Industry & Consumer Perspectives FOP Solution 2012


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This presentation has been provided by The International Life Sciences Institute, South East Asia branch, from their August 2012 seminar in Thailand.

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Industry & Consumer Perspectives FOP Solution 2012

  1. 1. 7th Seminar on Nutrition Labeling, Claims and Communication Strategies August 29-30, 2012 - Bangkok, Thailand Industry and ConsumerPerspectives on the FOP Solution   Akarat Suksomcheep, Ph.D. Food Processing Club, Federation of Thai Industry Classified - Internal use
  2. 2. Topics Impact of Obesity Issue Situation and Drivers Role of Food Processors/Private Sectors Proposed Concept to Address the Issue Example of Industrial Initiatives Learning and Opportunities Classified - Internal use 2
  3. 3. Overweight and Obesity (“Globesity”) Are Today’s Hot Topics Overweight and obesity are major concerns globally 1.7 billion adults & children are estimated to be overweight or obese, globally Undernourished/malnourished—also a major problem (estimates of nearly 850 million) Increased risk of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) Impact on Quality of life and Health care costs Classified - Internal use 3
  4. 4. OBESITY IS DUE TO MANY FACTORSObesity is a result of a combination of factors:  Genetic  Metabolic  Behavioral Output  Environmental (kcal) Intake (Kcal)  Cultural  Socioeconomic No one food or beverage is to blame, …but all calories count, including those provided by industry Classified - Internal use
  5. 5. Obesity is a complex, multi-factorial problem INTERNATIONAL NATIONAL/ COMMUNITY WORK/SCHOOL/ INDIVIDUAL POPULATION FACTORS REGIONAL LOCALITY HOME Public Leisure Transport Transport Activity/ Facilities Globalization Energy Urbanization Public Expenditure of Safety Labor markets Health Infections % Health Care OBESE Development Worksite AND Social security Food & OVER-- Sanitation Activity Food WEIGHT intake : Media Media & Nutrient programs Culture Manufactured/ Family & density & advertising Imported Home Food Education School Food & Agriculture/ Food & Nutrition Gardens/ Activity Local markets National perspective Classified - Internal use …with no single solution
  6. 6. Doing the Obesity Math …it’s all aboutbalancing calories in with calories outAll macronutrients (except water) contribute calories… Energy Intake Proteins Fats Carbohydrate Alcohol (including sugars)1g = 4 Kcal 1g = 9 Kcal 1g = 4 Kcal 1g = 7 Kcal …and all calories count, no matter what food or beverage they come from!6 Classified - Internal use
  7. 7. Energy intake from food consumption in Thailand % OF DAILY ENERGY INTAKE 1.4 Rice and grain products 2.3 Pork and pork products 1.1 2.3 2.1 1.2 Freshwater food 3.3 3.9 Oil and fat 4 Duck/Chicken eggs 4.1 5.1 63.4 Snacks 5.9 Beans and bean products Poultry Seafood Granulated sugar BeveragesBased on National Consumption Survey (2003-2006) Cattle meat Fruits Classified - Internal use
  8. 8. The Challenge is…Motivating and empoweringpeople of all ages to achieve “Energy Balance” MAJOR COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION CHALLENGEEDUCATION IS CENTRAL TO SUSTAINABILITY Classified - Internal use
  9. 9. The Role of The Private Sector Helping to identify and advance workable solutions to obesity Work closely with key stakeholders including o Governments o Academia o Health professionals o Civil society To promote active, healthy lifestyles,healthy diets and adequate physical activity Classified - Internal use
  10. 10. Self Evaluation• What is our expertise and infrastructure? • To broaden the impact of regional/local program• Start by internal activity, among industry • Leverage aware inside organization then affiliates can be ambassadors• Broaden the dialogues with stake-holders to be a part of the solution• Time to act is now Classified - Internal use
  11. 11. Invited Theptarin Hospital to conducted AHL day at office (Jun 20, 11)• General health check• Physical fitness check• Several workshops i.e. • Nutrition labeling & Balance diet • Physical Activity • Body massage • Keynote lecture by Dr.Panya Khaimook Classified - Internal use
  12. 12. The Goal of the industry on obesityImprove the health of our customer through education, our variety of products and physical activity THINK, EAT, MOVE   Classified - Internal use
