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Pay pal integration


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Pay pal integration

  1. 1. PayPal IntegrationStep 1:Login into your Salesforce CRM accountClick on PayPal tab 1 Advanz Knowledge Systems |
  2. 2. PayPal IntegrationEnter all details of your PayPal account information.Filling the details of PayPal Account 2 Advanz Knowledge Systems |
  3. 3. PayPal IntegrationAnd click on pay buttonThen you can see PayPal transaction id and PayPal success message asshown in following screen shots. 3 Advanz Knowledge Systems |
  4. 4. PayPal IntegrationTo conform these transactions we need to login intowww.developer.paypal.comAfter that click on test mails 4 Advanz Knowledge Systems |
  5. 5. PayPal IntegrationClick on notification of payment receivedNow you can see like following screen shot. 5 Advanz Knowledge Systems |
  6. 6. PayPal IntegrationAnd also you can check account wise by clicking on test accounts link 6 Advanz Knowledge Systems |