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Gaming Update July


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Gaming Update July

  1. 1. GAMING UPDATE July 2010 GAMING UPDATE // JULY 2010 //
  2. 2. JULY UPDATE GAMING UPDATE // JULY 2010 // After our launch issue and the E3 special, the Gaming Update is now settling down into its final format. In this issue, we’re heading towards the middle of summer with great weather and a whole new bag of gaming news bites. Want to take your iPhone or iPad outside to the park? Or would you prefer to watch a good movie about the guys who conquered the internet, while the summer sun sets on the horizon? Just don’t forget to use sunscreen!
  3. 3. GAMING UPDATE // JULY 2010 // PAPA SANGRE //HEADPHONES REQUIRED   Enough about 3D screens, let’s talk 3D sound. Papa Sangre is an iPhone video game without the video, a 3D experience made entirely of sound. You don’t even need special headphones to step into this dark, horror puzzler.   Something called binaural audio is the trick, enabling you to locate sound in space. Your gaming decisions are based on what you can actually hear which means that Papa Sangre will be a different experience for each person who uses it. Without visuals, your imagination runs riot…remember when you were a kid and you heard those monsters underneath your bed? TRAILER SOURCE: GRADO PS1000
  4. 4. GAMING UPDATE // JULY 2010 // ALAN WAKE //LIVE ACTION PREVIEW As a prequel to this dark Xbox 360 game, Bright Falls is an online series of short movies, providing a prelude to the arrival of the main character in a town called Bright Falls. The game takes off from there, but the six episode series will give you a real taste of the intense psychological thriller/action game that follows. EPISODE 1
  5. 5. GAMING UPDATE // JULY 2010 // MORE ALAN WAKE //DARK IS DEADLY CAMPAIGN A scary game needs a scary ad campaign. To support the launch of Alan Wake, Toronto-based MacLaren McCann created these three outdoor ads.
  6. 6. GAMING UPDATE // JULY 2010 //
  7. 7. GAMING UPDATE // JULY 2010 //
  8. 8. GAMING UPDATE // JULY 2010 // 3D IS BAD FOR YOU //THE LAZY EYE EFFECT Bad news for all 3D lovers out there. Your favourite new toy is bad for you and even more harmful to your children! Back in the 20th century, some crazy scientists in white coats discovered that watching 3D can prevent the development of full depth perception in children.   The research was commissioned 15 years ago by Sega. At that time, Sega was working on a 3D headset. On hearing the results of the research, the company decided to drop the project and bury the reports. Unfortunately, the same dangers still exist in today’s 3D technology.   How will the industry and consumers react? Is 3D doomed to be a once-a-year cinema visit forever ? SOURCE: VISION-TRAINING.COM
  9. 9. GAMING UPDATE // JULY 2010 // THE SOCIAL NETWORK //FACEBOOK THE MOVIE Facebook has just overtaken Google as most visited website in the United States. What started as a small application made by a Harvard student for the people at his college, now rules the interweb. Six years later, it’s time for Hollywood to put the Facebook story on the big screen.   Based on a book written by one of the co-founders, this movie will take you to the very birth of the website that brings old classmates and high school sweethearts back together. Sex, drugs and programming code? From the teaser trailer we can’t really tell, but it is Hollywood after all…   Release date: October 1 TRAILER
  10. 10. GAMING UPDATE // JULY 2010 // IPAD ART //FINGER PAINTING What would happen if we brought Da Vinci or Warhol back to life to let them play around with an iPad for a couple of hours? Apart from a scared-to-dead Leonardo running away from the little thing as fast as his legs can take him, magic would happen.   With the Brushes application, David Kassan did exactly that, make magic happen. In just three hours, he digitally finger painted his hairy subject so that it looked like it would pop right out of the screen. Whether portraying rough strokes or precise detailing, the iPad is the next generation of sketchbook and canvas. VIDEO SOURCE: BRUSHESAPP.COM
