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Hospitality and Restaurant Concept Solutions


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How to develop a winning restaurant concept to gain a strategic advantage

Published in: Food
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Hospitality and Restaurant Concept Solutions

  1. 1. • The Title • Concept Name • The Script • Concept Brief • The Stage • Design • Sound & Lighting • Atmosphere • The Theatre • Location Space • The Cast • The Team • The Performance • The Experience • The Spectators • The Critics • The Guests • Evaluation - ROI
  2. 2. The Owner > > Vision The Project Specialist > > Research Development Management The Interior Designer > > Creative Interpretation The Kitchen Designer > > Operation Technical The Graphic Designer > > Brand The Operator > > Food & Service Inspiration Creation Innovation Realization Differentiation Application
  3. 3. Basics Back to The Roots of our Food & Wine culture Techniques Regions Origins Produce Heritage TerroirSmell Organic Farm Home
  4. 4. Food Trends Dining Movement& Fine Dining Open Kitchen Neon Lights Candles Chicken Batterie Farm
  5. 5. Old World New World Coffee shop Brasserie Mass Production Hand Picked
  6. 6. Shopping Food Mall Specialized Shops Imported Regional Large Hotels Boutique Hotels
  7. 7. Healthy Small Dishes Produce Food that Works
  8. 8. Seasonal Regional Ethnic
  9. 9. Restaurants that Work Showcase Lifestyle Brasserie Asian Bistro
  10. 10. Diversity Communal Entertainment Multi-Dining
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