2012 Feria de Educación - Exhibitor Orientation


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2012 Feria de Educación - Exhibitor Orientation

  1. 1. 2012 Es El Momento: Feria de Educación EXHIBITOR ORIENTATION
  2. 2. QUESTIONS?Please send any questions duringOrientation toChristin Alvarado:christin@advancingamericafoundation.org SPREAD THE WORD! Download Flyers @ www.FeriaParaAprender.com Follow on Facebook.com/FeriaParaAprender & Twitter @LearningFair
  3. 3. 4th Annual Es El Momento: Feria de EducaciónSaturday October 13 | 10am – 3pm CSU Dominguez Hills1000 East Victoria Street |Carson CA 90747
  4. 4. EXHIBITORORIENTATION1. The Future of California2. How Feria Benefits California3. Connect in 5 Engagement Model4. Exhibitor Expectations & Guidelines5. Logistics Review
  5. 5. THE FUTURE OF CALIFORNIA 2000 Population Growth in California 2040 Population: 33,871,648 Population: 54,266,115Source for 2000: Census 2000 Summary File 3, Table P7 and Table PCT62H, http://www.quickfacts.census.gov./qfd/states/06000.htmlSource for 2040 projections: State of California, Department of Finance, E-1 Population projections for Cities, Counties and the State-Sacramento, CA,May 2008
  6. 6. PROFILE OF A FERIAPARENT represent the future ofHispanic families California.- Children of all ages: infants to adolescents- Extended family units: cousins & grandparents- Average age of parents: mid-20sA student’s educational journey starts at home.- Enter school Kindergarten Ready- Graduate from high school College Ready- Plan for & persist through higher education- Pursue & succeed in a rewarding career
  7. 7. ASSUMPTIONS OF USPARENTSParents must understand what is expected of themto guide their children to academic & professionalsuccess.1. Parents are a child’s first teacher.1. Education is the key to the American Dream.1. High school graduation is an expected & celebrated rite of passage for American youth.1. College is an essential step to a successful career & an opportunity to build important networks.
  8. 8. 1.0 FAMILY IN A 2.0WORLD1.0 2.0- Parents are unfamiliar - Families expect high with the US education school graduation system or did not graduate from HS in - Parents familiar with US the college experience - Families utilize current- Aspiring students who technology & resources are seeking new ways in pursuit of education to better provide for their families
  9. 9. FERIA PREPARESFAMILIES are not ready to succeed inCalifornia studentscollege.ALL HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATESUC System 13.4%CSU System 32.7%LATINO GRADUATESUC System 6.9%CSU System 22.5%Berkeley & UCLA <1.0%* This is a significant improvement among Latino Source: California Post-secondary Commission, December 2008students.
  10. 10. BRIDGES OUT OFPOVERTYGoalDream  VisionExtraordinarySkill or Talent YOU Significant Adult Relationship NEED Too Painful to Stay Dr. Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D. Bridges Out of Poverty
  12. 12. PARA UNA BUENAVIDAfor a college-going culture by connecting theBuild a better lifevalue of an education with economic prosperity forthe whole community.1. Graduate from High School = Earn $1MILLION in Your Lifetime2. Graduate from College = Earn $2MILLION in Your Lifetime1. Develop English AND Spanish Fluency = More Job Opportunities & Higher Wages Source: The College Board, Education Pays Update, 2005
  13. 13. CONNECT IN 5 TM1. Greet and praise the parent for caringabout their child’s education.2. Reinforce economic value of an education, emphasizing Para Una Buena Vida and careers.3. Describe your role at Feria de Educación.4. Tell your story and mention your college shirt.5. Tell the parent what to do next.
  14. 14. STEP 1: Greet & PraiseStand in front of your table.- You make the first impression by approaching the families.- Creates a warm & welcoming environment from the start.- Many parents don’t know what they don’t know.“Thank you for coming &caringabout your child’s education!”
  15. 15. STEP 2: Reinforce thePUBV introduction withPreface yourthe economic value of aneducation.REMEMBER:the parent is your primary audience.- Utilize the PUBV to segue into your organization’s mission & programs.- How does your organization help students prepare for or graduate from high school & college?
