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SugarCRM CONSULTANT                                                              Developer 1To continually create value fo...
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Sugar crm consultant-profile


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Sugar crm consultant-profile

  1. 1. SugarCRM CONSULTANT Developer 1To continually create value for my team, organization and clients with my passion & action,intelligence & diligence.SynopsisHas over 5+ years of professional experience out of which three years have been spent purelyon SugarCRM Consulting for small and medium enterprises across the globe. The experienceincludes SugarCRM Implementation, Training and Integration.Professional Experience Extensive CRM consulting for small and medium enterprises involving package evaluation, requirement gathering, implementation and customer support. SugarCRM Implementation for leading Canadian Real Estate company involving customization and user support SugarCRM Implementation and Integration for a Radio programming service provider in USA. SugarCRM based territory management application for a UK based client which needed to transition from SugarCRM implementation for a UK based client for in the USB flash drives business. SugarCRM implementation for a Radio Station project in the US involving information tracking from its various centers. SAP and Adobe Flex integration for a US-power distribution company.PS: This document is confidential and is not to be shared with any other entity without prior approval from Advanz Knowledge Systems Pvt. Ltd