  13. 13. Think To empower consumer with informed choice Energy intake = Energy expenditure Overweight Healthy weight Underweight Nutrition information On-pack Off-pack Back of Pack Front of Pack Brochure WebsiteNutrition Information Panel Classified - Internal use
  14. 14. Nutrition Signpost onFront of Pack (FOP) Classic panel  Fact-based (Guideline Daily Amounts - GDA) (Supported by several major companies in Thailand)  Better-for-you ===Nutrition criteria====  Multi-Traffic Lights or Hybrid (National Health Assembly) Classified - Internal use
  15. 15. Examples of GDA labeling in ThailandMore than 500 SKUs at early 2011 prior to mandatoryNestle Milo Powder Tesco Lotus Coffee-mate Nutritional Value per 140 g Energy Sugar Fat SodiumCalorie/serve < 40 kcal Calorie/serve > 40 kcal, therefore, need to put theDo not need to putdisclaimer statement of "not low calorie food” Consumer rankCoca-Cola 1. Energy 2. Fat 3. Sugar Energy 4. Sodium 80 most of consumer do not Kcal link Sodium with Salt Nutrition panelnot low calorie food Classified - Internal use
  16. 16. GDA labeling from other producers Hyper market Tesco (3 tablets without Na) Carrefour (per 100 ml/day) Big C (local hyper marker) Energy Fat Sugar Sodium CP (largest food company in Thailand) Frozen foodsClassified - Internal use
  17. 17. Obesity debate in Thailand 2007 Dept. of Health proposed Multi Traffic Light (MTL) nutritionlabeling to FDA, Industry opposed the proposal and proposednutrition education as solution FDA issued new regulation that require for NIP on BOPlabeling for snack foods i.e.potato chips, cracker,wafer, extruders & cookies2009 National Health Assembly(NHA) proposed its resolutions to address obesity issue in Thailandto Cabinet includes Amount per serving (XX g) 1) MTL as mandatory requirement Energy Sugar Fat Sodium 2) Pricing and Tax Measures 100 Kcal 12 g 6g 150 mg XX% XX% 5%* 6.3%* 3) Sales and Marketing Restriction * * *% of Recommended Daily Intake for Thai (Thai RDI) Classified - Internal use 17
  18. 18. Multi traffic light or Color coded labeling proposed by National Health Assembly Amount per serving (XX g) Energy Sugar Fat Sodium 100 Kcal 12 g 6g 150 mg 5%* XX%* XX%* 6.3%* *% of Recommended Daily Intake for Thai (Thai RDI)Color coding nutrition criteria for snack Nutrients Green Yellow Red Energy (Kcal) ≤ 100 > 100 - 200 > 200 Fat (g) ≤ 3.25 > 3.25 – 6.5 > 6.4 Sugar (g) ≤ 2.5 > 2.5 – 5.00 > 5.0 Sodium (mg) ≤ 120 > 120 - 240 > 240 Classified - Internal use
  19. 19. Study impactson Multi TrafficLightHow can consumerchoose or interpretmulti color in realsituation?? Classified - Internal use
  20. 20. Food Processing Club, FTI Positions on Nutrition Labeling1. All foods and beverages can be part of a balanced, sensible diet combined with regular physical activity2. Fact base nutrition information shall be displayed on front of pack of pre-packed foods and beverages Classified - Internal use
  21. 21. Food Processing Club, FTI Positions on Nutrition Labeling3. Simplified nutrition information shall included energy (Kcal), sugar, fat and sodium per standard serving size according to local regulation and/or CODEX Guideline of Nutrition Labeling4. Collaborate with all stake-holders on consumer education in order to leverage awareness, understanding of nutrition information and apply in daily life for healthy living Classified - Internal use
  22. 22. Why should beGDA (Guideline Daily Amounts) Labeling Nutritional value per pack (35g) Energy Sugar Fat Sodium Energy 100 20 10 g 1500 mg 100 Kcal g 20%* 20%* Kcal *% Thai RDI This is not low energy food This is not low energy food Fact base nutrition information on front of pack, eye catching Not cause misperception (do not cause good-bad food concept) and encourage balance diet and energy Internationally accept, implement in more than 80 countries around the world, more than 500 SKUs in Thailand at early 2011 Classified - Internal use
  23. 23. The second round of debate (2009 – 2011) National Health Assembly proposed (Cabinet adopted proposal) FDA First format All percentage + Added Sugar April 7, 2011Final format afterdiscussion(with commitment of Consumer Education)Removed Added Sugar,Total Sugar 65 g/day 24, 11 enforcement on Augrecommendation period With 1 year grace Classified - Internal use
