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Since 1976, Solitude River Trips has offered travelers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the awe-inspiring wilderness of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho with fully guided whitewater rafting and fly fishing expeditions.

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Solitude River Trips media kit

  1. 1. Media Kit
  2. 2. Solitude River TripsSince 1976, Solitude River Trips has offeredtravelers an unparalleled opportunity toexperience the awe-inspiring wilderness of theMiddle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho withfully guided whitewater rafting and fly fishingexpeditions. A veteran Middle Fork outfitter,Solitude River Trips invites guests to explorethe spectacular federally-designated FrankChurch River of No Return Wilderness on theirexclusive expeditions which capture theessence of this breathtaking untamedwilderness area.
  3. 3. Whitewater RaftingA Middle Fork whitewater rafting trip with Solitude RiverTrips is one of the great true wilderness adventureexperiences in the lower 48. Rafters who run theMiddle Fork wind their way through one of the largestand most beautifully preserved wilderness areas in theUS. Days are spent riding more than 300 exhilaratingrapids on Solitude’s 106-mile rafting adventure. Nightsare spent under the glorious Idaho sky, sleeping incomfortable tents, swapping stories by campfire, andfeasting on delicious riverside fare. A rafting trip withSolitude River Trips offers guests a truly unforgettable‘off the grid’ experience with ample time for not onlyrafting but also swimming, hiking, fishing, wildlifeviewing, relaxing, playing, eating and more.
  4. 4. Rafting Trip Highlights:• Experience one of the world’s most prized raftingexperiences• Explore 106 miles of river with spectacularscenery, wildlife, and vistas• Encounter more than 300 rapids• Stay in spacious four person tents with all gearand supplies provided• Enjoy gourmet riverside meals• Guides set up camp for guests—no worknecessary• Music, friends, and entertainment around thecampfire• Plenty of time for fishing, relaxation, andexploration
  5. 5. Fly Fishing TripsThe Middle Fork of the Salmon River remains one of thegreatest strongholds of Cutthroat Trout in existence. MiddleFork Cutthroat average 12 to 15 inches in length with someup to 20 inches or more making for robust catches. Framedby the Sawtooth and Salmon River Mountains, the MiddleFork provides a spectacular backdrop for fly fishing. SolitudeRiver Trips offers fully-guided fly fishing expeditions that giveanglers the chance to experience the quiet tranquility offishing in this breathtaking wilderness area. With SolitudeRiver Trips, guests enjoy fishing from the bow of custom driftboats or fishing rafts (depending on the season), riversidecamping in roomy tents, delectable food, and more. Thanksto the cutthroats’ cooperative nature, the Middle Fork is anideal place to introduce newcomers to fly fishing, so theexperience is perfect for both novices and experts alike.Solitude River Trips is the only Orvis® endorsed outfitter onthe Middle Fork of the Salmon River.
  6. 6. Fly Fishing Highlights:• Opportunities to seek the beautiful Cutthroat, thefirst Salmonid chronicled by Lewis & Clark ontheir historic journey• Enjoy fishing in the pristine wilderness of FrankChurch River of No Return Wilderness• Fully guided fishing expeditions includingequipment, camp setup and more• Delicious riverside meals• Expert guides that share knowledge about flyfishing• Premium Orvis® fly fishing gear provided• Guests sleep in roomy, comfortable tents• Anglers enjoy fishing in crystalline waters fromthe comfort of custom McKenzie drift boats orfishing rafts
  7. 7. Choose An Adventure: Combination TripsChoosing whether to ride the rapids or get out the fly rodcan be a difficult decision, so Solitude River Trips nowoffers a combination fly fishing and whitewater rafting tripthrough the Middle Fork Salmon River wilderness. With aMiddle Fork rafting and fishing combo trip, guests cansplit their time between paddling white water rafts andcasting dry flies to rising cutthroat trout from drift boats.Guests can choose from combo trips that take place inthe summer or fall seasons, both of which offer their ownunique advantages. On the combination adventures,travelers enjoy the same dazzling scenery, cozy riversidecamping, and mouth-watering cuisine as the separaterafting and fishing trips, but they can enjoy the best ofboth worlds. Solitude River Trips also offers charteredtrips for groups of 10 or more.
  8. 8. Orvis Endorsed Idaho Whitewater Rafting & Fly Fishing TripsMore than two decades ago, Orvis set out to make planning a world-class fishingexperience easier for our customers. They sought out the best fishing operations in themost exceptional fishing areas of North America. The result was the Orvis-EndorsedLodge, Outfitter, Expedition, Guide Service and Guide Program. Each endorsedoperation has its own character, but all share the same high standards: great service,great fishing and an experienced, professional staff. These standards of excellence arecontinually reviewed by the Orvis staff and evaluated by visiting guests in post-visitcritiques sent directly to Orvis. Orvis-Endorsed operations cater to every ability frombeginner to expert. Solitude River Trips has been named an official Orvis Endorsed FlyFishing Outfitter and is the only Orvis Endorsed outfitter that operates on the MiddleFork.
  9. 9. About Solitude River TripsAl and Jeana Bukowsky formed Solitude River Trips in 1976 on the Rogue River of SouthernOregon and have been running river trips ever since. Als two uncles (Gavin Smith andGeorge Smith) introduced Al to fishing and boating on the Rogue in the 1950s along with hismother who was an avid outdoorswoman, and he was forever hooked on both. In 1978 Alstarted guiding on the Middle Fork of the Salmon for Mel Norrick and purchased Melsoutfitting business in the 1980s. Al or Jeana or both join all of Solitude’s trips on the MiddleFork, rare in todays world as most outfitters are absentee owners. Al knows the river like theback of his hand and can spin tales for hours about the rivers amazing history. Stories thathold peoples attention...even the guides gather around when Al starts talking boating andMiddle Fork history. Al has been working on a project for years about old time outfitters and afamily tree of this history of the various outfitters who have run the river over the years.Solitude River Trips offers highly personal, unforgettable Middle Fork rafting and fishingexperiences.
  10. 10. Media ContactsStephanie ParnellStephanie@adventuremedianews.com832.755.7661Al BukowskySolitude@rivertrips.com800.396.1776