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TransCert System Electronic Record Keeping


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Module Three of six modules on cold chain supply

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TransCert System Electronic Record Keeping

  1. 1. TransCert System Electronic Record Keeping Cold Chain World: Session 3 Dr. John M. Ryan Module Three
  2. 2. Internal Audit Team Record Maintenance External Certification Audits Dual Functions
  3. 3. CONTAINER: Any device used to transport food or food products. Containers include bins, pallets, trucks, truck trailers, shipping containers and other similar devices. Includes bins, trays, etc. used to move food over short distances. CARRIER: Any company or individual responsible for the transportation of food and food products MAINTENANCE STATION: Any company involved in the sanitation or traceability implementation for carriers or containers. Definitions
  4. 4. 4 Four Primary Container Standards Management HACCP Sanitation Traceability
  5. 5. • On line • Fully automated paperless data collection • Reduced data input time and data error rates • PDA, cell phone or laptop input from the field • Instant reporting • Supports internal and external audits • Provides almost full record keeping for audited entities • Automates parked audits • Updatable when corrective actions are completed Benefits to Electronic Record Keeping Systems
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  15. 15. End of Module 3
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