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Corel paint shop pro photo art suite

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo Art SuiteViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating5.0 out of 5Product FeatureOver 500 different Special Effects & Picture TubesqBlack & White Conversion and Infrared Conversionqfilters control the contrast strength and adjust thegrain level of your photosColor Management engine lets you read and saveqcolor profile Data and ensures screen to-print colormatchingFile Metadata for adding copyright data andqentering IPTC informationNew Pick Tool lets you can select, move, resize,qand rotate raster and vector objectsRead moreqProduct DescriptionTogether, Corel Paint Shop Pro , Corel Photo Album and Corel Painter Essentials has everything you could everneed for any of your photo art projects. Import and organize photos from your camera automatically. Edit andenhance photos easily. Turn photos into stunning paintings quickly. Its all right here! Corel Paint Shop ProPhoto Art Suite is the only package that provides you with three powerful, full-featured programs at one lowprice. Read moreProduct DescriptionCorel Paint Shop Pro Photo Art Suite includes three advanced digital imaging applications -- Paint Shop Pro X,Painter Essentials 3, and Photo Album 6 -- that give you everything you need for your photo art projects. Importand organize photos from your camera automatically. Edit and enhance photos easily. Turn photos intostunning paintings quickly. Paint Shop Pro Photo Art Suite is the only package that provides you with threepowerful, full-featured programs at one low price.Corel Paint Shop Pro X
  2. 2. Paint Shop Pro Xs Smart Photo Fix is the best way to correct color, exposure, and lighting problems. With a clickPaint Shop Pro analyzes your photo and makes suggested corrections.For anyone who aspires to make good photos great, theres Paint Shop Pro X. Youll be able to learn as you gowith a built-in Learning Center that lets you choose automatic photo fixes or precision editing controls forfine-tuning. With Paint Shop Pro X you dont have to be a photo-editing master to harness the power ofadvanced photo editing tools.With the groundbreaking Learning Center, its easy to start getting great photos the minute you open PaintShop Pro. Everything you want to do is right at your fingertips. Just click one of the topics and Paint Shop Prowill teach you how to get your photos, adjust them, retouch, and more. When youre ready to jump into photoediting, Paint Shop Pro will show you how. The Learning Center presents you with options to fix photosautomatically and manually.Paint Shop Pro gives you everything you need to complete the most common photo tasks. Quickly rotate, resize,and crop photos to get the exact composition and size you need. With the Smart Photo Fix feature, you cancorrect color, exposure, and lighting problems. With a single click, Paint Shop Pro analyzes your photo andmakes suggested corrections. With this powerful, flexible tool, you can change the corrections to suit yourtastes. Paint Shop Pro also includes One-Step Noise Removal and One-Step Purple Fringe Removal, as well asOne-Click Red-Eye Remover that even works on pets. And if you have old photos you want to restore, ScratchRemover, Fade Correction, Hand-Tinting Brushes, and High-Pass Sharpen tools you can repair any old ordamaged photo.Corel Painter Essentials 3With new tutorials, the Welcome Screen and the Quick Guide palette -- that gives you tips as you paint -- its noweasier than ever to get started with digital art in Painter Essentials 3. View larger.Built on the award-winning power of Corel Painter IX, Corel Painter Essentials 3 is a complete home art studiofor novices and experts alike. It includes everything you need to explore digital art and create stunningpaintings from your photos. The new Photo Painting Palettes help you create extraordinary paintings from yourphotos by automatically applying random, hand-made paint strokes that vary in stroke type, direction andpressure. With a host of new and enhanced features, its easier than ever to create outstanding paintings --perfect for family portraits, vacation mementos and special keepsakes. New Photo Painting Palettes let you
  3. 3. create stunning paintings from photos in three easy steps, while the Quick Clone feature simplifies the processof image cloning, and the Sketch Effect tool automatically creates a sketch from your photos.With Painter Essentials 3, you can experience a huge selection of highly realistic digital art tools that replicatethe real-word painting experience -- including watercolors, oils, pencils, acrylics, airbrushes and more. ArtistsOils lets you smear colorful "oil paint" on the canvas with thick, bristly brushes that are remarkably realistic.And if watercolor is your medium of choice, Digital Watercolor features breathtaking brushes that behave likereal watercolor and even stay wet between sessions. A new rotate/flip canvas feature extends the flexibility ofthe digital art studio, while a new eraser tool and rubber stamp tool vastly extends the range of your work. Andwith new tutorials that give you tips as you paint, its now easier than ever to get started with digital art.Corel Photo Album 6As soon as you plug in your camera, Photo Albums Photo Downloader gets to work downloading and rotating yourphotos, then asks you what youd like to do next.Corel Photo Album 6 unlocks the magic of your digital camera. This smart and simple software automaticallytakes care of common photo tasks like downloading and organizing, so you can spend your time having funwith your photos. As soon as you plug in your camera, Photo Albums Photo Downloader gets to workdownloading and rotating your photos, then asks you what youd like to do next. Without even clicking themouse, you can download and view a slide show of your photos. The Recent Downloads list automatically keepstrack of the last 10 groups of photos that you downloaded to your computer so you can quickly and easily findyour most recent snapshots. The Photo Finder feature automatically finds and organizes your photo collectionby the date you took the picture.Create virtual groupings of photos from anywhere on your computer without having to make physical copies ofyour files with Photo Albums Collections. Keywords let you browse photos by categories you create, bringingyour collection to life in a whole new way. Photo Album saves your captions and keywords to the IPTC metadataso that they can be viewed and searched from within any program that supports IPTC. Dont put up with crypticfile names from your camera. You can organize your photos instantly, by simply renaming groups of photos atonce. Use Photo Albums powerful search options to find the photos you want to see fast. Photo Album can evenfind photos youve cataloged on CD, even if the CD isnt in your computer. Once you find the photos yourelooking for, you dont have to squint to see your results. With fully adjustable thumbnails you can set thethumbnail size thats right for you.With Photo Album 6, exporting your photos is as easy as it gets. Whether you want to send them to your printer,create a web gallery or slide show, design a calendar or greeting card, or email them, Photo Album 6 has thetools to do the job. With 20 different ways to share your photos, youll never run out of fun things you can do.And perhaps most important of all, Photo Album 6 offers a one-click back-up command. The PhotoSafe BackupSystem automatically tracks photos youve backed up on CD, remembers which photos havent been backed-up,and reminds you when its time to burn a new CD, so that you can keep your digital memories safe for years tocome. Read more