Pilot your life newsletter no. 20: Be passionate about what you do


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Be passionate about what you do.
Your passion and enthusiasm will also inspire others,
not only for your benefit but also for theirs.

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Pilot your life newsletter no. 20: Be passionate about what you do

  1. 1. Pilot your lifeWelcome to issue no. 20 of Pilot your life. February 2011If you’re going to succeed in life, or business, you have to believe inwhat you’re doing and do it with gusto. Half-hearted attempts justaren’t good enough. Passion is what’s required.I love my country, Australia.I love travel, taking photos, doing adventurous activities, meeting newpeople and I particularly love flying.All these things that I have a passion for I managed to combine in thegoal that I had set myself, flying around Australia’s coast in a light aircraft.During my trip, Oz Flight ’99, people could sense that I was passionate about andcommitted to the journey that I was undertaking.They wanted to be a part of it too by helping me, giving me good information and advice,providing new experiences and having a lot of fun together. Leedham Walker, pilot extraordinaire, clowning around on Preservation Island, Bass StraitIf you aren’t enthusiastic about or don’t believe in what you’re doing, then other peoplewon’t waste their time with you either.When people read my book, Plane Reflections, or hear me speak about my flight, they canrelate to what happened to me because of my enthusiasm. I can make them feel thattheyre in the plane with me experiencing the same highs and lows.And with the photos, they can see what my eyes saw.But best of all they realise that Im just an ordinary person who made a dream reality andthat they can also do that for themselves.They too can achieve their full potential.It’s truly amazing that we have the power within us to motivate other people and to changelives merely because of what we do.
  2. 2. Pilot your lifeSo, my next tip for how to pilot your life (personal or business) is:Be passionate about what you do.Your passion and enthusiasm will also inspire others,not only for your benefit but also for theirs.Two of my presentation topics are:Follow your dreams (at any age)SuccessVisit: www.franwest.com and http://au.linkedin.com/in/franwestau.Blogs: http://pilotyourlife.wordpress.com and http://franwest2.blogspot.com.Blog for DVDs: http://alzheimersproducts.blogspot.com.Twitter: www.twitter.com/AdventurerFranPhone: 61 8 82706623Email: fran@franwest.com for speaking engagements, purchases and the first nineteenissues of the newsletter.If you would like to read more from Plane Reflections, you can purchase a copy in paperbackor CD format by contacting me direct.You are welcome to forward Pilot your life to others who may be interested.If this newsletter has been forwarded to you by someone else, please contact me atfran@franwest.com and Ill add you to my emailing list.Bye for now,Australias Life PilotSpeaker, Author, AdventurerTo unsubscribe, please reply with "Remove" in the subject line.