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Power of Social Media


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From Blackmores China

Published in: Food
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Power of Social Media

  1. 1. Power of Social Media Blackmores China April 10, 2014
  2. 2. Social Media Overview in China Latest social media structure released by CIC. building awareness content/interaction service/trade Social Media Chain Value:
  3. 3. Social Media Strategy Attention Interest Search Action Share People’s purchase decision-making process is changing…
  4. 4. Xanthigen Campaign with social media support X‘mas Card to Fans Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Increasement Accumulative Aver./Day Blackmores Fans on Weibo x10 times in 2013
  5. 5. House Wife 吃了一阵子这个@Blackmores澳佳宝 的高浓度深海鱼油了,大变化倒没感 觉出来,但是,不能不提的是我明显 觉得自己记忆力好了很多,同事也说 我眼神跟以前不一样了,犀利了哈哈~ 一天一粒也蛮方便的~ 希望不是什么 心理作用 哈哈哈~ KOL - Beauty 哇,终于收到澳佳宝的鱼油了。好大 一瓶,满满的期待。澳佳宝在澳洲的 口碑很不错,好多朋友都推荐呢。希 望这个鱼油可以让我耳聪目明,身体 棒棒。嘻嘻。 Office Lady @blackmores澳加宝: 葡萄籽收到啦! 美美地!@OfflineButAlive @haohaostudy @wffxdg 姐妹们吃 了没? 对美容资讯情有独钟 容易受到美容类KOL影响 渴望自己也成为KOL 对减压话题有兴趣 喜欢在姐妹团内分享心得 注重生活质量 对健康有专业诉求 喜欢点评尝试过的产品 对家庭无微不至 111,852 fans Blackmores Weibo Review
  6. 6. Community marketing : Celebrity’s Wechat publicity on our Xanthigen. Our WeChat Upgraded from Subscription Account to Service Account, bringing into interactive interfaces. Our new WeChat Subscription Account, delivering more health and regimen topics. Blackmores @Wechat
  7. 7. Xanthigen Campaign: Online + Offline Publicity & Interaction Award delivery & Direct contact
  8. 8. Paid Media Owned Media Blackmores Social Media Strategy Earned Media
  9. 9. Thank You!
  10. 10. AFRIS. AsianFoodRegulationInformationService. We have the largest database of Asian food regulations in the world and it’s FREE to use. We publish a range of communication services, list a very large number of food events and online educational webinars and continue to grow our Digital Library. We look forward to hearing from you soon!