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Social Media Content For Financial Advisors

Social networking for advisors is a requirement for success. Here's a social media tool with investment and wealth management content that private wealth advisors can personalize.
This is a practical and intelligent social media marketing solution for investment professionals targeting high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) and ultra-HNWIs.

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Social Media Content For Financial Advisors

  1. 1. Social Media Content Stream For Financial Advisors Andy Gluck (516) 333-0066 x222
  2. 2. Market declines by 10% – Special edition of webinar – Special edition of slides • Not FINRA reviewed More about Panic Protection
  3. 3. Use SME Slides To Make Your Own Content • Attend or replay webinar and do it yourself • Based on Fritz and Bob’s slideshows, create: Webinars Blog posts Seminars Slidecasts Client Meetings Client Newsletters • Original content is crucial to social media • Aids SEO
  4. 4. Advisors are too busy to create content?
  5. 5. Why Advisor Products Content Marketing System Is Different
  6. 6. BackOffice Content Management System Lets Advisors Select FINRA Reviewed Content For Their Website
  7. 7. Schedule and automate tweets Three tweets we wrote with each article Edit tweet we wrote List of the articles on your site More about the Financial Advisors Social Media Content Stream
  8. 8. Cost: 3 Options1. Content-Only – Annually: $1,337 to add articles, videos, and social media dashboard to any advisor website – Setup: $300 setup fee to Advisor Products plus advisor must pay for 2-4 hours of work by his website developer2. Platinum Website – Annually: $2,337 annually to add articles, videos, social media content and dashboard, plus AdvisorVault, six hours of help desk support plus much more – Setup: $1500 (designer) or $4,000 (custom) website development fee.