  11. 11. GAMING UPDATE // JULY 2010 // TOUCHING STORIES //INTERACTIVE MOVIES ON IPAD Did you ever try to shake your television set about? Not only does it hurt, it’s just not very rewarding. With the arrival of the iPad, things have changed for the better: shaking the device is both satisfying and not half as bad for your back as doing the same with your TV.   Game developers have been using movement sensors from the get-go and with great success; now it’s time for movie makers to catch on. A little project from Tool of America might have lit the fuse. With their iPad application Touching Stories, you get to experience four interactive movies in which you can decide the story line by using your finger tips or by shaking the device to put the characters in the middle of an earthquake. The interactions are still very limited, but it is a promising start for what might eventually become an industry in its own right. TRAILER SOURCE: FASTCOMPANY.COM
  12. 12. GAMING UPDATE // JULY 2010 // BATTLE TAG //BACK TO THE 90’s Laser tagging is as old as Spandau Ballet (no joke, on the go since 1979) but thanks to Ubisoft, it’s about to make a come-back. Let’s be honest, what’s not to like about running around the house, hiding behind the sofa and trying to shoot your best friend in the chest. Normal toy guns never left the stage, but you just never quite knew if you would hit your buddy’s main artery or your mom’s priceless Chinese vase.   In the decades since, we’ve had to go to arcade halls to experience laser tagging, but Ubisoft wants to bring the experience back to your living room. Surely parents will be happy about this; as with computer games, your kids will be able to upgrade their health and reload ammunition by picking up special packs. After the match, they can run to their console and read out their ’stats’ to see who got tagged the most and then gloat. Some things never change. TRAILER: TRAILER
  13. 13. GAMING UPDATE // JULY 2010 // FARMVILLE UNWITHER RING //MAGIC VIRTUAL BLING Valentine’s day 2010 was a memorable day for many Farmville players. If you had a lover who really cared, they should have bought you a Farmville unwither ring. How romantic! Never again would you be scared that your crops would wither. With the virtual ring, you could keep your crops revived FOREVER.   Now, by popular demand, the ring is back. What’s more, you can now buy it for yourself (there goes the romance). For 250 Farmville dollars, it’s yours. Wait a minute, that’s $45? The free-to-play online game doesn’t sound that free anymore. The good thing is that you can decide on the design of the ring from metal to gemstone, which makes Farmville life a lot more beautiful.
  14. 14. GAMING UPDATE // JULY 2010 // JANE MCGONIGAL //GAME CHANGERS Can gaming make the world a better place? According to game designer Jane McGonigal, it’s a given. In the US, a kid plays games on average as many hours as he attends school. Feeling motivated to solve problems, working together to reach goals and trying to be the best version of themselves all within the game. But what if we could translate that experience into real life, in a world where you don’t get constant feedback on how you are doing? No extra points for being nice to a friend or no power-up for achieving that goal you’ve been working towards.   Jane refers to gamers as ”Super Empowered Hopeful Individuals” when they’re in their virtual world, a very interesting perspective on gaming. Could they one day use their skills and motivation to change the world? You’ll find out in our September 2024 Gaming Update issue. Until then, make sure to watch Jane’s presentation at TED. PRESENTATION
  15. 15. GAMING UPDATE // JULY 2010 // RED DEAD REDEMPTION //THE FIRST TWO WEEKS In the first two weeks after the release of Red Dead Redemption, players have been gaming for a total of 14 million hours. If this would be for one person alone, he would have started the game in 1200 B.C, just 13 years too late to play an online round against Pharaoh Ramses the Great.
  16. 16. GAMING UPDATE // JULY 2010 // SUMMERTIME //AT THE BEACH Hanging out at the beach, having a barbecue with our friends and kicking around a football with our kids. No access to the internet, the sand wouldn’t be good for our laptops anyway. Things went a bit slower the past weeks but a new Gaming Update is already on the way. If you catch us on the beach after work, make sure to come and say hi. We might have an extra steak to put on the barbecue for you.   Cheerio!
  17. 17. GAMING UPDATE // JULY 2010 // Advance A/S Landemærket 29 DK-1119 København K Phone: +45 33 93 99 20