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Royal Mail Tmall Store Case Study


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A case study of Royal Mail Tmall Global store, before and after Singles Day promotion.

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Royal Mail Tmall Store Case Study

  1. 1. Date: 20/11/2015 Case Study: Royal Mail Tmall Global Store
  2. 2. Market Analysis Royal Mail Tmall Store – Homepage Simple message: Direct shipping for the UK, 100% authentic products guaranteed
  3. 3. Market Analysis Royal Mail Tmall Store – Product Drop Down Menu Product category and brands are listed in the same drop-down menu
  4. 4. Market Analysis Royal Mail Tmall Store – Milk As the best-selling product category, milk powder has a special page
  5. 5. Market Analysis Royal Mail Tmall Store – About Royal Mail
  6. 6. Market Analysis Royal Mail Tmall Store – Product Category/Brand/Sales CATEGORY SUB-CATEGORY BRAND SALES Before Singles Day SALES 1 Day After Singles Day Milk Powder Baby Milk Powder Aptimal 329,060€ 692,142€ Cow & Gate Cosmetics Personal Care/Hair Care Grow Gorgeous 91,055€ 112,274€Skincare Workwithwater Hand Chemistry Jivesse Slim Metaburn Organic Food Food Suppliment Linwoods 2,254€ 2,372€ Jewlery Bracelet Halcyon 157€ 157€ Fashion/Shoes/Accessories Men's Shoes Clarks 5,183€ 5,558€ Women's Shoes Clarks 5,863€ 6,028€ Child Clothes Early Days 1,375€ 1,375€ Pixie Dixie Brinley Lad Fst Long Wave Apparel Little Lord & Lady Accessories Cavenagh London 0€ 58€ Electronics Mobile Phone Casa Snugg 309€ 367€ iPad Case/Laptop Bag Snugg Bycicles Foldable Bycicle Brompton 4,260€ 4,334€ Collectables Stamps Royal Mail 783€ 4,942€ Collectables Royal Mail TOTAL 440,299€ 829,618€
  7. 7. Market Analysis Royal Mail Tmall Store - % of Sales Per Category (Pre - Singles Day) Before Singles Day 1 Day After Singles Day
  8. 8. Market Analysis Royal Mail Tmall Store - Summary • Launched in May 2015 • 8 Product Categories; 15 Product Sub-Categories; 21 Brands; 129 Products • Low value – High volume strategy: The majority of sales come from milk powder and cosmetics • Total sales was about €440,000 before Singles Day and €830,000 after Singles Day, achieving growth of 88% Important Lessons: • Food and cosmetics sell better – they generate repeat purchase • Famous brands sell better • Joining the Singles Day campaign is very important, particularly for FMCG • Choose the right product categories mix is crucial • Some products can be better represented with their own brand store
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