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Tofino Expeditions media kit 2014/2015


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Founded by veteran adventurer Grant Thompson, Tofino Expeditions has guided commercial sea kayaking tours since 1988, making them one of the most experienced companies in the business. The company was among the very first to provide guided paddling tours of Vancouver Island’s west coast, which is now a destination on the life list of paddlers around the world. The company guides trips along the world’s finest coasts in Baja, British Columbia, Croatia, Brazil, Vietnam, Italy, and the Galapagos Islands.

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Tofino Expeditions media kit 2014/2015

  1. 1. Media Kit 2014/2015
  2. 2. Since the industry’s first days, Tofino Expeditions has been guiding clients on wilderness sea kayaking adventures worldwide. Tofino guides first worked off the coast of Baja 25 years ago, and were the first to lead trips on the west coast of Vancouver Island, now one of the world’s premiere paddling destinations. As one of the original coastal wilderness outfitters, Tofino Expeditions has been a proponent of minimum impact camping and travel since its founding. The company has expanded to offer trips around the world, but still holds true to these original principles. One of the first, still the best
  3. 3. Venice has been dazzling visitors for centuries. Tofino Expeditions’ kayaking Venice kayaking tour explores some of the many facets and mysteries of Venice and the 212 square mile Venice Laguna. Sea kayaks are ideally suited to exploring the shallow protected waters of the Laguna and Tofino Expeditions has custom designed a trip that vividly illustrates the special Venetian relationship with water. This special tour encompasses a set of sights and experiences that are quintessentially Venetian; gliding through canals, learning to paddle a gondola at a rowing club on the Veneto, a private glass blowing lesson on Murano, and more. As with all of Tofino Expeditions’ tours, there is a focus on cuisine as a window into the local culture. Guests will dine on the freshest seafood and a range of classic culinary styles as well as sampling a wide variety of typical vegetable dishes and other Italian favorites. Some dates of this trip can be linked with Tofino Expeditions’ Cinque Terre and Sardinia kayaking tours to create the ultimate Italian Kayaking experience. Venice, Italy
  4. 4. Ideal for tried and true "foodies", this sea kayaking tour includes a locavore experience of Liguiria's famous gastronomy as well as intimate access to breathtaking landscapes. The Italian Riviera and Cinque Terre--La Riviera di Levante--is one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the world. With a trip length of 5 days, the tour is a great add-on to any Italian summer vacation. Steeped in history with the dramatic mountainous background, the towns of the Riviera seem like a series pastel colored jewels set against the vivid blue of the Mediterranean. On this tour, paddlers will experience the “Marineria” (the life of the sea) that is at the heart and soul of this destination. Warm water, sun drenched beaches, great food and the harmony of life at the sea’s edge have attracted artists, poets and writers for more than two centuries. Kayaking the Riviera offers travelers the chance to observe Italy’s subtle features and grand, sweeping views at a pace that also affords a truly immersive cultural and culinary experience. The Italian Riviera & Cinque Terre
  5. 5. Kayaking Italy—Cinque Terre and Sardinia introduces paddlers to the turquoise waters, spectacular scenery, and delectable cuisine of the Mediterranean, while offering an authentic snapshot of Italy’s marineria culture . Starting in Genoa the tour takes paddlers along the coast of the Italian Riviera to the beautiful Cinque Terre National Park where guests explore the dramatic coastline of the five villages, stopping to sample local gastronomy. Short hikes take travelers through vineyards and olive groves where they visit local food producers and enjoy farm-cooked meals. Other highlights of the tour include exploring the crystalline waters of Sardinia and the Maddelena Archipelago, a national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site (one of three on this tour), hiking to ancient ruins, visiting small farms to sample locally produced wines and cheeses, discovering Genoa’s old quarter that dates back to the Middle Ages and more. Cinque Terre and Sardinia
  6. 6. The AmazonTofino Expeditions has created an Amazon kayaking trip that combines unprecedented accessibility with a genuine spirit of adventure. Each day participants explore a new and fascinating aspect of this exceptional natural world. Using tropical expedition sea kayaks led by naturalist and aboriginal guides, guests paddle the river systems of the Ecuadorian Amazon around Yasuni National Park. Kayaks are the ideal craft for exploring this region. At the end of each days’ adventure, travelers return by motorized dugout canoe to the comforts of one of the three deluxe jungle lodges the make up the accommodations on this trip. Linking these jungle lodges together on this trip gives visitors unprecedented logistical support and offers access to unique features of each area, including a truly remarkable canopy walkway. Along with kayaking, guests have an opportunity to explore the forest from the jungle floor to canopy, all with expert interpretation.
