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SI Platform presentation Bacoffice tour operator v5.0 En


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SI Platform presentation Bacoffice tour operator v5.0 En

  1. 1. SI Platform presentation Tour operator Back Office
  2. 2. ContentsE-travel generationsOur visionSI PlatformDistributors connected to the platformSuppliers connected to the platformCustomers all ready using SI PlatformUsing principalsMethodology of implementationSI Platform strengthsSome screens preview
  3. 3. E-travel: 4 generations of technology • Without back office system1st Generation • Office automation tools (Excel,…) • With back office system2nd Generation • Management tools of classic TO3rd Generation • Internet tools not connected to the back office system • Internet tools partially or totally4th Generation « interconnected » to the back office system
  4. 4. Our vision Internet is a strategic distribution channel It must be in the core of company’s information system We propose to travel professionals a Back to Front platformSI Platform Back Office Midd-Office Front Office A system integrating all travel business domains in native • Proposal of a 5th generation offer, an information system 100% web 5th Generation «SI platform»
  5. 5. SI platform « SI » is a platform which allows an integrated management(1) of all business processes of the company on one unique system SI platform is connected with XFT to most French distributors (Last minute, Look Voyages, Opodo, Go voyages, Amadeus, Fram, Carrefour…) SI allows business management that could be : Multi-type of products : Hotels, Flights, Incoming services, Package (Stay, Circuit, Cruising), Insurance Multi-canal : Points of sale, call center, B2C website, B2B website Multilingual Multi-currency(1) : management around the same data source (databases)
  6. 6. SI a platform connected with XFT to most French distributorsPure player Retailer Travel agent network Others • Jet tours • Degriftour Selection • Meyclub • Thalaspa • Cercle des vacances • Agence de • Best Golf • Flash voyage • Liberty TV Client Platform
  7. 7. SI a platform connected to different suppliersFlight Car rental Hotel Insurance Payment
  8. 8. Customers all ready using SI Platform TO Incoming operator Others
  9. 9. Using principalsWeb Access (light client) : SI platform is accessible from any stationconnected to Internet (PC or Mac) using an URLOrganization : Modules, screens and modesErgonomics modes Research mode Creation mode Up to date modeHomogeneity and user-friendliness screensDifferent business flows : Data production : Seizure, Update and suppression Control and reporting : States, export Excel and alarms
  10. 10. Methodology of implementation Contracting Study of the needs Definition of theperimeter Provision of the platform (dedicated to the customer) General training sessions on standard versions of SI Maintain in operational Planning and animation of workshops conditions Launching adaptations Daily assistance Intermediate validations Tests Validations Go alive Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
  11. 11. SI Platform strengthsWeb Access (light client) : SI platform is accessible from any tool connectedto Internet (PC or Mac) using an URLSI integrates features of dynamic packages as a nativeStarting from a standard and available version: It is parameterized and adapted in to measure to the need for the professional In order to take into account its specificitiesMethodology of implementation In collaboration with the customer : workshops, continuous formation for the users…Technical exploitation is dealt with by Advences Offer service: Information management The professional does not have any material investment to envisage apart from the work stations and the printers
  12. 12. Appendixes : Some screens shots
  13. 13. Appendix 1 : Production 1/2
  14. 14. Appendix 1 : Production 2/2
  15. 15. Appendix 2 : Sales 1/2
  16. 16. Appendix 2 : Sales 2/2
  17. 17. Appendix 3 : Finance 1/2
  18. 18. Appendix 3 : Finance 2/2
  19. 19. If you need further information or live demonstration, please contact us on this address