs.
  3. 3. Make the invisible visibleTo make productive, intelligent decisions you must be armed “Business intelligence is the ability towith the right facts and figures. Gaining visibility to hidden data gather, store, analyze and provide accessis what makes it so challenging. Without a complete view, it’s to data to help enterprise users makeimpossible to get an accurate picture of your communications better business decisions.”services and expenses.That’s why companies depend on Advocate Consulting.Our experts make the invisible, visible. We understandhow to capture and utilize data so that you can achieve acompetitive advantage by streamlining processes, reducingcosts and improving overall performance. This gives you moretime to focus on core business objectives.An effective CLM solution requires a powerful mix of analytics,reporting and policies. Our knowledgeable experts will providethe following:Analytics:n Leverage analytics to continuously optimize communications expensesn Create financial comparisons to drive best behavior compliancen Identify exceptions, trends and policy violationsReporting:n Multi-level capabilities include Global, Business Unit, Cost Center and Individualsn Automate exception handlingPolicy:n Financial policy managementn Active policy management to best support the businessn Monitor accounts payablen Usage – voice, data and text
  4. 4. Gain insight and optimizeexpensesEnterprise mobility has placed additional pressures onreducing communications costs. Today your responsiblefor managing more usage, devices and services. How doyou cut costs and increase efficiencies if you don’t have agrasp on all the data necessary to make the right decisions?Our Expense Management service provides the expertise andsupport to help you drive down costs and optimize operationswithin your organization. Our service offers many benefits: Create visibility into total fixed and mobile communications spend Automate time consuming processes Wireline (Fixed) Management: We manage all of your carriers and provide a single process for Integrate local, regional and global offices establishing new services, and the moves, adds, changes, and Effectively manage all services and expenses disconnects (MACD) of existing services to ensure voice, data without expanding resources and costs are continually optimized. Increase accuracy n Project Management n Inventory ManagementInvoice and Audit Management:Leverage our experienced professionals and best-in-class n Digital portal interfaceEnterprise Management system to identify billing errors, n Comprehensive reporting and analyticsfile disputes and recover credits with carriers. Additionalcapabilities include: Mobile Management:n Invoice Logging You will receive a single process for all mobile MACD requests for results that guarantee ongoing cost containmentn Invoice Review & Audit and control.n Dispute Management n Order new device(s) or line of servicen MAC/MARC Attainment Management n Replace/Upgrade devicen Payment remittance n Change carriers/plans/features n Deactivate service n Transfer of liability n Comprehensive reporting and analytics “By validating every step of the process, we’re able to deliver an average of 25% savings on total communications spend.”
  5. 5. Take control and minimize risks “Our powerful, highly scalable platformThe Mobile Revolution is accelerating the use of mobile devices has the flexibility to be deployedwithin the workplace, and the BYOD/CYOD trend will continue at on-premise or in the cloud. It is clearlya rapid pace. Enterprise mobility is creating a growing demandfor ways to monitor, manage and secure these devices. the industry’s most comprehensive solution for the enterprise.“n How are you minimizing security risks?n Do you have policies in place and are they being enforced? We offer:n Do you have the expertise to support multiple n Centralized management of software distribution devices and platforms? and corporate applicationsn Are you effectively controlling inventory and costs? n Policy configuration and enforcementAdvocate Consulting’s Mobile Device Management n Mobile data security(MDM) provides a proactive solution that allows you to take n Support for corporate and individual liable devicescontrol and minimize financial and security risks associatedwith corporate-owned and individual-owned mobile devices. n Inventory ManagementOur team of experts design and deliver a fully functional n Device provisioning and supportMDM plan in less than 30 days, enabling you to respond tobusiness demands in an efficient and secure manner. n Help Desk supportOur best-in-class MDM service includes everything you need to n Content Managementtake control of your mobile environment so that you can focuson core business objectives. n Device tracking and management n iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows support n International support
  6. 6. Deliver the right solutionIdentifying the right vendor(s), negotiating the best deal, ordering Stay focused on your core business knowing that ourservices and implementing a communications initiative are all Provisioning team leverages their deep knowledge oftime consuming, resource intensive and potentially risky. If you technologies, experience and relationships with servicemake the wrong decisions or are unable to deliver the right providers to drive all communications activity in the mostsolution, your business is in serious jeopardy. expeditious and cost effective way.Advocate Consulting provides you with the knowledge andexpertise needed to ensure you receive the best negotiatedcommunications plan(s) with local, regional and global carriers. “Our experts help the enterprise competitively buy and implement the full range of Wireless, WAN, Internet, Local Voice, Long Distance and Conferencing services – from contract negotiations to trouble management and support.”Advocate Consulting’s Expert Provisioning Services Wireless Sourcing & Implementation Post-Implementation WAN Vendor Selection Management Support n Benchmarking / n Project n Inventory Internet RFQ Management Management Local Voice n Contract n Service Order n Trouble Negotiations Management Management Long Distance n Installation Management Conferencing
  7. 7. Exceed customer expectationsAdvocate Consulting’s Help Desk service provides the expertise Wireline Support:your organizations requires to respond quickly and effectively to Our Customer Support Specialists become your single point ofend user issues. Our premium Help Desk support allows you to contact for outages, line issues, bandwidth issues and all otherfully outsource all of your communications management needs issues related to your communications that you can remain focused on the core business activities. We will interface with your carriers as needed to ensure issuesOur team of experienced and knowledgeable support staff are resolved quickly. Updates on outages are provided toacts as the single point of contact and manages a wide range of you regularly until the issue is resolved.end-user support issues and trouble management requests for Blackberry Enterprise Serverboth mobile and wireline services. (BES)/Messaging Server User Management:Mobile Support: This service provides you with BES user administrationOur technical support staff provides the subject matter including user setup, password resets, and accountexpertise required to manage your devices – from activation to deactivation.troubleshooting connectivity issues with internal email servers.Our team provides support across all carriers, platforms (iOS,Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows) and devices “Clients consistently rate our expertdomestically and internationally. support service 98% or higher in customer satisfaction.” Advocate Consulting Help Desk Features n Tier 1 and Tier 2 support n Configuration, passcodes and other service requests n Policy support and enforcement n International carrier and multi-lingual support n Billing support n Dedicated toll free number and email address n Custom and third party application support
  8. 8. While you’re focusing on the core business, our CLM experts drive results: n Deliver on average, 25% savings on total communications spend n Reduce wireless costs by 20% or more n Save over $20 per employee/month n Receive best negotiated contract plans with local, regional and global carriers n Quick response and resolution of issues by exceptional Help DeskAbout us:Advocate Consulting is a leader in accelerating business decisions by transforming enterprise challenges into a strategicadvantage through enabling cloud, mobile, communications, and collaboration technologies. From strategy development toexecution and management, Advocate Consulting drives productivity, efficiency, and cost containment for a wide range ofenterprise clients around the world. Visit Advocate Consulting for more information about our offerings 678.987.5900 • © 2012 Advocate Networks, LLC. All rights reserved. Advocate Consulting is a trade name of Advocate Networks. AN-CO-11-12