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  1. The Best Way To Gauge If The Market Is Overvalued • College Savings: How Much Do You Need Each Month? • What Is Modern Portfolio Theory And Is It Still Effective? Click to read • Setting Up A Roth IRA Through The “Back Door” an article! • Eight Of The Best Tax Strategies To Use In 2012 • Which Retirement Funds Should You Withdraw First? • Consumer Spending Points To Real Recovery • Euro Economies Contributing To Global Economic Strength • Sidestep Tax Pitfalls On Intra-Family Loans • Cost Basis Methods: Which Is Right For You? • 6 Ways To Improve Your Credibility In Business • If You Must Tap Your IRA Early, Know SEPP Rules • Watch Twist And Turns To IRA-To-IRA Rollovers • Build A Safe Investment Plan On Interest Rates • U.S. Families Seem Eager And Able To Keep Spending
  2. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Fritz Meyer Bob Keebler, CPA, MST, AEP (Distinguished) Slide Presentations
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  5. Concerns that rising oil and gas prices will stymie the recovery are overblown. Which retirement funds should I tap first? College costs show no signs of abating. Here’s my daughter, Ali ,at high-school graduation Recession seems unlikely as economic data look stronger.
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Editor's Notes

  1. At the heart of our system is intelligent content. The content is rooted in ideas from thought leaders who have partnered with us. These subject matter experts include Fritz Meyer, a veteran financial economist, and Robert Keebler, a leading educator of tax and estate planning professionals. Every month, Fritz and Bob conduct webinars that you can attend for free.CFPs and CIMAs (“seemas”) can receive free CE credit for watching these webinars.At these monthly sessions, you’ll hear uncommonly sensible wealth management ideas. Fritz Meyer and Bob Keebler are world-class presenters. Listening to their presentations will sharpen your talking points with clients and prospects.
  2. Using our content management system, you choose articles you want to appear on your website. An icon next to the title of each article indicates a video comes with that article.Along with each article, we write three 140-character status updates about each article and that’s where the social media component comes into play: When you click on the Twitter icon next to the title of an article, it opens the social media dashboard.
  3. The Social Media Dashboard displays the three pre-written status updates that we’ve written. Those status updates, incidentally, are also FINRA reviewed.Clicking on one of the three tweets instantly places the tweet in this box with a shortened link.  Once in the box, you can send out the pre-written tweet as is, but you can also edit it. Simply check off the social networks you want to see the status update and hit send. Using the social media dashboard is so simple you won’t need any instructions.  
  4. Rewriting a 140-character tweet requires almost no effort by you but it has significant benefit on social networks. Sharing authoritative content about income- and estate-tax andinvestment strategy implicitly communicates your expertise and value proposition. Plus – and this is important -- each tweet links back to your website to read the articles. While you can and should provide your social network with links to authoritative articles about wealth management, linking to The New York Times or Wall Street Journal is the same as bringing people to your website -- your marketing hub. Once you have people at your website, offering them a free report or consultation is easy.More importantly, the content stream we provide takes the pressure off of you to constantly produce technical content.You can augment the technical content we’re producing for you with news about people at your firm and your family.Each tweet is part of an ongoing conversation with clients, prospects, and other professionals. And unlike the noise in the twittersphere, your tweets are based on authoritative news your ideal clients can use.
  5. Hi, I’m Andrew Gluck, the founder and CEO of Advisor Products. Over next five minutes, I’m going to tell you about an innovative new tool for marketing and client communications, the Social Media Content Stream For Financial Advisors.The Content Stream is actually one component in an integrated technology platform using social media to connect you with your clients, prospects, and centers of influence.The platform enables you to provide ongoing news and analysis about income- and estate-tax strategies and insightful ideas about the economy and financial markets. The system is geared to financial advisors who believe ongoing education, communication, and transparency are key elements in establishing and strengthening client relationships.