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ADTELLIGENCE - NOAH Conference 2011 - Technology to monetize the social web


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Michael Altendorf, CEO of ADTELLIGENCE, held this presentation at NOAH Conference 2011 in London.

ADTELLIGENCE offers the leading edge advertising targeting solutions for the social web. Our technology enables higher ad revenues, increases the conversions & click rates of eCommerce shops and advertisers by unifying self-service ad booking, audience targeting, automation, optimization, integration, personalization engine, geo location, reporting, analytics & market intelligence through Dynamic Personalization, Optimization and automation technologies with full integration to various social networks such as Facebook.

We use the real data from social networks’ anonymized user profiles like interests, demo- & location based geographical information to deliver exactly the most relevant advertising for the user in real time. The solutions enable a closed loop marketing process which includes holistic business & market intelligence and a recommendation engine for real-time campaign optimization and mass personalization of portals content.

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ADTELLIGENCE - NOAH Conference 2011 - Technology to monetize the social web

  1. 1. TECHNOLOGY TO MONETIZE THE SOCIAL WEBMichael AltendorfNov,10th 2011NOAH Conference
  2. 2. The social web embodies the originalvision of the internet»The social web may still be in its early phases, but it is likely to transform the fundamental businesses of the Internet far more rapidly than the » incumbents anticipate. (Accel Partners – The Rise of the Social Web, 2009) Computer Magazine 1979
  3. 3. User ProfileData Data
  5. 5. ADTELLIGENCE Product PortfolioSocial by Design Ultimate social network ad booking for advertisers & Sell Side Platform agencies Social personalization Real time audience for publishers engine insights for Social CRM Reach more than 1bn for eCommerce people on Facebook & CoADTELLIGENCE Platform Data Fusion Layer Social Campaign Business Billing & Analytics & Targeting Management Intelligence Payment Reporting
  7. 7. Social commerce hashighest growth Rates!Mobile: 27%Social Media: 34%Display Advertising: 17%
  8. 8. “If I had to guess, social commerce is the nextarea to really blow up”Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook))“The potential for social commerce today is“infinite”… Every eCommerce site will have toadapt”Bing Gordon (Kleiner Perkins)
  9. 9. ADTELLIGENCE build for Social CommerceData is the new business model Advertise Personalize Analyze Automated Optimization on KPI‘s Social Audience Reporting Business Enrich Targeting Analytics Optimization Intelligence CRM Data
  10. 10. AdtelligenceCan use all data! Shop Social baskets networks CRM Data data exchanges Adtelligence is 100% compliant with German privacy regulations
  11. 11. Leveraging the Social GraphShopping is a social Experience Social Single Graph Sign-On
  12. 12. Facebook Login or Sign upFor all WebsitesSocial PersonalizationEnginePersonlized Landing Pagesbased on your facebook profile
  13. 13. For eCommerceInterest GraphPersonalizationWhat are your friends buying?
  14. 14. For PublishersSocial GraphPersonalizationGet Recommended News byyour social circle
  15. 15. ADTELLIGENCE - For a higher ROI ConversionsNew Customers 328% 191% 221% 146% A/B Testing 114% Time:~12 weeks Live data from one of our German eCommerce clients
  16. 16. References Thank You!