Infographic e5 - Your finance, Anytime. Any place. Anywhere


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A journey of the e5 financial management system including client testimonials and highlights of the latest release.

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Infographic e5 - Your finance, Anytime. Any place. Anywhere

  1. 1. Your finance5 Anytime5 . Any place5 . Anywhere5 . Improvements made from listening to customers’ needs. Saved by Rotherham Council from using e5. £3m+ Benefits: • Powerful, robust and scalable • Adaptable for business change • Supports fast paced mobile workforce • Fast track implementation • Lower cost of ownership • Sector focused modules • Supports shared working practices • Choice of deployment options (hosted/on premise) • Developed and supported in the UK For more information telephone: 0845 160 6162 e5 new HTML5 user interface – now employees can manage and report their financial activity from mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. New e5 Ad Hoc Report and Query module allows you to query and report on e5 data from the e5 application databases. By 2015 mobile app development projects will outnumber native PC projects by a ratio of four to one. Gartner research awards won by Aer Lingus in recognition for the system that has delivered commercial benefits worth millions. Efficiency savings recognised by Friends Life. £109mDoncaster Borough Council projected savings by 2016/17 since switching to e5. £2.5 million What Newcastle Council saved in one year using e5. - Better decision making based on real time data - Empowers end users - Cost effective - Reduces pressure on IT services - Reduces workload for finance team - Improve data access for end users Users can instantly complete authorisations, requisitions and access reports ON THE MOVE. £1.9mAnnual saving by Moray Council’s strategic procurement plan using e5. The new analytics software with this release will improve business intelligence and enable organisations to focus on these outcomes, while dashboard technology will provide a simple bird’s eye view of how the organisation is performing against key measures, making life easier. It appears that finance professionals are not fully aware of the cost implications of maintaining and modifying an antiquated finance system. By sticking with a system that has been in place for a number of years, they are missing an opportunity to make substantial savings. New user interface boosts productivity – reducing processing time.