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Acca p3 quiztruefalse1 Basic Strategy


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Acca p3 quiztruefalse1 Basic Strategy

  1. 1. QUIZ 1: BASIC STRATEGYMichael MainwaringTRUE OR FALSE ?1 Corporate strategy means the strategy of the company. T F2 Strategy as process means strategic analysis, choice & implementation. T F3 CSFs only apply to industries. T F4 A monopoly does not face competition. T F5 The value chain model is most relevant to SCM. T F6 If a strategy is not suitable it will not be acceptable. T F7 All businesses in a country will be equally affected by the PESTEL factors. T F8 All businesses in an industry will be equally affected by 5 force factors. T F9 The primary value chain activities are the most important ones. T F10 Differentiation means being better than competitors. T F11 Overall cost leadership means having the lowest price in the industry. T F12 Synergy is the benefit from value chain and system integration. T F13 An industry which has low entry barriers will not be attractive for long but an industrywith high barriers will be sustainably attractive.T F14 Ansoff, Porter and Zook share the same view on diversification. T F15 Process analysis is internal analysis rather than implementation. T F16 According to JSW, capability and competence are the same. T F17 The size of the market is not affected by the strategies of competitors. T F18 A business with 50% 0f the market will get experience curve benefits. T F19 A business with an rms of 1.5 should get experience curve benefits. T F20 A national diamond is applicable to market development strategies. T FPlease email your answer to for marking.