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Support Webinar


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Support Webinar

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  13. 13. If you do not know yourusername and password, youcan click Request new passwordand instructions will be sent toyour email address.
  14. 14. Insert the email address you used tosign up for the account.
  15. 15. 1. New Page2. New Team Member
  16. 16. We use a simple WYSIWYG editor (What-you-see-is-what-you-get) to createcontent for the website.
  17. 17. Navigation
  18. 18. By default, new pages are notadded to the menu. To add the page to the navigation, we will have to select Primary links from the drop down list.
  19. 19. You can place the new page anywhere in the menu. Simply click on the Down Arrow to place itbetween the pages that you want.
  20. 20. There you have it!
  21. 21. 1. Link to a third party website: http://www.nytimes.com2. Link to a page within your website: Link to a PDF that you own: Alex’s Monthly Newsletter
  22. 22. Third Party
  23. 23. Link to a page on your website/contact
  24. 24. Link to a PDF you want on thewebsite.
  25. 25. To rearrange your menuyou can drag and dropthe menu items by grabbingthe handle to the left of theitem you want to move.
  26. 26. The Title that you enter for theTeam Member doesn’t appearanywhere on your website. TheTitle, is what will appear in yourcontent library.*We recommend using the fullname of the team member forthe Title so it will be easy for youto find them in your contentlibrary.
  27. 27. Just like when you create a Type your text in here! page, when you create a new team member, you are able to type in their biography into the WYSIWYG editor.*Remember, always scroll down to the bottom of the page and save your work!
  28. 28. Once you have added your new team member, they willautomatically appear on the same page that all your otherteam members are on.
  29. 29. You can change the timeframe by selecting the dropdown arrow.
  30. 30. Top Content
  31. 31. Traffic Sources
  32. 32. Visitor Location
  33. 33. If you would like more in-depth statistics, we recommend that you create a freeGoogle Analytics Account.1. You can sign up by going to Once you have created the account, you will receive a code that looks like: UA-1234567-83. Save that number.4. Visit your Advisor Websites Dashboard5. Visit the Design Tab6. Select Google Analytics from the list on the left side on the page7. Insert your Google Analytics Code and click Save!8. You will now be able to log in to your Google Analytics Account to view more in depth site statistics
  34. 34. There are a couple different ways you can edit your content:1. From the Pages and Content Tab2. Directly on your Website
  35. 35. 1. From the Pages and Content Tab in your Dashboard
  36. 36. From the Pages and Content Tab in your Dashboard
  37. 37. Directly on the Website
  38. 38. Directly on the Website
  39. 39. No matter which of the two ways you use to edit your content, you will land onthis same page, with the WYSIWYG editor.
  40. 40. Once you click save at the bottom of the page, you will be able see your changes onthe website.
  41. 41. If your website is using our compliance dashboard, you will see the following at the top of the page:When you are creating and editing content, it is in draft mode. Once you are ready to submitthe updated page to compliance, push the review button and click save at the bottom of thepage
  42. 42. When you want to edit some pages, you may see the following tokens in theWYSIWYG editor.Do not delete or remove these tokens.
  43. 43. The Profile is where the information forthe account owner is found.•The Office Location that is entered in theProfile automatically populates yourGoogle map on the Contact Page•The Personal Details, Biography andPhotos that is entered in the Profileautomatically appears on the About page.
  44. 44. When you go in to edit any page on your website, you can scroll down to the bottom toinsert an Abstract, Description, and Keywords.Abstract: Very short description of the pageDescription: A longer description of the page, with a maximum length of 350 charactersKeywords: Avoid duplication of words as this will lower your search engine ranking
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