  7. 7. One hundred and fifty miles west of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s southern coast is nearly perfect for sea kayaking. Dubbed Costa Verde, the landscape is colored by the verdant Atlantic rainforest bordered by calm aquamarine waters. Tofino’s Brazil kayaking tour is guided by Grant Thompson, the company’s owner and founder. A veteran sea kayaker himself, Thompson pairs with a lifetime local, kayak guide, and art history professor. Participants on the 10-day trip not only see the best spots in Rio de Janeiro, but share an intimate meal and spend the night with the inhabitants of Pousa de Cajaiba, a coastal fishing village. In Paraty, they learn about the country’s cuisine from a famous local chef. During the day, clients will paddle through the warm tropical waters of Brazil’s southern coast, which are protected from Atlantic weather by Ilha Grande, or “Big Island.” Brazil
  8. 8. Defined by more than two thousand soaring limestone inlets and a labyrinth of protected waterways, Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay is one of the world’s most spectacular sea kayaking destinations. A UNESCO Word Heritage Site, the bay’s name means “descending dragon,” after local legends that claim if was formed by a mythical beast. Tofino Expeditions provides kayakers a chance to not only see the beauty of Ha Long Bay for themselves, but swim in its jade waters, explore its hidden lagoons and caves, and meet with the inhabitants of its many coastal villages. The trip is based out of Hanoi – often called “The Paris of the Southeast.” Clients will stay in the city’s old quarter, and transport to Ha Long Bay is done by a 100-foot junk rigged sailing vessel. That vessel features double cabins with bathrooms, large deck areas, and a dining room manned by an expert chef. Vietnam
  9. 9. Formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands, Haida Gwaii is a true North American gem. Located off the northwest coast of Canada, the island chain was first inhabited by the Haida tribe, who built the towering wooden totems that remain today. Tofino’s 10-day tour takes paddlers around the islands, where they are often just feet from porpoises and pods of killer whales. Clients camp in the island wilderness and visit Skung Gwaii, a UNESCO World Heritage Site devoted to the preservation of the islands’ ancient totems. Travelers spend a night with the Haida Watchmen, members of the Haida Nation who live on the island to watch over the totems. Haida Gwaii
  10. 10. Croatia’s Dalmation Coast is the last stretch of pristine coastline in Europe. The coast is populated with more than 1,000 sun-drenched islands, and steeped in history. Stones from towns and palaces built centuries ago butt up against the sea. The seaside towns are home to coffee shops and cafes, olive groves and vineyards. The medieval city of Dubrovnik, where Tofino’s tour ends, was dubbed “The Pearl of the Adriatic,” by the poet Lord Byron. Tofino’s Croatian expedition is based from a 100-foot “mothership” sailing yacht, which is fully equipped with a fleet of personal sea kayaks. Travelers will spend their nights in this luxurious and ornamented vessel, and will dine on gourmet Mediterranean cuisine prepared on board. By day, the ship will anchor and allow clients to paddle the azure coastal waters of the Adriatic. Croatia
  11. 11. With a warm climate and clear waters, Mexico’s Baja Peninsula is an obvious choice for paddlers hoping to relax. Tofino offers Baja trips for kayakers of all levels and interests, from expeditions in the temperate Sea of Cortez to the remote shores between Loreto and La Paz. The Sea of Cortez is well known as a haven for wildlife like Fin and Blue Whales, and Tofino’s tour there is an excellent opportunity for novice paddlers looking for an introduction to the region. The Loreto to La Paz tour, meanwhile, is an established Baja classic, and holds a place on the life list of many experienced sea kayakers. Baja
  12. 12. Galapagos For wildlife lovers, there is no place on Earth like the Galapagos. Isolated from any other land mass for centuries, the islands have developed one of the most unique ecosystems in the world, populated by animals that never developed a fear of humans. Travelers who choose to see the Galapagos with Tofino will enjoy a multi- island exploration by kayak, getting a truly up close and personal experience. The itinerary coincides with the finest weather as well as the greatest diversity of wildlife activity the Galapagos has to offer. Guests enjoy accommodation in boutique hotels, gourmet food, and unparalleled wildlife viewing
  13. 13. Tofino Expeditions has detailed itineraries for tours all across the globe, but isn’t limited by them. For those travelers with their own vision, the company provides custom tours of each of the regions it operates within. These custom tours are ideal for family trips, corporate retreats, or even just reunion trips for old friends. Custom Tours
  14. 14. Media Contact: Adventure Media Stephanie Norby 254-423-2568