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Motivation - A story


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Motivation. A power that drives us to excel. Yet often missing. Get inspired and go change the world!
This presentation is a shorter version of my original 'D.I.Y - A Story on Motivation' upload.

Motivation - A story

  1. A story onMOTIVATION by @Adgenius
  2. the situation
  3. The world hates change,yet it is the only thing thathas brought progress - Charles Kettering
  4. Then why do so many people assume permission to startcomes from being validated by someone else?
  5. Pick me-attitude acknowledges the power of the system and passes responsibility to someone else to initiate.
  6. The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they dont have any – Alice Walker
  7. → Going with the flow is a euphemism for failing
  8. Tiësto - DJ If your dreams, visions and ideas dont makeothers uncomfortable, youve missed the mark
  9. The problem with putting it all on the that it might not work out.The problem with NOT putting it all on the lineis that it will never change things for the better.
  10. why should I care ?
  11. Old age is thebiggest surprise in mans life
  12. We can sell our time, butwe can’t buy it back again
  13. The greatest waste in lifeis the gap between whatyou are and what youcould become
  14. Most of us need competitionto tell us how fast to go
  15. You won against 100 million sperm cells…WHY STOP NOW?
  16. its not too late,just later than it was
  17. Don’t like change?..youre going to like irrelevancy even less!
  18. OK, how to do this ?
  19. No one ever won a racelooking sideways
  20. You must manage yourselfbefore you can lead anyone else Tony Robbins Awesome guy!
  21. Imperfect action is betterthan perfect inaction
  22. 4 things successful people do differently: 1 Set goals, and be as specific as possible. 2 Seize the moment to act on your goals. Have grit! (the willingness to commit to long-term goals, and to 3 persist in the face of difficulty) Build your willpower muscle! (when you find yourself 4 wanting to give in or give up, dont) To read:
  23. ACTION:1. Make a list of what you should have, could have, would have done "if only"2. Choose one thing you could start today
  24. Success is not a destination,its a journey
  25. Opportunity SUCCESS Preparation
  26. Only settle forWORLD DOMINATION
  27. Make failure yourteacher
  28. what’s next ?
  29. Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass... its about learning how to dance in the rain! - Vivian Greene
  30. When you go after what you love in life,dont take no for an answer
  31. The next time you encounter a difficult obstacle, youshould smile and say, “Heres my chance to grow”
  32. A mind that is stretchedby a new experience cannever go back to its olddimensions
  33. ramblings of a (m)adman?
  34. ... I just want you tochange your game plan
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  36. (original) extended version here (feel free to share)