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Advaanz Odoos (Earlier OpenERP) Competencies


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Advaanz Odoos (Earlier OpenERP) Competencies

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Advaanz Odoos (Earlier OpenERP) Competencies

  1. 1. Building Enterprise Ecosystems with Technology & Innovation Odoos ( Earlier OpenERP) @ Advaanz
  2. 2. Establishment Founded in 2009 with vision of building Enterprise Solutions on different technology platform A dedicated team of brilliant software professionals with experience in Managing Offshore , distributed Agile development Development Centers in Bangalore and Hyderabad Offices at Bangalore, Hyderabad, US and UK
  3. 3. About Us Web Development • Wordpress/Joomla • E-commerce Magento • Custom Development • Response Designs • Cloud Application Social Media • Social Media Marketing Services • Social Media Management (SMM) • Social Media Optimization (SMO) • Social Media Advertising (SMA) • Social Media Application Development Mobile Apps • HTML5 Apps • Android • iPhone • Windows 7 Enterprise Applications & Integration • Salesforce • SugarCRM • Odoo (OpenERP) • Pentaho • Talend Cloud Service • AWS App Development • Google App Engine Analytics • Pentaho
  4. 4. About Odoo (formerly OpenERP)  A platform for built in Open Source CMS Platform ,Disruptive E-commerce ,In-built Business Intelligence Engine  ERP Features for Managing the Enterprise resources  Integration with Enterprise Systems  Boost Sales with Odoo  CRM (Customer Relationship Management)  Quote Builder  Point of Sale  Warehouse/Inventory Management
  5. 5.  Best Business Run with Odoo (formerly OpenERP)  Project Management  Billing  Accounting  Warehouse/Inventory Management  Manufacturing  Purchase Cont..
  6. 6.  Boost Marketing with Odoo (formerly OpenERP)  Mailing  Live Chat  Survey  Lead Automation  Events  Community Builder Cont..
  7. 7.  Manage Employee with Odoo (formerly OpenERP)  Employee Management  Enterprise Social Network  Recruitment  Expense  Appraisal  Fleet Management Cont..
  8. 8. Accelerate Production with Integrations  Business Intelligence : Design your dashboards, setup KPIS, slice and dice on your cubes. Odoo gives you an easy way to see the statistics about any of your important data. You can create detailed reports and graphs in any format you need - all that in few simple clicks. No need for specialized program to create graphs and charts  API : Connect Odoo to external applications through JSON-RPC or XML-RPC.  Instant Messaging : Chat in real time with your colleagues, share screens and talk online.
  9. 9. Our High performance consulting and Implementation @Odoo (OpenERP)  We @ Advanz knowledge Systems has domain expert to provide consulting to improve the business using Odoos.  We @ Advanz knowledge Systems follow best practice to make sure that business and application run at optimal level any point of time.  We @ Advanz knowledge Systems has integrated various third party Enterprise applications to help the Business to run best. We follow result oriented project implementation methodology to boost the business.  We have process to detects and resolve the issues aptly.
  10. 10. Agile Software Development
  11. 11. Bangalore Hosur Road, 1st & 2nd Floor, IBIS Hotel, 26/1 Hosur Road, Bommanahalli, Bangalore, Karnataka,India, Zip : 560068. Phone : +918067027064 Mail: Hyderabad 1st Floor Mid Town Plaza, Road No 1, Banjara Hills,Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh, India. Zip:500033 Phone: +91 -90528886600