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Positioning Halal Values on the Retail Shelf


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Positioning Halal Values on the Retail Shelf

  1. 1. Positioning Halal Values on the Retail Shelf Prepared for the World Halal Forum 2011 Kuala Lumpur Conference Centre 4-5 April 2011 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Zahed Amanullah Director, American Halal Corporation Managing Director, Halalfire
  2. 2. Currently in 500+ stores in the United States, planned for 4000+ in 2011 American Halal is a halal food manufacturer based in Stamford, CT Who we are Saffron Road branded products available in the US since September 2010
  3. 3. PART 1: A broader vision of halal
  4. 4. The Western Muslim demographic growing in numbers and affluence Greater demand for transparency in halal standards and production Greater connection between consumers, producers through media and technology Halal product basics
  5. 5. Organic/natural foods: No additives or preservatives, minimal processing Social responsibility/fair trade: Fair trade, workers rights, charitable giving Environmentally friendly/green values: Low carbon footprint, energy efficiency Values-based products
  6. 6. New halal parameters • A “faith-based” approach that goes beyond the criteria for religious slaughter (unlike kosher) • Emphasis on restoring sacredness and nurturing spiritual connectiveness with food • Emotionally connecting with Muslim and non-Muslim consumers alike with food and culture • Establish “tayeeb” values as a measure of quality assurance and aspiration – a “higher standard”
  7. 7. A case for common values • Make the case that social responsibility and sharia business ethics consist of shared values • Justice: Economic and social justice to communities and society (diversity, empowerment, transparency) • Equity: To stakeholders (employees, communities, globally, and shareholders), fair wages, healthcare • Responsibility: To the environment, employees, consumers, and society at large
  8. 8. What halal consumers want Respondents Survey of 1,000 halal consumers in the United States through
  9. 9. Much more brand conscious (70%) and much less price sensitive Over 80% want to buy brands that support their Muslim or cultural identity The new Muslim consumer* 75% want brands to make them feel part of a wider community, not a marginal one * 2008 to 2010 Market Studies by J W Thompson and Ogilvy Noor
  10. 10. Harmonized markets • Second/third generation American Muslims more sophisticated, 100% shop at US supermarkets • American Muslim consumers are 67% more educated and affluent than average • Top themes include ethical values (sourcing), social justice, animal welfare, health, fair trade practices • These trends mirror high-value product market trends elsewhere that can be appropriated
  11. 11. PART 2: Designing our product
  12. 12. Zabihah slaughtered by hand with transparent and verifiable standards All natural or certified organic with no additives, preservatives, hormones Animals humanely raised in a safe, clean, and comfortable environment Clarifying tayeeb values
  13. 13. Sustainably and locally farmed, raised, or transported ingredients 100% vegetarian animal feed, with no hormones, antibiotics, or rendering Be a socially conscious company, fair to employees and charitable to community Clarifying tayeeb values
  14. 14. Participate in the Non-GMO Project, which opposes genetic modification Strive to adopt Temple Grandin’s pioneering animal welfare philosophy Commit to being the only halal certified brand to meet HFAC guidelines A broad ethical approach
  15. 15. Mainstream retailers have high safety, quality, and provenance standards Identify retailers who share values to become partners, not just resellers Many mainstream retailers eager to work with brands that dignify Muslims The retail “sweet spot”
  16. 16. Specialist ethnic cuisine Quality packaging Greater halal standards Lifestyle branding Targeted marketing Higher retail pricing Organic/Natural ingredients Social responsibility Specialist/natural retail Locally sourced/eco-friendly Certified humane Higher retail pricing Basic ethnic cuisine Corner/ethnic shops No branding/marketing Shipped long distance Minimal halal standards Low retail pricing Basic regional cuisine Mass market retail More processed Less mfr. transparency Minimal branding Low retail pricing The retail “sweet spot” Mainstream productsHalal products GoodvalueHighvalue
  17. 17. Identify high value retail partners open to new products and customers Design product to appeal to unmet needs of Western Muslim consumers Brand product to appeal to broader market (name, appearance, values) Our strategy
  18. 18. PART 3: Selling the vision
  19. 19. American Halal offers four halal SKUs under Saffron Road brand in 2010 Exclusive contract offered for sale of Saffron Road in Whole Foods Markets Halalfire hired to promote Saffron Road and produce market data/analysis Our action plan
  20. 20. Product launch
  21. 21. Promotional page and advertising on for Saffron Road Offer voucher for free Saffron Road entree during the month of Ramadan Collect 1,000 completed surveys in exchange for free vouchers Begin product promotions
  22. 22. Digital voucher delivery
  23. 23. Geo-locate 200+ Whole Foods Market stores in database Measure search activity within 10 miles of each store with SKUs (±1,000/hour) Identify “influencers” within WFM store areas for targeted promotions Marketing infrastructure
  24. 24. Sample mapping of searches for Halal services from the iPhone (15% of all traffic) in an average day Geolocated demand
  25. 25. Map sales data, queries, promotion responses to determine efficacy Analyse survey results, product feedback to identify satisfaction, consumer trends Begin Phase Two campaigns in sales regions that require attention Analysing results
  26. 26. Social media and PR Facebook group for allows direct communication with customers Twitter feed for Saffron Road keeps fans informed of news and updates Traditional PR complements marketing and social media to maximise exposure
  27. 27. Trade recognition Natural Products Expo – One of the few products with antibiotic-free meat Fancy Food Show – Voted one of top 10 hottest products to watch in 2011 Supermarket Guru – Declares Saffron Road a “hit” as halal goes mainstream
  28. 28. Proof of concept • First SKUs approved by Whole Foods Market by pre- production startup in their 30-year history • WFM is very pleased with over 10,000 halal consumers drawn into their stores • Sales lift of 100% on promotion, WFM authorised 300% increase in shelf space and SKUs • Brand value established with affluent American Muslims, Islamic scholars, and non-Muslim foodies
  29. 29. A bright future for halal
  30. 30. Thank you