  24. 24. • Most of snacks which mandatory requires to display GDA on FOP complied with new regulation within grace period• Voluntary format still allowed• Several tablets sizes and font sizes and good proportion with label area (some case seemed too small)• Imported food well adapted to the regulation with creative solution use Classified - Internal
  25. 25. • Since nutrition information shall be declare per whole pack, sometime information is not simply applicable for decision• Suggestion: Package which larger than 2 serves should be declared per standard serving• Fixed format may discourage voluntary labeling• Suggestion as long as in-line with MOPH Notification No. 182, general format should be allowed• Format shall be harmonized among region or international to promote food trade among region Classified - Internal use
  26. 26. 1. Manufacturer training on GDA labeling development2. Support GDA Roadshow to raise awareness among consumer in 4 regions of Thailand อานเป็ น-กินเป็ น-เน้นประโยชน- ่ ์ โภชนาการดี3. Nutrition education booklet for educators by Thai Dietitians Association Classified - Internal use
  27. 27. FDA and Federation of Thai Industry GDA Road Show with FDA 30 places in Bangkok and 4 major cities Classified - Internal use
  28. 28. FDA and Federation of Thai Industry Aug 21, 2012 Bangkok“From Basic of Nutrition to GDA labeling” Workshop• Basic nutritional knowledge for health educator• Energy balance and trade-off• Reduction of sugar, fat, sodium• Reading NIP• Understanding GDA labeling Classified - Internal use
  29. 29. promote physical activity in all group of consumers Obesity – Overweight Rate and Exercise Performing Rate among Thai Population Obesity Rate and Exercise Performing Rate <%> 80 % Obese (BMI > 30) 160 % Overweight (BMI 23 – 30) 70 % of Respondent Performing Sufficient Exercise 60 (30 min/day, 5 day/week) 120 50 40 80 30 20 40 10 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Average Age <Year>Based on the results of 2 different survey studies conducted in 2003 - 2006 By Nutrition Division,Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health Classified - Internal use
  30. 30. promote physical activity in all group of consumers Sponsor sport events in all levels o Olympics o FIFA World cup o Local level event Support non-professional sport activities o Aerobics o Football Coke Golden Legs Football Club Tesco Lotus o Volleyball Pepsi Nestle Classified - Internal use
  31. 31. promote physical activity in all group of consumers Promote physical activity o Mahidol University Bicycle Project Support international taskforce o Exercise is Medicines American College of Sport Medicine Networking with professional association o Bring in PA boost to Thai Dietetics Association (TDA) Annual meeting Classified - Internal use
  32. 32. Executed Planned1. Food Group hosted a Media Seminar 1. Press release of the Seminar (NOW) on “Thailand’s path to Healthy and 2. Engaging press editors and report (Nov) Balance Diet” in partnership with 3. Press Interview with doctors and nutritionists on balanced and healthy diet (Nov) Lean Thai • 36 media attended (Newspaper and Under FTI Food Group TV) Banner • Educate media on basic nutrition and balanced diet: “no good food Satisfaction chart or bad food” to help them write a 8 8 more balance news 7 6 6 6 5 5 55 5 4 4 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 Highest 1 0 00 00 00 0 00 High 0 Moderate venue and sports… Do much do you find interesting do you think satisfaction over the How much do you think How much do you think included in this seminar interesting and useful? presented in the… experience gained… Do you find activities this seminar and the this seminar is in… Please rate your the information improved your… How effective and this seminar has Little Classified - Internal use
  33. 33. The local experience Private sector either international or local can contribute to improve obesity situation and prevention Global commitment shall cascade to the fields and across functions Industrial alignment in all levels is the keys Single policy across industry Work with regional and international to make significant impact Strong commitment shall be effectively sustain with tangible outcome Public-Private partnership is the key of success Classified - Internal use
  34. 34.   Classified - Internal use