  16. 16. STEP 3: Describe Your RoleFrame your description in a culturally-relevant way.CONSIDER:- parent understanding- cultural context- a family’s position in the cycle of engagementWhat message can youprovide for every familyeven if they can’t participatein your programs?
  17. 17. STEP 4: Tell Your StoryAll Exhibitors are asked to wear a shirt with acollege or university logo to create a college-goingculture.- build familiarity with the variety of opportunities in higher- education personal develop a for students & parents connection to help parents remember you & your organization- each representative acts as a Mentor to encourage families through the educational journey
  18. 18. STEP 5: What’s Next?Direct families to the next stage of the EducationalPathway and encourage them to visit keyEnrichment Areas. - Know Your Neighbors: direct families to other Exhibitors based on their interests - Reference the Welcome Kit: remind families to visit the additional activities throughout the campus o Parent Workshops o Visualization o Reading Garden
  19. 19. ACTIVE ROLE OFEXHIBITORS should complete Orientation1. All Exhibitor representatives & wear a college/university shirt.2. Every parent is verbally engaged by the Exhibitors at Feria through positive & proactive conversations.3. Every representative can link the organization or program to the economic value of an education through the Para Una Buena Vida message.4. Familiarize yourself with the entire Feria de Educación to be able to guide families to the next stage of the experience.Feria de Educación is an opportunity for 50,000 impressions.
  20. 20. MAXIMIZE YOURENGAGEMENT TABLE A Student TABLE B Engagemen t Parent Engagemen t Family Outreach PASSIVE ACTIVE
  21. 21. ACTIVE ROLE OFEXHIBITORS to focus on students& one1. Designate one representative representative to focus on parents.2. Connect with more families with 2 or more bilingual representatives at your booth.3. Empower the parents by directing conversation to them in their preferred language. Do not use children to translate.4. If your booth needs additional translators, please contact Christin Alvarado by Monday October 1.
  22. 22. LOCATION: CSUDominguez HillsADDRESS:1000 East Victoria Street | Carson CA 90747PARKING:- Exhibitors should park in Lots 4A & 4B from University Drive.- Parking will cost $4 per car on Friday & Saturday.- All parking lots will be used by general public on Saturday.FACILITIES:- Most Exhibitors will be in the ToroDome Gym unless notified otherwise including Early Childhood through College booths.- Early Childhood (if requested) & STEM will be outside the Gym.- Parent Workshops will be directly across from the Gym.
  23. 23. SET UP: Friday October 12All Exhibitors must set up between 3PM – 7PM onFriday.- Booths will be pre-assigned based on registration requests.- Bring all materials to completely set up your booth.- Troubleshoot electrical & wireless access but do not leave laptops or other valuables overnight.- Identify your neighboring organizations as well as Enrichment Activities that support your mission.NEED APPROVAL IN ADVANCE:- Drive vehicles next to gym or require additional assistance- Arriving from out-of-town & unable to set up on FridaySEND REQUESTS BY MONDAY OCTOBER 1 TO:christin@advancingamericafoundation.org
  24. 24. SCHEDULE: Saturday October137AM Final Set up for APPROVEDExhibitors8:30AM Volunteer Translators arrive.9AMAll Exhibitors must be set up completely.Empty booths will be removed from layout.9:30AM Ribbon Cutting | Main Stage10AM Doors Open to the Public3PM Doors Close to the PublicTake all materials & clear personal trash. Do not close booth until families have clearedthe gym.
  25. 25. EXHIBITOR GUIDELINES- Booth assignments will be sent onWednesday October 3.- Exhibitors are responsible for all supplies – pens, tape, easels & any extension cords or adapts if electrical access was requested.- NO candy or food can be given away from your booth.- NO raffles can be conducted from your booth.LUNCH:- More than 12 different food vendors will be distributed across campus with a variety of affordable lunch options for purchase.- Limited water & food coupons may be available to Exhibitors and will be distributed at Check IN on Friday.- Exhibitors are responsible for scheduling enough representatives to cover the booth at all times.
  26. 26. QUESTIONS?Your Primary Contact is:Christin AlvaradoDay of Event: 512-705-4215* text message preferred during eventSPREAD THE WORD!Download Flyers @www.FeriaParaAprender.comFollow on Facebook.com/FeriaParaAprender& Twitter @LearningFair