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SunPod® Expo 2-pager


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2-pager presenting the SunPod® Expo, a demonstrator of the electric charging technology using solar power. Ideal to promote EVs and the associated charging infrastructure at events, trade shows, press launches, etc.

Published in: Technology
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SunPod® Expo 2-pager

  1. 1. Recharge + wifi Autonomie Communication Stand de recharge solaire et d’accès Wifi L’innovation solaire au service de vos usagers & employés SunPod® Expo Solar charging demonstrator for electric vehicles Sustainable mobility Recharging Communication Innovation serving sustainable electric mobility photovoltaic
  2. 2. PHOTOVOLTAÏQUE WIFI RECHARGE SunPod® Expo • Ensures a high visibility on events such as trade shows, large public events, press launches, etc.. • Enables to communicate a modern & resolutely environmentally responsible brand positioning in an effective way • It is optimized for transportation, thanks to ingenious methods of assembling and manufacturing. Features • Floor surface: 2,5 m2 • Height: 2.2 m • Wingspan: 4.7 m • Photovoltaic panels: 3m2, with a power of about 1 kWc or 1200 Wh • Can accommodate all types of charging points (1 or 2 sockets) • Strong and foldable structure • Easy installation • Weight: 400 kg Demonstrator of solar-powered electric charging which highlights electric vehi- cles and the charging infrastructure. - Ensure the visibility of your products - Communicate an environmentally responsible positioning - Communicate differently LeSunPod® Expobénéficiedeprotectionsàl’INPI. Ideal for: