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Flamingo Art The Promise


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Flamingo Art, The Promise is about sharing my inner experiences as I sit and observe these wonderful creatures from nature, grace the ugliest of places, their home, it use to be beautiful but humanity is mindlessly spilling filth all over it, and I stand in awe at their magnificence and in disgrace as a human

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Flamingo Art The Promise

  1. 1. Flamingo Art – The Promise The Promise
  2. 2. Flamingo Art – The Promise is described in the words below. To give you a greater understanding of this fabulous design from nature and its beautiful energy The Promise
  3. 3. Flamingo Art – The Promise The Promise Flamboyant elegance that charm without speaking and oh so gentle on the sensors of my human eyes absorbing your majesty and the luxurious display of your poise and dignity.
  4. 4. Flamingo Art – The Promise Lovely and chic in the individual and the group, in complete harmony with each other and their surroundings, flamingo splendour - a nation so refined and composed. Agreement amongst you in your thousands as you prosper and your mere presence transforms the filthiest place into a symphony of colours and grace. The Promise
  5. 5. Flamingo Art – The Promise Magnificence in every move you make, like a dancer you glide and flow, like a yogi you stand together and alone, a united display of charm and beauty in the individual and the group. Indulgence in your magical energy, elegance and charm, flows through my being as my imagination grasp the truth of Gods nature and free my spirit from fear of God to appreciation of Devine Nature. The Promise
  6. 6. Flamingo Art – The Promise Nature bestowed the flamingo on the human race as an example of true beauty and grace, where all is equally beautiful and prosperous, bringing this awareness to humanity, that they have a choice, it is in the individual and it is in the race. Graciously you free my mind from fear and slavery with your wonderful energy The Promise
  7. 7. Flamingo Art – The Promise Open your mind to the style of the flamingo’s poise and self-possession, allow this magnificent energy into your world, allow it to gently grow its presence in you and around you and prosper. Sing your own song, be your own symphony, fill your world with its beauty and its grace let your magnificence flow through all of you. The Promise
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